Kindness is a Superpower: The Importance of Kindness in Times Like These // Tea with Robin Episode 80

Kindness is a Superpower: The Importance of Kindness in Times Like These

It’s amazing to me sometimes how kindness really is a superpower. When we offer kindness, it is powerful and a game-changer not only for others but for you as well.

Kindness costs you nothing so why don’t we do it more often? When we hold back our kindness, what is really happening?

This week, on Tea with Robin, wowzers-what a week it’s been. We’re talking about this time and choosing to practice kindness, love and helping ourselves during these times by being of service as well. I’ll share some ways to make these days brighter for you and offer perspective on ways you can serve and make things better for others. Our letter is about how to practice during these times, keeping the spiritual perspective in these times and not invite the fear in.

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Kindness is a Superpower: The Importance of Kindness in Times Like These

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Kindness is a Superpower: The Importance of Kindness in Times Like These

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett healer and light sparkler at Robin Hallett com and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode. Wow, what a week it’s been, we’re talking about kindness, love, and helping ourselves during these times and being of service to others as well, our inspiration ways to make this situation, brighter for you, and those around you, and our letter is from a friend who’s wondering how to practice in these times, how to keep her spiritual perspective, and not invite the fear in all this and more calm grab a cup of yum yum, meet me here.

Hi, guess who it is. This is the pre, pre, pre podcast announcement before I begin with today’s episode, friends. I’m editing this now on Sunday before this airs. No So much has shifted in the world this week. Since I recorded this episode coming up and talking about kindness is a superpower. And I think a lot of us are afraid that we’re going to get run over if we’re carrying a really important topic but it is not necessarily Corona violent Corona virus sender. I started recording last Monday, and so many things have shifted. So, I hope you’ll have a listen. And just keep that in mind for inspiration and a letter that’s definitely are on this topic. And for more information. I am, every day, every other day, something related to how are we going to do this I just wanted to tell you that. And also, I wanted to let you know there is a healing circle with me online, March, 26 2pm Central daylight savings time. And this is now a free event, free free free, so come. You still need to sign up, come check that out please. I’d love to be with you more information on that can be found on my website, Robin Hallett comm slash courses. And now look the show. Well Hello beautiful friend, it is me Robin, your heart sparkling pal on this amazing magnificent journey. Welcome back to the podcast, tea with Robin Episode 8080 Episode 80. And if it’s your first time here. Hello, this is me, Robin. Thanks. Please give a big hello and hug to whoever told you about this. So, thank you for being here. Now, my friend. How are you today. How is the weather in your heart, being loving and sweet. are you remembering how gorgeous you are on the inside. On the outside, how precious, your life is all the opportunities to choose again and again and again. Every moment. You’re doing what you want, how it’s going to be for you. I hope so. I am right along with you on that practice. Here it is a beautiful day. It is a gray day, this guy’s very perfect cloud cover. a friend of mine called those cozy comforter gays it’s like sky has been tucked in the beautiful dubay. And it’s beautiful out there I’m listening to Robins. Oh boy. I think it’s so excited when the Robins are back, and they’re back trilling on their beautiful son, doing very well today, just back from the dentist. A few weeks back, and checking on everything, making sure I’m coming along nicely with well. So good, so good, so good, always happy to be here with you. Big Question of the morning is did you bring a cup of yum yum. I did have a, it’s very boring today I hope you’re prepared, I have a cup of black coffee with a little sea salt, and that’s it. Use some hot water a little strong but I’m just

so whatever you have, over there I hope you had something yummy. If it’s a smoothie or a tea or just a glass of water let’s raise our glass together next to each other and remember. No, this is now, and it’s always new, and we’re always choosing and all possibility exists now, and only there for us in tears. Oh yes. I would like to say a special shout out to a friend. Mary MP MMP. Thank you. Thanks for this journey, thanks for your sparkle enthusiasm for the joy you bring for your own dedication. Cheers. Yes, so good. So today we’re gonna talk about kindness, kindness, with a backbone and kindness. Also, not being a permission slip. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s talk about kindness, you know. This morning I went to the dentist, and I was reflecting again on just, you know, it’s not hard to be nice. It doesn’t cost you anything. It’s very healing experience for you yourself to be nice, it doesn’t, it doesn’t cost you anything it’s not hard to be nice and sometimes to be kind to be warm to be friendly. Sometimes I noticed that lack of kindness of my sense of warmth in others. In others, sometimes I notice it myself. And today I just want to talk a little bit about this thing went to the dentist, and they are very friendly, they’re very kind very Finally, definitely feel remembered, and seen. And here’s the tricky trick about that. They often tell me that I do that for them. So it’s like this interesting thing, of which came first. Right, this the kind Robin, or the kind dentist. The sweet dentist. What I know for sure is we remember each other. And I walk into there there is that experience of the room lighting up. Doesn’t really matter who got it started doesn’t even really matter why we are doing matters is the warmth increase the light increased and the love increase. And you know what else that means inside of me inside of you. There’s this moment of awakening of deepening in of grounding down. And that means deeper contact to yourself. So if you ever find yourself somewhere and you’re in a hurry, you’re in a bit of a rush, and somebody’s being nice to you and you find yourself being annoyed and thinking about Trader Joe’s. Did you find everything you needed today, find everything you were looking for today, or when we had dogs. The boxes of dog treats would come down the conveyor belt and they say what kind of dog Do you have. And it’s so interesting because it was like my own little study, I would notice, I could get preachy. I could feel a little Bertie in that moment when I chose to join with delight and just be in my heart, and chair and just kibitz for a moment, I always felt better. And I always felt better for a lot longer than that interaction. How do you explain that. It’s a very interesting thing. So today, I’m advocating practice of kindness kindness. After the dentist, I got in the car and I recorded a short little video for the IPTV over there if you’re on Instagram. You can see me. Whatever. The last I say, the more smart I sound because I’m still figuring all this stuff out myself, but it’s over there, you can find it. And I talked about the power of kindness.

And I also was talking about it from this perspective of, you know, you and I, we work for a living, we earn money, right, and a lot of us are self employed, a lot of us that I hang with the friends I support and set in Healing Sessions. Students I teach occasionally, you know, the people I am most connected with a lot of us are working for ourselves and kindness is one of those things. Service could be another word it’s one of those things that we absolutely must practice as a superpower. And if it comes naturally to you I feel it’s just my natural, a natural setting for me. If it comes naturally to awesome if it doesn’t come naturally to you. It’s so good to take this on as a practice. You know, I think we are all wanting to offer beautiful work in the world, offer beautiful service in the world and like Louise Hays to say, I offer excellent service for excellent pay with wonderful people in a wonderful way she had lots of ways to, but it helps when you are kind, when you are generous when you are loving when you are warm when you are enthusiastic, open, and it helps people remember you. You stand out. Of course, you stand out. It’s amazing to sometimes have just the smallest quickness post something about kindness, offer an opportunity to sunlight to you or say a prayer with you through grounding exercises you how much you will say, thank you. I needed that today, you know, it is powerful. It’s powerful, so it doesn’t cost you anything to be kind and to offer kindness. It costs you nothing but why don’t we do it more often. In fact, why do I get cranky, if the Trader Joe’s guy is super sweet to me. He got this already, I don’t want to be taken advantage of, I don’t want to be manipulated, I don’t want to be caught unawares. Where are unawares. I don’t want to be taken advantage of, I don’t want to open myself, to the point that then you’re going to pounce with your favor requests, it’s going to be impossible to say no to each of us has these fears and concerns about. If I am warm, if I am open, if I am kind, you will take advantage of me. If this is even resonating for you today, I’d say sit with that and see how it is for you, because all I can do is talk about my experience and that’s me. And even though we’re connected and we’re really just one being here. We’re all one. The way it expresses that energy and light expresses in me is different, because we’re all unique so sit with how this is for you. It’s such an important topic I want to take an extra moment to say, how is this for you. What’s it like for you. I grew up in a household that was very, a lot of manipulation. A lot of, you know, God the Word is failing me now, where it’s like this dark magician energy where I thought, you know, I often felt like I was being manipulated, and I knew I was being manipulated persuaded in a way that was not very clean. And I’m in love it. And so, you know, you. That’s my, I have some leftover energy of that, and I’m glad to know that about myself, you know, I’m glad to be awake to that. No, because now I can practice choosing. And I can practice, remembering. Just because it happened before doesn’t mean it’s happening now. Waking yourself up it’s like, it’s such a key practice. Because we assume a lot and it’s unconscious. Much more than conscious, we’re trying to keep ourselves safe

in a very old way. And you know, here’s the thing. Let’s not hold on to that as a truth we need to watch out for. In every moment you are choosing again. Did you hear last week’s episode I was talking about choosing the power of choice the power of responsibility and especially now in this climate of, you know, the Paris Climate The fear based all the fear energy out there. It’s so important for us to stay grounded in our choosing. And what are you choosing, you are choosing to be here to be of service to be an anchor for love to be kind, conserve don’t choose to be taken advantage of, don’t choose to be defensive. Don’t choose to be on the offense of people who are trying to manipulate you, because that’s like planning for it, which is like it’s asking for it, which is like it’s counting on it, you know. Instead, just be here in the moment and practice. If you feel that energy coming It’s very easy to shut it down, you just stop talking about someone may click out the screen, that’s another way. You don’t have to hold a plan in your heart, on how to handle future, who are going to take advantage of you. Your kindness is not a permission slip. And you don’t need to explain it to anyone. It’s not anyone’s job to understand. It’s your job to understand, to know in your heart what’s right for you to hold the line, and be kind, but but no it doesn’t mean you said yes to 1000 things that you are not going to do. I’m making any sense. Choosing to hold that energy in you is not good for you, that prepared for to be attacked, is it’s not really you need to do it. And I hear this all the time but you know it is you’re nice to somebody, then they start, you ask them how they are and then they want to tell you their whole life story, and who has time for that. Well, clearly you don’t so hold the line. Knowing your heart what’s right for you, isn’t it possible that you could still be kind, still be warm. Say hello. Person name just totally failed me Hello person. How are you today and they’re like, Oh, geez. Oh god. We had a contract or like that one. This is going back here but yeah Hi Dan How are you, oh God. The gout. The gout has gotten me again, or oh geez, the weather weathers my knees, you know, he always had something funny like what a great opportunity to practice, learning to stand there for 500 minutes, listening. So, this is still not good enough reason to not be kind, you know. Yeah. Maybe you’ll have to learn how to deal with their disappointment. We have to learn how to do that or their comments, but so what it’s still better at this being yourself being your genuine self, and dealing with whatever comments. Oh, you’re not here to bend over backwards at the expense of your own peace but it doesn’t hurt to be kind. It’s a really good way to be it’s like a constant good sort of Juju returning itself renewing itself refreshing itself inside of you all the time. And, you know, maybe if we weren’t so afraid about what how to handle things are so have such energy of assuming that people are going to take advantage of us or experiment with something or whatever we will be a little freer without going to confuse warmth and empathy with being run over who believe sometimes the biggest kindness is the answer No. The biggest kindness is a boundary that brings gifts, helps people wake up. So that person in your office who keeps talking to you, non stop, or the person who’s inappropriate in their questions too many questions. It’s, it’s a kindness that brings you

to the line where you say no to somebody or, I don’t feel we know one another. Well, for me the answer is no. So how is this for you. Does that resonate for you. Is there any internal story. We find nice if I’m kind if I am warm, if I am. I will be, will I be taken advantage of, taken for granted. It’s easy to put something over on me, what comes up for you. That’s a great question to ask yourself and it’s really a good power policy and practice for you, for me, for all of us. When we notice ourselves holding back when we notice ourselves tensing up because we are some interaction. And we’re tensing up like this These examples I was just giving you. How can you help yourself pull out of that response, and question. The one who is in the response. You know, it’s never as good to just be defending your thoughts, defending yourself against what you are assuming somebody is going to do to you or has done in the past so you’re assuming Now, question in question it, because the thing is, it’s all happening for your own growth and evolution, and each of us wants to be free. And isn’t it true, there’s always something we’d like more of for ourselves. So anywhere we can work on this edge if I’m holding back my light I’m squeezing back. You know I’m tense. I’m, you know what I’m saying, anywhere we can work on this edge is good for us. And I’m laughing because I’m just having this memory of one of those ways, I learned to deal with this myself how to deal with, it’s okay to be kind and have boundaries, it’s okay to be kind to be warm to be friendly to help people for a living. Right, without getting run over. So, thinking back to the first year I was doing healing work. My first year in practice. I had somebody who kept showing up super early for her appointments, super early and ringing the doorbell like 25 minutes early. And I realized that I was afraid to say no afraid they would go away free, they would not want to work with me if I set a boundary, and I think that’s how a lot of us start out. We just think it means I have to be nice to be nice I have to spend all the time if they want to talk to me on a Sunday I’ll talk to them if they want to come, a half an hour early I have to accommodate them if they won’t stop talking. I have to stand there you know this is where some of us just begin, and it’s all good personal growth work there’s no need to be ashamed or embarrassed or mad at yourself. Just learn, we can learn where we’re at. So, this woman, finally. Has this ever happened to you, I finally snapped. I think this happened like three times and the third time I knew I could feel the. It had gone on too long and I was feeling resentful I was feeling. And I knew it was because I hadn’t handled this already that I set up a precedent, I mean it serve like your face says one thing you know your words say one thing but your inner energy is saying something completely different. So it’s about learning to go past your fear, learning to go past your, your assumptions, and like I was saying earlier, your projection of disaster forecasting of how this person’s going to react. You got to go in to your heart, and knowing your heart that it is the point is not for you to become besties with everybody, you know, the point is to be in integrity with your own heart to remember who you truly are. To do what needs to be done. And yes, at the end of the day so you know like you did the right thing. You can stand with that you can learn to hold the line and know that it’s never about keeping the world happy,

the point is about being true to yourself being true to your highest self to know who you truly are and act from there. So, I opened the door this one day and I said, Hello, our appointment isn’t until, whatever time it was. Could you come back then. And she started getting very upset, which was, you know, looking back, a huge indicator of how I was not addressing this sooner because I knew this was the tendency you know some people you know they’re going to overreact and become very messy. And this is often why we end up. Dancing with the lobster. Do you remember the episode on lobster dancing if you back. This is why we end up doing the cha cha with a laughter the whole time saying please don’t pinch me Please don’t pitch me well. A laughter is what a laughter is, they’re going to do what they’re going to do. And again, I was not being clear because I was worried. I was afraid, there was something about it. I just didn’t want to face. So, you know, the first time she came a half an hour early, I could have so easily said you’re half an hour early, I could have just not answered the door there were so many things I could have done but I let her in. So you know it’s not just that somebody else. You know I’m saying, I played a huge burden this what happened. And at some point, that thing is coming. You know, and it’s not about you. So I said, Wait, what are you gonna wait in the car, there’s a Starbucks down the road, there’s a park. Well, She left, and never came back and sent me a letter later and said, You have a lot to learn about kindness. And it did not Sting, but for a moment, because I got the cosmic humor there yes, I do have a lot to learn about kindness. I have a ton to learn because kindness doesn’t mean I’m going to lay down while you run me over with your tractor, that when you try and scooch under the rope, assuming you have some kind of VIP access that you don’t that I have to say yes, know that when people want that little something extra. And they’re not thinking about the cost to you. They’re not considering what that is, because they’re just being themselves. They get a little messy, they handle things badly. They forget their common courtesy, they’re not thinking about you. But that’s no excuse, and you can’t let people run you over, you know, your kindness is not a permission slip. You can just stop trying to explain it to them because they’re not the ones that need to get it. It’s not their job it’s your job. So you can hold the line and know in your heart what’s right for you. And would you rather be in your warm glow warm glow, or kind of a close down, crispy critter. And I’m sure there’s a degree in there in between there you can be I’m just saying you know I would rather be in my warm happy glow and learn to bear the guilt that sometimes does come as I say no, that whole thing does rhyme I think it did. Because I do, I can feel guilty, and I used to say this to my own healer, we would be working on these boundary things and how, like, you know, it’s hard to say no because people get mad at you and then you feel guilty and the guilt can last forever. If you let it, but I used to say to her, it’d be easier to cut my own finger off right now, than to say no to somebody, and I’m so happy because today is such a different experience. Even if people do get mad at me. I know what’s really happening there. In many ways is somebody saying Please don’t make me wake up to what I’m doing. And I’m, I’m honored to do that. I’m honored to do that, I guess,

I would like to not have that interaction with you but I would rather do that than lay down the red carpet and let you run me over. You know, so that’s that’s really the message, you know, and yeah, people will get mad, and those people who get mad. They’re your biggest teachers. Ultimately, you come back around to the knowing that you are a kind person, open hearted person, good natured fun funny sweet. And, yeah, you know maybe that’s been trampled on or taken advantage of or taken for granted that that’s in the past. And, you know, we owe it to ourselves to wake up to. I can’t let a story from a million years ago, still limit me today. You want to walk around, sometimes I tell people go around like you’re the mayor of Robin town or the mayor of Jenny town or the mayor of jeffy town, you know, feeling like you’re the mayor of your own town in your heart. It’s a very different experience than going around worrying that people are going to take advantage of you, carrying those old stories of how you’ve been you know what’s happened to you I don’t need to keep giving examples, I’m sure. So, kindness, that’s what we’re on about love with bones setting boundaries and it keeps you in a place of awesomesauce in your heart. There is no unnecessary drama and chaos added to your day because you’re not mixing it up with people, you know, just thinking back to the woman. My angel who came to teach me about boundaries, way back when, what awesome thing, and I think of her a lot. Still, when I have to somebody does still occasionally come and ring the doorbell at my house, early for a session. Now I know now it’s so easy. Now, we just learned, we make our way. So, you know, don’t be embarrassed if you have things like that too. Don’t go there. That’s the egos jam and you are so much more than your ego than the hubbub of your ego. So, wow friend, I hope, somewhere in there today This was amazing and helpful for you and if it was, I have a couple courses online on my website, Robin Hallett comm slash courses. There’s a healing practitioner course and also a course called lightworker love where I talk a lot about working, and boundaries and especially us soulful peeps soulful peepers with intuitive. You know how it is creative. Beautiful. And is. There’s some great support there for you as well. So I vote, we thank you about when some more tea. And let’s talk about today’s inspiration. the colder it gets the better it tastes. I’m are ready. I gotta say, I am starting to get very excited about spring over here, and making ice tea and I just wow, we’re almost there. We’re almost a spring so exciting. I can hear some Robin’s outside the window right now. But I digress. So, inspiration. You heard my introduction. At the beginning, you just want to say I’m really picking up this episode on Sunday, the day before this airs. So I thought, inspiration today. This is a time for lots of us unprecedented time. And it’s so important for us. I feel to decide to be not only to remember who we truly are, and to take good care of ourselves but to remember we are one community we are one to remember our oneness and to do the things that take good care of our oneness. So, practicing

kindness is super important, and being of service deciding you’re going to be of service to the best of your ability is another, and I also think taking care of your immunity would be something that is super important right now to. Yeah, oneness oneness service, love, remembrance and immunity and precautions, all of that. So how can you serve. You know, the other day we went to the grocery store, and I said to the guy at our register I was noticing it was kind of weird because the lines were the longest I’ve ever seen but also people weren’t making eye contact, and they weren’t bagging your groceries like they normally would. And it really struck me, in a way, like we are dealing with. Wow, some fear. Some, not knowing what to do next. And so, service. Don’t forget about important things like eye contact and talking to each other. Hello, how are you are you okay thanks for being here. I said to the cashier thanks so much for being here. Thank you. Thank you. I really appreciate it and he said something like, Boy, that’s the nicest. He said, Boy, you guys are really kind that’s probably the nicest thing anybody will say to me, all day, believe me I could tell you some stories already. And, you know, I get it, but it also. I felt sad, in a way because we can do better and I know we will be doing better I know as the days go on. We’re going to gain our footing. We’re going to gain our momentum and be of service and support and light and remembrance. So that’s one. The other I want to end, I should say, you know, service for me, I have been deciding how I want to do this in my business being a self employed person doing Healing Sessions and so I’m looking at that I’ve decided to make the upcoming healing circle which would normally be a paid event, a free event. So if you want to sign up for that now you can just go to my website and click the link and you’ll be registered for the next live circle in a week on Thursday, and if you’re going to be home. What else are you going to be doing at 2pm on a Thursday, or, or overseas in the early evening. Come hang out with me. I’ve been putting out videos and messages, and I think, you know, you just right now. It feels like if you’re being impressed upon by spirit by the creative essence of all that is your intuition is guiding you to post something. This is not the time to second guess with worries about, you know, what do you worry about when you want to post something you know will people like it will they think I’m dumb, well they. Jeff and I both did one this morning number one husband and I, and I said we should do these little videos every few days and just check in and send some love and do them on fast forward because people are always like I’m so busy, and I can’t look, I don’t have time to listen. So, just to keep it under like two minutes, and it’s hilarious. It’s hilarious, and I have no makeup on, I had bedhead, I had a double chin, as you know, looking down into your camera will definitely make it worse. And guess what, my pajama top was on inside out. I don’t think you can tell, though, but anyway. You just gotta share. And don’t worry about your stuff, right now, Sharon Don’t worry about your stuff, your you know your stories, if your, your mental stories you know what I’m saying, if it’s coming to you to share. Then share. If you see something beautiful that you love somebody else wrote, then share that. Let’s not just share the big people, you know, I love there’s one going around from Bernie brown right now, obviously Tom Hanks has a lot of followers now as he’s on quarantine stuff like that is great, but if you read friends in your communities posts, share those because I think, you know, let’s have the average person, meet that’s mean you are figuring out how we’re going to get through this, how we’re going to do this. What’s going to happen

next, you know, let’s share those kinds of things, so that we remember normal people, regular people, we are doing this. Okay. And then the last thing I’ll say is immunity. It’s wild, a lot of you who listen are around my age, and number one husband’s age so 51 and 63. But a lot of you are Listen, our youngsters, you know you’re in that younger demographic and like our kids, 2629 35, no you’re not at risk, probably, you’re not at risk, and you can still be a carrier, you can be asymptomatic, and still pass this thing on and I think that’s where remembering we’re all one, and practicing good hygiene good. All the things we’re supposed to be doing now we need to be doing now is really really important so you might think what’s the big deal. You might not get sick, but somebody else might because you weren’t saying what’s the big deal. And weren’t taking the precautions. So, even if you’re out there serving delivering groceries delivering things. Think about it. Take good care of you, a good dose of bravado, it can’t happen to me. Never protected anyone. And that’s coming from somebody who practices lots of positive thinking and law of attraction. But bravado only really it’s just bravado sometimes. Coming up we’re going to have a letter from a friend who’s asking about perspective on the spiritual perspective. In times like this so I’ll talk a little bit more about that but quickly I’ll say, it’s better to help yourself. If your mind is bombarding you with thoughts about infection protection immunity, etc. It’s better to take some action than just try and air quotes here ward off evil with your thinking, Okay, so just know that there’s. You’re not failing your spiritual practice if you decide to wash your hands, for example, right. So along those lines. I’ve been sharing my own recipe for hand sanitizer. I love to make art and I have a ton of isopropyl alcohol here because I always love doing things with that in my art. And so you can make your own hand sanitizer. You don’t have to run to the store and buy PRL. Besides, I think that is so stinky just my opinion of course. But I’ve been making puro my own version of hand sanitizer in a mason jar, just tucking some clean cloths, get old t shirts that you’re like, never gonna wear again or should never be wearing again cuz man, you know. Yeah, cut those up, cut those up into hand size wipes and start pushing them into a jar or a Tupperware or something, or a glass, you know, lunchbox and tuck those in. And then, in another cup, make a solution, rubbing alcohol it needs to be above 60%, and a little dish soap, I use, Dr. Bronner’s that’s Castiel soap from coconut. I like the peppermint one a lot. They have a beautiful rose one as well and a lavender one that’s really nice. I noticed that just a little squirt helps make your hands, soft and a few drops of essential oil. If you want to add a little bit of water if your solution is 90% alcohol, or you’re using high grade alcohol, you can add a little bit of water but I wouldn’t mess around with it too much. And then I’ve been using clove essential oil and love it. My hand smell so amazing afterward. And then I also notice they’re not dry and really cramped, or anything like that. So, you know, if you’ve got it around the house use it. And then the other thing is, do things you have green tea at home. A lot of us buy green tea and can’t stand it and then never drink it. You could be drinking drinking your green tea now, and flavoring it up. Add a few squeezes of orange juice or lemon juice and some stevia if you like that. Really good immune boost curry and curry the food garlic. Turmeric, things like that,

trust your gut on what’s coming to you and do those things, and obviously water. Drink your water, half your body weight in ounces, is what I always try and do, and I feel better when I do that, I noticed that. So, for whatever that’s worth is today’s inspiration from the first time I’ve ever had an inspiration section like this. You know I hope this helps you. Yeah, we just keep rolling don’t wait. So, today’s letter. I reached out to our community this week. If you’re not already part of the love posse. You can sign up for my newsletter. Join us over at Robin Hallett comm slash subscribe. I reached out and asked how everybody’s doing and offered an opportunity just like, you know, if I can help write to me and I will if I can I go. How are you what’s going on and a few of those letters that came back were so good I asked a friend, I asked friends if I could keep those for upcoming podcasts, so this is that, and Erica, thank you so much for being willing to share. Hi, Robin loved that podcast, she’s talking about Episode 79, where I talk about the corona virus, the beginning of it anyway. My question is how can we be safe, but also uphold our beliefs. I hold beliefs like I create my own reality. And what we focus on expands. It seems like buying into the virus which I can acknowledge is happening is inviting it in. If I acknowledge that the virus is happening. I am inviting it in. How can I be prepared. If everything is closing out there in the world, but still allow my belief system to stand. I appreciate any advice, love, Erica. Thanks again so much Erica. This is that time, we have been practicing for the reason we come to the studies the practices the meditations the yoga, the healing the books we read the videos we watch the practices we do seems to be that we want to get over get through, get healed from some things in our past, or we notice a current struggle and, you know, we want to work on it. But truly, this is what we practice for the next big edge, that’s happening out in the world and in our own hearts. And this would be that this is the next big edge. So let’s acknowledge that this is the next edge. And this is what I practice for. This is the time to not double down on your practice not put your hand in the book and keep studying and memorizing this is the time to be reminding yourself that you know you have received knowledge from a source greater than yourself. And that knowledge is with you and in you, it’s time to tune to that. And trust. And that’s where, knowing that you’re creating your reality, and what you focus on expands really shines. As you remember, I am spirit in the body. I am powerful beyond measure. I am connected to the all that is, and I am one with you, my brother, my sister, my neighbor, my friend, my partner. My family, you know, my child. One. One. That energy of kindness that energy of love comes back and nourishes us as well. Energetically psychically mentally, the nervous system is being gently helped to. So, you say, you know, I, it seems like buying into the virus which I can acknowledge is happening, would be inviting it in. It’s really interesting, isn’t it. There’s an

edge in our, in our law of attraction movement, let’s say, where people actually do think that as long as they don’t believe in something, it can’t hurt them. But what about the resistance we’re building in, I was talking about this last week, you know if you keep naming something like people are talking about a virus, but I don’t believe it’s real. It’s not really helping you. There’s a virus, but it doesn’t matter what you say after that. What would really help you, is to roll with the times it’s kind of like saying it’s winter, and I’ll wear a coat. I’m tired, and I’ll go to bed, honor, you know, nobody needs to resist. What’s going on with magical thinking. We can roll with the times. buying into the fear of the virus definitely would be inviting the fear in, but we can’t really answer fear with fear, have to answer with love. So it’s, it’s so much more important to be a loving witness to yourself to honor how you’re truly feeling. You know, and instead of rejecting how you’re feeling and trying to do some form of a practice or plug your ears for some reason I keep thinking of the scene. Any Lord of the Rings fans out there. The scene where Gollum is having a conversation with his former self, and he’s plugging the good, the good in him, is trying to plug its ears and shout out the band, you know, the stressy, and he just keeps saying not listening not listening, lalalala not listening. You know we can do that to a point. But if we noticed the fear, if we notice the tension, it’s so much better to work with it. So, if you’re working with it, you’re not infecting yourself you’re not jinxing yourself you’re not multiplying the energy. You’re entering fear with love. And that’s really the only healer there can be. That’s the only way this is gonna work. So answer your fear with love. Be that loving witness. If it’s difficult for you. I am sure you have people in your life you love and care about think about them and how they’re feeling. you know practice that way. And let yourself be prepared. We went to the store the other day, you know, part of me was I do like observing how my mind works in times like this and my ego mind and just my stressy thoughts, it’s kind of an interesting practice to stay aware of that and no I’m not 100% in there with the thinking. So I part of me was like, I don’t really want to go out and be in the panic. And then I was like I don’t really want to go out and buy out all the supplies that other people might need you know it’s just a weird time but then you’re like, I gotta go out and take care of me too. I matter too. And I have to provide for my family too, so you just kind of make your way but you’re remembering at the same time. All this well you practice, that’s it you practice being a loving witness you practice serving you ask you text or email a neighbor if you’re going to the store and say Do you need anything, let me know. You guys can be dropping things off on each other’s doorstep and if you need to send money you can do that over PayPal or Venmo I love, you know, there’s a way we’re going to make this work out, it’s going to be all right. And we emerge, more connected shifted, this will be one of the best blessings. In, in the weird way that events world events like this, often end up being. I’m thinking of so many examples right now. So we’re going to address them this time and be a beacon of light and show up and share and do all the things in between me and you. I’m going to just say this. I have felt a little annoyance at my spiritual community friends here and there. Because sometimes those kinds of posts are not helpful, the ones that just preach the love gospel, the god gospel and don’t account for the fear and don’t account for bridging the gap. I personally find it annoying. I find it not great teaching, too. So, I don’t

want to be somebody who’s telling you plug your ears and say La la la la la to your ego voice like Gollum. No, I’m not. I don’t want to be one who does that. So, for whatever that’s worth, I hope it’s helpful and friends you know, I feel. During this time, I’m going to be talking about this a lot. I care about it I care about helping us get through this and there’s probably going to be new areas that you and I are figuring out how do we do this how do we make it work now, so stick with me. I’m over you can find me on Instagram, you can find me on Facebook, YouTube, it’s just Robin Hallett, not just ever but you know what I’m saying. And if you have questions during this time, please email me. Hello, at Robin Hallett Comm. Well friends, that wraps, a beautiful episode. I hope there has been loving support in here for you, and I am thinking about you and thinking about us on now. I love our community so much I love seeing what you’re doing, how we’re rising to this time, and it’s beautiful, so hang in there and hugging you tight. Virtual hugging you tight and sending so much love, and I’m gonna see you here next week, or in a few minutes. it’s me Robin. Bye bye. Bye.

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