Love and Miracles in Times Like These and How to Keep Your Perspective in a Coronavirus World // Tea with Robin Episode 81

Love and Miracles in Times Like These and How to Keep Your Perspective in a Coronavirus World

Every self-care move we’ve ever made has been in a way a dress rehearsal for this time now. This is the time to put your practice into play.

This is a time to be of service to help each other. I invite you to consider sitting with what that is and be that in the world now.

Who are you? You are a light sparkler, connected to the Divine, or the All that IS, expressing yourself as this individual self now. Do not forget that. We can choose to practice remembering even in this time, we are so deeply rooted that nothing can disturb our safety and peace and that all is always well. Let’s continue to ride in that place!

Times like these can really highlight the trauma body for us. So if you are feeling stressed and afraid, and remembering the old times that came before when you were afraid and feeling alone… this is the time to remember that you are steeped in the Light of Spirit, and it is time to practice remembering who we truly are.

Be so very loving kind with yourself. You matter!

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Love and Miracles in Times Like These and How to Keep Your Perspective in a Coronavirus World

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Love and Miracles in Times Like These and How to Keep Your Perspective in a Coronavirus World

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett calm and rich, rich Tea with Robin on today’s episode perspective and miracles in times like these. This is the way we’re going to get through. I’ll talk about you being of service and shining your light or inspiration. We’ll be getting into the good stuff and we’ll have a beautiful letter, something so important, which is sharing your gift at this time. All this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. All right, begin today’s episode, I want to invite you to a free healing circle with me this Thursday 2pm Central Standard Time. For more information on that. Check the show notes or Robin Hallett comm slash heels dash circle. Now on with the show. Well hello gorgeous friend. Welcome to another episode of Tea with Robin Episode 81. Raul never thought I’d be recording an episode during a time like this and I am so glad I have to say so so glad that we have an established love party together and you and I are in that together. We belong here together already. Just think about that. There are so many good things to see and notice about this time and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. All sorts of should say hello if you’re listening here for the first time Hey, it’s me Robin. And I welcome you to our love posse to thanks for being here. So, my friend, how, how is the weather in your heart? Boy, if there was ever a period in time where I could really say, we are in this together, this is now globally speaking, you know, we are all going through something together. wowzers So how is it for you? How is the weather in your heart. I hope you are doing wonderfully well and choosing to ride through now in a beautiful way as best you can. For honoring and caring for yourself and choosing to be a light in a in a potentially dark place. That’s my wish for you My hope for you. Over here It’s a beautiful day I am recording on Sunday, the day before this airs. I learned my lesson last week. So I’m recording the day before this airs. And I love the knowing that I’m in the fresh moment with you now. It’s almost like we’re talking live. So doing good here. feeling all right. We’re hunkering in. I keep forgetting the term, staying at home, sheltering in place, whatever. It’s called Illinois where I live. They decided to start that effective last night and I’m happy about that. I’m feeling good. So I’ve been here cooking. Not cleaning, no projects, nothing like that. Just resting, relaxing, and hanging out with you. If you’re on Instagram, you know I’ve just been there very, very engaged. And that’s what’s feeling important to me now. So that’s where I am. I feel pretty good, a little bit tired, but I think that’s to be expected for all of us. And if you haven’t seen any of the videos I’ve been doing, I’ve been going live every day at 9am Central Standard Time on Instagram. And I look like little critter. I never knew my eyes could have bags on the bags but there you go. So big question of the day is do you have Did you bring a cup of yum yum. Did I have I tell you if there’s ever a time to break out the good stuff, it is now and I have some tea I hoard. Sometimes people give me presents. Now me things like tea in the mail. I also got a care package filled with toilet paper this week.

Thank you to my friend Pat. read this article every time I sit down, I think of you. Right. I also have some tea here. So I’ve got some Twinings like orange something tea and it’s really yummy from a friend. So I’m going to raise my glass to you raise my cup to you and say, I love you. We’re on this ride. We’re better than Okay, the truth is this moment we’re shining and glowing and in this life bubble together so dear to tears. Oh, so good.

Want to say a special shout out to you Mamas and papas who are figuring out what homeschool looks like for you home with the kids home, home home. You are amazeballs and Yeah, wow, cheers. You’re doing it. Cheers. So today I suppose let’s begin at the beginning. This is a time for us to put our practice into forward motion. You’re here, I’m here. We’re on a spiritual ride, every book, every video, every podcast, every retreat, every meditation, every healing, you know, every self care move we’ve ever ever made has been in a way for herself for this time now. This is the time with your play your practice into play. And this is it. This is what we’re doing. So we’re finding our way to digging deep and being grounded and remembering what That’s truly true. And that is you are a being a Light Sparkler connected to the divine connected to God connected to the light however you want to call that, expressing yourself in this individual self now, and we each must remember that this now is always new now it’s always new. So if you find yourself dragging things into your now about the past or pulling them into from the future, your worries, your panic, your terror, your uncertainty, I would suggest we keep practicing now is new. And in this moment now, the only thing that’s happening is Example. Are you sitting here with a cup of tea talking to you, my friend? My breathing, sun is shining. Matter of fact, there are two birds doing it outside the window. Oh my goodness, it is spring after all, you know, it’s like the world did not cease to spin in its orbit because of what’s going on. Life is going forward. And that’s a beautiful reminder. So, yeah, in this moment now, here we are. It’s a beautiful opportunity to practice being in your spacious presence, sharing a breath with yourself, allowing yourself to ask, this is a time for us to be in service. If you identify as a light worker if you identify as somebody who’s awake. If you call yourself awake, then the word service is a part of that. This is a time for us to be of service to one another. And I’ve been talking about this a little bit on Instagram in my in the videos I’m doing each of us has a thing that we’re about, we’re really good at it. There’s something we offer. It’s something we do. It’s a natural skill ability. A natural talent. It’s something that’s pretty effortless and we’re doing it all the time. I’m going to invite you to consider sitting with what that is for you and be that now be that now offer that now. me you know my one thing I would say is healing is love is is that energy of connection and reminding us who we truly are. And so The one thing I’m going to be offering his service is is these reminders. I will be here consistently showing up every Monday on the podcast. I’ll be doing these lives on Instagram, you know what I’m saying? And wherever I can, and that is in any text message in any phone call in any video call in any healing session I do. I will be consistently me offering that light to you. I can’t I gotta have at least one rhyme in this in every episode, just because I did say I’m being consistent. And so I’m wondering what it is that you could be offering now.

You know, what can you offer now? If you’re not sure, if you’re not clear, that feels hard, it’s easier then you’re making it you know, some of you know how to do things the rest of us don’t. There you go. Do that. Some of you feel called to check in on each other, do that. Some of you are feeling inspired to run errands go to the store for somebody who cannot or There you go. And some of you feel called to really be a voice, a soothing voice for your own friends and family good do that, you know, so be thinking about this time and consider it as a time of service. You know, I do not feel any of us will be exempt from having something powerful to share. And you’ve probably been getting guidance on what it is for you that you could be doing now, haven’t you? So speaking of guidance, you know, I talk a lot about being in the flow air and receiving guidance, receiving guidance from your inner being your inner knowing your inner the one that’s connected to God, the one that is the spark of the Divine, you know, this, this part of you is always guiding you on and if you have any struggle at all, with receiving your guidance, receiving the wisdom, knowing what to do at this time, I would suggest that you start practicing quieting yourself a little bit in the day and tuning in and seeing what the voice is saying to you or what the impressions are from the voice. You know, what the, what the scalp sense is, of this energy that is inside you that is telling you what to do is definitely there. It’s as simple as placing your hand on your high heart and saying speak to me. Let me know and At the risk of repeating myself, I’ve been sharing this a little bit in Instagram lives I’ve been doing, you can ask for a sign that your guidance that your guide your angel, energy is with you. You can ask for a sign. And it goes like this, we can do it together. Now if you’re curious if you’re interested, if you want this kind of support in your life, here’s how we do it. You place a hammer in your heart, you take a deep breath and you say speak to me. I’d like to know, I’m being held in love. I’d like to know you’re there with me. I’d like to know. And please give me a sign that you’re there. And then you go ahead and name the sign. Don’t leave it open for interpretation. So all day everything you see, you’re like, I wonder if this is my sign say something specific. The other day I said, Show me in the sign is oranges. And within an hour I had a text with the word oranges in it. And the next day I had some physical oranges brought to me, you know I’m saying it’s like that so you can ask, Show me. Show me. Show me you’re with me. Show me I’m being guided. You know? Show me some magic numbers today. If you like those magic numbers 111222333 Show me with the animals today. You never know one day if one day I was trying to record a YouTube meditation outside in the backyard. And I have been talking about this very thing just knowing we’re connected knowing that there is this sense of oneness and we’re never alone And wouldn’t you know it our neighborhood coyote, I call him Floyd. Floyd came bounding in and was sitting right across the fence from me staring at me just like out of nowhere, all of a sudden, those are the kind of thing and and it was fine and I was safe. Oh, don’t worry. Always All right. But nothing but love and sweetness in that moment for me and the reminder that I’m being held and loved and

all as well. So, you know, dig a little light yourself go a little deeper with this kind of stuff. Now that’s what this time is about, and tech are totally here. Put on a live the other day. If you go to YouTube, you’ll find it his most recent video of course, they’ll probably be a few more by now. He said he will be checking in often. That’s such a blessing at this time, isn’t it people we love to learn what to receive from their offering more things at this time. It’s like the veil is so thin. There is a lot less structure and editing and you don’t have to sign up or pay for things. We’re all here offering and sharing what we can. It’s beautiful. He shared such a beautiful passage from the Bible and I read it here too because I think it is such a encouraging reminder to us all. This is from Matthew 724. Look your house on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of mine and does And we’ll be like a wise person who built their house on the rock. Main fell and the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house. But it didn’t fall because it had been founded on everyone who hears these words, does not do them will be like one who built their house on the sand. In the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house and it fell and great was the fall of it. So his his video, you can check it out. But the point is, this is that time to dig deep and to remember that you in the houses you by the way, the houses you so we dig deep and we remember that you In this time, we are so deeply rooted that nothing can disturb our safety and our peace and that all is always well and we’re writing in their place.

I feel it is so important to remember that because times like these, and I’m not sure when I’ve ever lived through a time like these. Obviously, I don’t really remember the AIDS. I think that was probably for us in the US the biggest. I was a bit young there to really know what was going on. But you know, I do know that times like this now really lights up the trauma body for us. So, if you’re feeling some of that energy from times that came before times when you were feeling small and unprotected and unsafe and terrorized and terrified, if those energies are being lit up for you Now, remember this passage and decide to build your house on the rock, which means to allow yourself to be steeped in the light of spirit, the energy of prayer, the energy of offering things up to your higher power, the energy of being reminded of who you truly are. This is our practice. About the sand I think it’s so fascinating because to me it’s like pre this time pre the by coronavirus world maybe we were more materialistic more involved in our ego shenanigans more more busy with acquiring accumulating vanity stuff you know, I include myself in there as well. And that’s the house on sand. Obviously none of that can sustain us now we need to move into this other place so my I would never want to tell you what to do but my loving suggestion is to begin if you don’t already and I know a lot of you do to begin a practice of every day receiving some spiritual wisdom some loving support Some caring mentor. And then deciding on a practice for your day, a word for your day. I continually choose enthusiasm and happiness. Those are my words, to have a word for the day. Remember at the beginning of the year, sometimes you pick a word for the year. And then I know me like, by February, I’m over it. I love a word for the day. So today, my word is exuberance. I am in my exuberance, and in my energy of joy and delight, and I know it is helpful and healing to you and everyone around us. So no, this is my loving encouragement to you now. Just remember Remember times like these will always highlight your past trauma. things you’ve been through, remind you of scarier times and it’s your job to be so very loving and kind and as if a mother to a child as the most amazing mother, to a child from you to you, be loving. enforce good boundaries, self care boundaries, disconnect, unplug, and do not allow yourself if you notice you’re getting upset with something you’re receiving, taking in reading, watching conversations somebody’s having with you. Do not be afraid to stand up and disconnect. This is so important now we don’t need to be terrorized. It is not helpful. There is no amount of fear that can help you. And you’ll only answer fear with more fear. So disconnect, get out of there. And remember what’s real. Love yourself love yourself. And I think about it like this.

When the kids were little and they were having a very hard time remember this one day number one kiddo was crying so hard. She might have been like three years old. Two years old, three years old. She was crying so hard and so loud, it filled all the floors of our flat at the time. We lived in a townhouse that had like it was narrow and three storeys kind of a thing. It filled all the way to the top

of the house. And I remember sitting in the bathroom on the top floor, just sitting You know how sometimes you just have to go into the bathroom and remove yourself because you don’t know What else to do? And then well, yes. And trying to plug my ears and still, I could feel the energy of the vibration of her howling through the air vent. And a voice of wisdom spoke to me there and said, you have to go and scoop her up, you cannot abandon her. And I felt so clear that even in my limited capacity at the time, I was so frustrated and so done, you know, so tired. You know how this is so dumb and so tired. I knew this was guidance to me as well. We can’t abandon her, our inner one. We can’t abandon her now. We can’t ignore her. We can’t shush her. We can’t. Or him. Sorry. You know, we got to be there for us. Now. We got to we got to So, please, let’s do that. And

we’re, you know, we’ll keep rolling. Keep holding yourself when you don’t know what to do people know yourself, keep loving yourself. It’s very actually very simple. There’s no need to future forecast. Because you and I have no idea of the miracles coming. And I wouldn’t want to get in the way of divine creation, would you? I don’t even want to get in there and mess with things. I just want to wake up and be excited about this day. And mean you hanging out, meaning you getting closer, meaning you shining brighter, meaning you making it better for someone else, me and you having a beautiful day. That’s what I want. So, I am going to release my terror, my fear my worry if it comes because Hi, we’re all having moments. There’s no need to feel any kind of energy around that embarrassed, ashamed, worried, judging yourself being hard on yourself? No, we’re all going to have moments. And like Abraham Hicks would say Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. It’s just an opportunity to choose. Again, it’s contrast telling you Hi. Choose again choose again. So, yeah. So that’s my love bomb to you today. I I hope it served you. I hope it’s helpful and you know, coming up, we’ll have inspiration and I’ve got a great letter for this week. I love you if you can think of somebody that would be helped knowing you About this podcast, I would love you to share this on. If you see me sharing it somewhere, just hit the forward button or the share button. I would appreciate that. I noticed that there are so many people stepping up and sharing now and I love that and I truly believe it’s because it is one message being shared in so many facets of the same diamond. So some people share a message of comedy. I love the memes going around. There’s a lot of really funny memes going around. Some people share their message in art, in paintings in creative expression, a friend of mine who’s a musician is sharing her music. Friend of mine sending out paintings. Lots of us are doing in lots of different ways, there are people showing how to build gardens now how to cook, you know, things like that. So, I do believe that it’s one message going out in lots of different fractals of light and each of us Raz will resonate differently. So you this is that time of supreme choice, you can choose your message and if this one is yours, if what I share is your message, then good chance your friends and your papers are going to love this too. So please share this on the show inspiration today. I’m calling this inspiration today the good stuff because I don’t know about you, but I’m on a home quarantine kind of a situation. Anyway, anybody else in the house on home quarantine? Oh yes, all the hands are going up and Okay good. So who has stuff they save for special occasions? Anyone? I have Okay, little bars of soap. This morning I had out the waffle maker we got for our wedding gift. Anyone get a waffle maker for their wedding or some other gift? Yeah, you get the fancy Cuisinart thing or the ice cream maker. Now is the time to pull out the good stuff.

I even I said as long as we’re in this sort of Apocalypse mode. Love apocalypse mode. I’m going to wear tropical clothing. And so I have on a flowery nightgown and flowery pajamas and they don’t even really match but it brightens me so much. I’ve got some of my favorite jewelry on today. I did my bed head Just Just write trying some new updates. It’s very fun. How can you do this for you? How can you and the kiddos do this? How can you and the family do this? How can we encourage each other? Let’s use the special stuff. You got art supplies that you’ve been keeping for a special thing. Let’s use them now. And realize the good that comes from that. There will be things that occur to you because you chose to do that. It will make you feel better. They will make you feel abundant and juicy and special. And that’s what I want for us. So good things, you know, good things. Let’s give that a whirl. Now and I gotta say it was so exciting. today. I Let’s see, what else did I do? I opened a new candle. I started a new candle here at the podcast desk. Before I finished the old one I opened the new barrel soap while I already had one in use. Oh my goodness. Got my cute outfit on. I got some new I got I got a new ring on. This is a funny story. I bet we need a funny story right now. Number one husband bought me a ring. I had a birthday back in February. He said what do you want for your birthday? And I said I just like a little ring. There’s a jeweler on Etsy I really like and she makes really tiny, tiny things tiny rains. So this one has rubies and diamonds in it. It’s super tiny and relatively inexpensive. But one of those things that today I would never have bought it because I think we are all obviously like oh, I’m not gonna buy anything. Except toilet paper. If I can find any right Now, right we’re in that mode a little bit, a little bit. We’re in that mode. So he, there was my birthday gift. We picked it out together on Etsy and paid for it and sent it away, sent away for it whatever, and did not check, check the address that we’ve sent to send it to and I don’t know what it is about actually when you check out on the hook See, it’s almost like the last address you send something to is automatically entered and it doesn’t even ask you it doesn’t check and I didn’t pay attention. I am known for sending people gifts for no reason. And I always go on Etsy so I like to support solopreneurs in their handmade endeavors. You know, I know anyone we can go on Amazon all day long in ship stuff, but I want to go where people are Trying to thrive in a solo business. So I’m having to see buying stuff sending things to people. So of course, my ring goes to one of my best friends instead of to me. So, and it takes about six weeks for this ring to be made and you know how it is. So I forgot all about it. And I got a text from my friend. She’s like, did you send my daughter a gift? And I said, I didn’t send your daughter gift. She said, No, we have a certified package. Are you sure? Because it’s addressed to her and I’m like, Oh, God, she said, I think maybe I wonder if somebody spammed your account or got your credit card and they’re buying stuff. I was like, they still didn’t remember it was the ring. I said we better check it out up sir. Enough. So yeah, so I got a ring in the mail at Some extra gifts from my friend because you have to mail open it. Pack it up again and mail it back to me. So funny. So yeah, long story short, I’m wearing that ring Now put your put your sweet stuff on put things on that make you feel good. I’m voting this time my my dress code is sort of like tropical bohemian goddess. What about you? We can make this fun. It doesn’t have to be

scary and hard unless we choose that. You know, even as we’re observing things going on, we can stay in that place in our hearts. Okay, so I hope that helps you and inspires you and always I love to see what you’re what you’re doing what you’re wearing. you can message me on Instagram or Facebook, Robin Hallett or Hello at Robin So this week’s letter Got it today. And I asked my friend TJ, hi, TJ, I asked her if I could share this year was so sweet. We had connected on my Facebook Live. She had said, thank you so much for showing up consistently, especially now and shining your light. And I had said to her, wow, I needed to be reminded of that message because I have been seeing people making fun of those of us who are going live a lot. You know, making jokes about it. I don’t really get that but it definitely tied into my worry about being too much, which is my own story from childhood. So I had been worrying that people are going to get sick of hearing from me. People are going to be inundated. You know how that. What is that? Social media fatigue, maybe they’re going to get Robin fatigue. I don’t know. Saya had that story going and I am working to offer those things up to my you know, spirit take this take the wheel. Remember that song Jesus take the wheel Boy, that could be a good anthem for us now, take the wheel. I don’t want to worry about this because I want to show up and shine. So TJ shows up and says that exact thing. And it was just in that moment that my ego mind was thinking that again, right while I was doing the live. Isn’t that why Oh, here we go. Hi, Robin. I just saw you on Instagram. Your work tears me up so often that I’m going to take a minute to hopefully spread some tear to you to several weeks ago, I was cooking dinner and listening to your podcast when my 12 year old son came down the stairs and gave me the look that gives the do when they wonder what the heck you’re listening to you was the end of the episode when your song kicks in? I know it’s a ukulele but for whatever reason, I always think of it as the banjo song. My son’s face was utter bewilderment when I started singing him the words by heart. You are a precious gem, and I love you, doo, doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. I don’t know how to read that part out. He’s sort of at that age where they usually just turn on their heels and leave the room but for whatever reason, he came into the kitchen and started bouncing his head as I saying to him, by the second round of do doodoos he was dancing and hopping around. By the third time he made cactus arms and was thrusting his elbows forward, like he was at some kind of rave. As we laugh together, while I continued to sing in the words To the end, we were our own dance party. I begged him to recreate it on video so I could send it. But of course he refused. It doesn’t matter though, because now every time I listen to your podcast, I listen all the way to the end and smile. At that memory of silly fun. We had our own energy responding to your love song. It makes me so happy every time I think of it. You know, when we’re struggling, and they suggest we should go to a happy place. I think that’s going to be one of the Happy Places in my mind for years to come. Thanks for all you do, Robin. Your work is really important. And I suspect that you touch more people than you even realize. Stay safe during the shelter. And feel free to reach out if you need another friend. I’m in your time zone. Love TJ wow and friends, TJ you can connect with her at the handle at word sickles on Instagram. She’s got some great writing prompts there for you. And other inspiration. Wow, my heart, my heart, my heart. Thank you so much. all that to say you guys may never know. And so we really should just sign and

the weirder it seems to you probably the writer it is for somewhere someone else, the more you worry and judge it probably because it’s that spectacular and helpful. And that’s what we can do now. You know, send our love, not our worry, not exacerbate our terror or anyone else’s and really work to be force of love. Because love is all there is only love is real. And what TJ is describing there is what I call a miracle. Who knows how her son has been lifted by that by watching his mama in her amazing light, offering her love. not holding back believing. Oh, he’s giving me the look. He’s thinking I’m a weirdo. I’m going to tone it down tone down my wound not going to be don’t want to be made fun of don’t want to get the eye roll again, you know? And if you work it backwards that was robbing me to on the life going, Oh, I hope people don’t think I’m a weirdo. I hope they’re not annoyed, tired of hearing from me. Now I saw those memes today about they making fun of people doing too many Facebook Lives now you know and look at that, but she was there for me. And lots of you have been saying it. So let’s continue to lift each other. Let’s continue to lift each other. Let’s continue to shine. Let’s continue to be love for one another. Because that’s the only thing that’s real that we can count on. And it’s really the thing we want to be transmitting now. So, thanks again so much for your letter TJ and friends. I can always use a letter. I can always use a letter turnout coming up. So if you have one if there’s anything you’d like to hear me talk about, especially now in Corona, land. I am so happy to do that. I love to take requests. So write to me at hello at Robin Hallett calm or message me on social media and I’ll be glad to do that. Well, my friend, that perhaps another beautiful episode, Hope it really helped your heart today and remember to share this on share it on with somebody who could use it. Let’s continue to lift each other and be that sparkler for one another. I’m going to go make some more yummy food and snuggle in with number one. Don’t forget about the healing circle on Thursday. And if you could find me at 9am on the lives on Instagram, and they also pass through to Facebook. So if you’re more of a Facebook, pal, then no worries, you’ll see it there. Well, doo doo doo doo. I love you. I hope you will stick around and listen to the song and singing with me. Me and number one. We recorded that song in minutes. Isn’t that always the way the best stuff just comes right through. without any need to edit or worry. So, this has been me Robin love sparkler home quarantine bohemian Goddess Hallett I love you and I will see you here you know where I’ll see you here next week or in a few minutes same bat time same bat channel. Bye bye.

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