Lobster Dance: On Dealing With Prickly, Pinchy People and Why They Scare Us // Tea With Robin Episode 77

Lobster Dancing. on Dealing With Prickly, Pinchy People and Why They Scare Us // Tea With Robin Episode 77

Oh, the people we know who are challenging to be around! The ones who seem to introduce a bit of strain and pain into the interaction and this leaves us anticipating it and trying to protect ourselves from it happening the next time. I talk about the deeper perspective on what we might be bringing to the situation and how we can heal this issue. Our inspiration comes from A Course in Miracles and Robert Holden. Our letter comes from a friend who’s written to ask about how to feel worthy and deserving.

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Lobster Dancing. on Dealing With Prickly, Pinchy People and Why They Scare Us // Tea With Robin Episode 77
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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

It’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler at Robin Hallett calm, and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, how the advance with a lobster me know anybody in your life, and you’re always thinking about how you’re going to get pinched trying to protect yourself, keep from being hurt our inspiration is a beautiful card back from Robert Holden, and our letter this week comes from hashtag worthy. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Well hello gorgeous friend, it’s me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast episode 77 tea with Robin, why am I already giggling. You know why I have a song going in my head, and isn’t going in my head for days now. And this morning when I woke up, I was just humming part of the chorus. And it started number one husband laughing too because you know he has been having this song going in his head too So know that song. Ha, ha, ha. Beautiful day. This is my, my, my beautiful day. Didn’t know that song. When you say Say Say, say that to me. Bo. It’s a beautiful day. There you go. You’re welcome. This song has been going in my head for days, and it’s so funny because I was just sitting here thinking, you know, I’ve got a couple ideas for today’s episode, I wanted to talk about difficult people, people in our life who trigger us and make us bonkers and we spend a lot of our mental energy on what they said what they did and. And it’s funny because it’s true, it’s your beautiful day no matter how you choose to spend it. This is you choosing to spend it so we could be in that. Ah, ha, ha. Beautiful day. You have to look that song up I think his name is Daniel Boone, and it’s a beautiful Sunday. It’s always our choice. So, you know, there you go, that’s me today. My friend How is the weather in your heart today. Are you being kind and generous and staying in the place of open possibility to all that’s happening all that you’re witnessing remembering who you truly are and choosing that perspective. I hope so. It is the wildest thing but we are always free, even when we think we aren’t even when we’re dealing with those papers, we’re going to talk about today. We still have freedom, freedom in our mind freedom in our bodies freedom in our voices. So while, so I hope that note today. You are in a place of choosing and remembering and allowing yourself to be in this space of peace with all of it. Over here the weather in my heart is beautiful, it’s been a sweet week so far, lots of really great awarenesses lot of interactions that were really beautiful and some really juicy triggers, you ever look at it that way you go, Oh yeah, this person really me off, and it was juicy. It was good. I am seeing so clearly now, and choosing my what. Ha, ha, ha. Beautiful day. Do you think he was laughing. Hahaha. Beautiful day or not. I think maybe he was.

Haha. It’s your choice or not. So, before we get into that, you know what I’m going to answer the next don’t you bring a couple of young men to bring something delicious to cheers with me. I did, I have a yummy cup of Irish breakfast tea with a little sea salt type of almond milk and stevia. So cheers. Here’s to the light in us both here is to our choice, remembrance and our courage. Now, to be courageous today, tears.

And let’s say a special shout out to Amy, wishing you all the best on your move across the country. Sending you so much love and thank you for your heartfelt connection with me here. Thanks for listening and writing alone, tears. That is so good. So friend. This week I was cleaning out my office, I was throwing out some old journals and old paperwork and old stuff. Plans lists, probably lots of blog posts in the making, and all kinds of old stuff. It felt so good just to get it thrown away all the old words, all the other stuff, and hilarious, that I used to be July of classes. Some of you may have taken them 21 days of this and that, and I found all the papers, all the papers from the forgiveness plants. 21 days of forgiveness, and I’m going to say we were going to need 21 days of forgiveness, times, 1000, if we are not practicing what we’re going to talk about today, because no. People are going to continue to be who they are and do the thing they always do. It’s like a dance moves. They just can’t do anything other than when they always do. And it’s funny to me, we can be in a position of forgiving people and forgiving people and forgiving people, or we can decide to set people free set them free to be themselves. And set ourselves free to sort of just get over it, you know, this is who they are. We could just stop expecting something different. How freeing would that be. So I found some paperwork, blog posts. These courses are beautiful and, you know, in their day so powerful and so helpful and. Anyway, I found a lot of art that I had drawn about blasters, and spiny venomous creatures, you know how you feel about other people who aren’t nice to you and they’re challenging and difficult and I found this one, art that says how do you dance with a lobster. Very carefully and it shows the unicorn trying to dance with the lobster. The unicorn is wearing oven mitts. It’s so funny to me it’s reflective of where I was at at the time too. And and that was fine. But at the time. You know, it felt like I needed to dance with lobsters and today I don’t feel that way. I don’t feel the same way about having to be with people who are not able to not into you and be unkind. But let’s back up a little bit. Let’s back up to why I’m already laughing, you know, because I have a lot of field, let’s call it field research, I have a lot of field research with long serves and venomous sea creatures. We probably both too. Right. Think about how we grew up, think about our early experiences, family members, friends, early woundings, you know, we’ve had these experiences where we’re just going along it feels like we’re just going along. And we run into a lobster, and it pinches off and forever. Then we remember that person is alive, sir. People act like that are lobsters people who look like that are certainly lobsters look at the pictures on that thing. And what happens to you, you start doing the dance with the lobster, you’re dancing with that lobster in your thoughts. I think of myself. I think of me as a little girl, and, like, the night

mean, after something that happened at school or, and then and get a win for the next day. I had a particularly lobster a fourth grade teacher, for whatever reason, in like me, and she was very long history with me and it felt like that whole year of never be able to do anything like trying so hard and I imagine that built in a lot of laps for knowledge and fear for me. Again, and I’m still kind of working out. No. So it starts early, it starts early and we develop ideas of people. And what they could do to us and what could happen to us if we try to do a different game with this lobster. And, and we’re confused, I gotta say I listen to a lot of people in a week I know you know, I say this a lot, and listen to a lot of people in session. And I hear about their own lobster dances. And it’s complicated, because you can’t always say to somebody Hey, you don’t have to dance with the lobster. You don’t even have to talk to the lobster. You don’t even have to have the lobster over for holidays anymore because where the salon store really live. How many times can I say lobster in a minute. Where’s the lobster live. It looks in your head, the laughter is in our head. It’s the stories we make that determine the moves we make. We have. Here we are locked into, it’s all going on in our heads. We can feel so prevented. Even if we have the knowing of what we’re going to do we can feel so prevented from taking the action. But today, you know, I want to talk about you. Deciding. They know the story. You worry about how other people are going to react if we do a different move, don’t wait. They’re not gonna like it, not your problem. They’re going to get man, not your problem. That’s going to give me a hard time, not your problem. I’m running my life I might be alone. Now, maybe we’re getting somewhere here of abandonment, the fear of being left. The fear of the unknown. That’s probably closer to why we keep dancing with the lobster. We don’t know what else to do because the ultimate fear is, we will be alone, abandoned shunned. You ever been shunned gone through that experience a number of times in my life. From from tiny to old happened to me not too long ago, maybe five or seven years ago was the last time it happened in a big group kind of thing. Challenging friends, being caught in a cycle of not feeling accepted. Not feeling seen and trying so hard to get the blessing, you know from this group of people, and realizing it’s never gonna happen, have to walk away. If you stop trying to do to relax there.

So, you can relate to this today, you know, the question becomes what are we so sure. The reason we keep staying in there, is because we’re sure about something. What is it that you’re so sure of what is it that I’m so sure of difficult people for me are kind of like family. If I meet somebody today. And we have this really deep. This feeling of a deep bond. This feeling of a deep love like right out of the gate. I know

there’s something going on energetically that’s very similar to my child hood family familial five, doesn’t mean the person’s bad you know I’m not even saying that just because I’m saying lab, sir. You know, waxers are people too. It’s not that. It’s that the dance we’re going to get into is going to be dangerous. You know risky lasting effects. That’s what I mean. So I was saying when I meet somebody new at a party, you know, with very little conversation No, no background information and you just fall in with somebody. Sometimes that’s a red flag actually we’ve had a lot of chromatic Wackness growing up, it doesn’t always mean to be wonderful. But it is a signal that here is some work. Coming. This is going to be miliar, in a way. So, you might think about those people in your life today that are coming to mind as I’m talking to you now. Consider. Now I expect. What’s the story and makeup. What’s the fear. What’s the knowing I have about what’s going to happen if I do something different, if I speak up. If I walk away. If I say no. If I don’t respond. What’s gonna happen. If you take a moment, you’ll probably hone in on some fear some tension, and that is usually not about the person. You think it’s about it’s usually about something much earlier in your life. This person represents for you. I mean, it might be the same person. But, you know what I’m saying, like, I know for me, the cruelty of women. Growing up, My mom was a hitter a kicker. So that was one thing, and there were some cruel things you know cruel and unusual. So one of the things I learned. And my dad was like this too I’m not always trying to pick on my poor mother, who wherever she is now totally gets it and doesn’t mind. I know that this is for my own benefit. I work this stuff out today, you know, this is for your own benefit that you work stuff out and people who have passed on, have some transcended this story this energy, and it’s maybe hard to consider but in a way they don’t care anymore. You know, they’re on to other things. As far as we know, they’re doing other stuff. They’re, They’re back with source, it’s not always all about us anymore. But we’re still here making our way. So it’s good to look at these things and not paying for creating harm, even to somebody who’s passed away, you know, to look at these things for you. So the big teaching for me was that I could be harmed. I could be walloped. And that meant I was always holding my breath. And so, how do you dance with the lobster very carefully with oven mitts on holding your breath. Today we’re free. Today we’re free. But there are still relationships where this is going on. And for where that is for you. It’s good to take some time. When you’re upset. And this happens to me, too. So I want to keep saying that because I think we have some story going that if I was really doing my spiritual journey right. This would still be happening to me. No, just practice, just practice. How can you practice, without practice something to practice with, so you know we don’t even have to take it so personally and feel bad about ourselves. So when this happens to you, when this happens to me.

Occasionally we could zoom out the lens really big go far out like you were in an airplane looking down on the landscape, instead of standing at the foot of the bushes, looking at the leaves you know, zoom way out and say, look at this from here. And if I was looking at this as the consciousness, expressing myself as Robin in this lifetime. If I was looking at this as the consciousness expressing itself is you. What would I be seeing. And what would I be doing.

If you’re even too scared to do that. It’s okay. We’ll just take a breath together and know these are seeds we’re planting for a future date, a future germination party. It’s okay. It’s, it’s good to know where you’re at.

came home from getting together with friends over an extended period like a long weekend. Not too long ago and I was so hard on myself because I slipped right back into my pattern of fear. You know some relationships are locked three no matter what, and you can’t just say, from an 86 this relationship, isn’t it, do we 86 things. I’m going to 74 this relationship. You can’t because you’re like, related to the person you’re married to the person you’re best friends with the person, you know, your school friends your siblings, it’s, you can’t just walk out You can’t just read this on an Instagram meme and apply it slap it on your life like a sticker. This is your mother who’s still alive and wants very much to visit you every weekend, you know, stuff like that. So how, how are we going to be, you’re going to have times like I said I came home and I was so hard on myself because I was just in it. But you know what, I wasn’t just in it, I was awake in it. I was like oh my god, I see you as a lobster. I’m looking at you with a lobster and look at how paralyzed I am can’t even speak right now. Look at how many times I class, my own hands together, you know, my virtue of putting my open mitem, like just trying to comfort myself, protect myself. I just know put my hand up to my neck. You know, protect myself. So you didn’t do nothing. You were awake in there doing the best you could. And that’s something. And now, be from it all in safety in spaciousness, you can process, you can wonder. You know, you can process and wonder about what happened. can allow yourself to unpack a bit. What happened,

and maybe some compassion for what happened. do you think you’re compassionate with yourself. Enough. Do you think you’re much harder on yourself than you need to be. I’m guessing. Yeah.

And when the time is right. Tree when I’m saying to zoom way you got the lens. Zoom Out on the lens. And look at this from a new perspective, look at your behavior. Look at their behavior. Look at your fear. Consider whether or not the other person has some fear going on. One thing I marvel at when I’m sitting with someone else in a healing session and they’re unpacking a story for me. Or they email me, you know they write to me and share a story is how far in. We are how zoomed in, we are we’re just looking at the, not even looking at the I’m saying standing at the bushes looking at the leaves. We’re not even there, we’re looking at the stem on the leaf, you know, we’re so far in. We don’t even know. And it’s kind of an interesting place for me to sit because I understand like it’s hard to talk about the landscape from the airplane perspective when somebody is talking to you about the stem on one leaf on a row of bushes, you know, it’s challenging, but I like the challenge, it’s, it’s fun to help us remember who we truly are and what we’re chasing from moment to moment where there were two thing they remember that or forget that or so. But a lot of times people will just be in the story well and then he said this and you know I know it’s because I said, I tried I tried to stand up for myself and they told them I wasn’t gonna do this thing, you know, a lot of times it feels like you’re being bullied in the lab story relationship or somehow you’re being. You’re being treated in a way like you don’t matter you don’t come, the same, so they’ll be some dynamic there where you’re trying to assert yourself and trying to be seen and, and you want it to come from them this other person or this group. You want them to treat you like you counting your manner. When it’s like, what’s needed here is to zoom way out and see, this is a pattern. This is a dynamic, which continues to reassert itself, because I’m telling a story of my fear. I’m aligned with my terror of being abandoned my fear of retaliation. You know, whether your examples. What do you find that creates up for you, especially the stuff that you believe is very specific to the lobster in question. You know how we think it’s like about the one person. And it seems so true and so real, except you probably find this in more than one person, more than one lobster. And that’s because this is a live in you. You know there’s a wounding alive and you probably likely came way before you encountered that thing with that person that we’re talking about today. You know, I think we’re all doing the best we can. We’re all doing the best we can. Really, you know, and I want to say this carefully. I don’t know that we always realize that we are bringing something to the party, too. But we are, it’s impossible to dance with the last or without making some moves on your own right. So it’s like here we are expecting I can I can talk about me I can think of a few friends I help in situations like this, but we bring this certain awkwardness to the table as well. And sometimes I wonder if we understand that it’s the energy we bring that is triggering for the lobster, the person we consider to be the problem maker for them, were the same. So it’s like even that just seeing how.

It’s not just happening to you, you know, it’s happening to them as well there’s something going on for them and I know a lot of people you can’t even talk about this with, there’s no way to articulate but it doesn’t matter. You can understand in yourself and begin to break free. You know, you can understand this in yourself and begin to change the pattern for the both of you. And occasionally if your friend is somebody you can talk to this person, you can say, you know, I have said to a friend you. You become abusive. When you’re upset. And you direct that energy at me. And that is huge because that’s something I couldn’t say to my mother. I could never say that to my mother, and she passed when I was in my early 20s so I’m sure today of course I could say it, you know, but I didn’t have that chance. I have it with a friend. I can work this out, and my friends that really didn’t even realize I’m so sorry. And that’s a bridge, you know, and the next time it happens. Let’s hope it doesn’t, but, you know, we’re who’s perfect I’d like to know, you know, we can extend each other this grace of not staying wounded forever, we can be the bigger person. There’s a beautiful Course in Miracles lesson, I am my brother, or one. We could practice. We could remember. It’s not me against you. It’s us together making our way. Know my big takeaway today from our, our talk today is. Don’t just be in it. It’s kind of like just playing tennis with a person back and forth and back and forth, get off the court. Walk away. Take some distance. Look at this situation with new eyes, how is this familiar. What’s really going on here. Am I enjoying this is working out for me. Because in a moment of insight. You could see clearly, and just decide I’m not going back I’m not doing it the same. I need to speak up. And some people you can you know if they matter to you. We can speak, we can say, and with other people, the answer is more like you just don’t go again. You do you do make the decision to unfriend unfollow in a bigger sense not everybody needs to be confronted. Because this is all happening for you and your own growth. And sometimes it’s easier to love people from afar to honor their journey to honor the light in them that shines the same in you, you know we’re all consciousness expressing ourselves as an individual, in this lifetime. We’re all Source Energy we’re all creative cosmos, we’re all start stuff. We’re here, but doesn’t mean we have to have sleepovers and thanksgiving and, you know, talk on the phone every day. Some people are best loved from afar. And that’s okay it’s not an unkindness. So me that servi today. I, and I’m here, you know if you’re in a situation that’s really intense and intricate and this could be the right time for a session, or a series of sessions, and I have been thinking about some email sessions, because a few of you have mentioned that. It’s really scary. The idea of coming face to face and talking about things and I get that, so stay tuned on that. If you’re interested, message me. I can tell you more about that. But we can also talk over email or text for time. But I’m here to support you and help you and lobbies hear this for sure. From one heart, that gets it to another one heart that gets it to another can be intense.

I’m reminded right now of kindergarten, getting in trouble in. What can I have possibly done in kindergarten to get in trouble for swim class, and I did not want to swim in the pool. I did not. The teacher pinned, a note to my jacket. Oh my god. I had to walk home with a note pinned to my jacket. And the terror. The sheer terror of what was going to happen to me when I got home. That’s what I remember. Sometimes that’s what comes back to me the sensation of that moment. And so it came to me several times while I was talking to you today. It’s not as simple as Why didn’t you just take the note off and throw it away and never even occurred to me then, you know. So, be kind and patient with yourself if you have some of that as well and understand that the sounds of the body are carrying memory. So this is stuff that bypasses the cognitive process. You know, so it does if it doesn’t occur to you to take the note off your jacket and throw it away it’s because it’s that’s part of the mind is not engaged. Terror trauma is stored in somewhere else. So through our conscious awareness through our choice to breathe and love ourselves and be kind, you know, be compassionate Be gentle be easy, we heal, we heal and anytime we need a reminder of this, I am here. So, hope this helped today. So good. So, for inspiration. I got a beautiful deck of cards from my friend, Lisa. These are everyday miracles cards of course in miracles cards, 50 card deck of lessons from A Course in Miracles, and they’re beautiful. The art is really sweet. So it’s from Robert Holden. And I thought it’d just be fun to pull a card for us today. So, we’ll take a deep breath together. I like to just shuffle. Like this. Till the card pops out and did you hear that one just did. And, oh boy. This is perfect. It says, Love holds no grievances. And then the back of the card says the holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present. Love. Oh, that’s beautiful. Course in Miracles for the win. And how about the timing of that message, you know, that’s the thing. How would it be to decide to not hold grievances. To not be in separation from the love that’s always abounding, it’s always here and the only thing that’s really real is love. But that doesn’t mean you trying harder to get a laugh start in that pinch you. That means you accepting this is another soul on a journey. And I want to see my friend, my brother, the course calls us all brothers, as another light on the journey just like me, and wish them well and do what I can. I want to come out of my ego story of separation with them, of how they’re attacking me or abandoning me or they’re gonna attack me, or even the presumed to know why they’re doing what they’re doing, the holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love. I’m going to set down my weapons, I’m going to set down my hot, my oven mitts, I’m going to set down my story I’m going to set down my assumptions. I’m going to set down my planning, and I’m just going to hold love. And all I need to ever be is a tiny itty bit willing. Even biddie biddie biddie been willing

to do this in one fell swoop. I have to do this perfectly. You know, I was not hard on myself when I came home from that one weekend with friends and realize, you know, it happened again I why I really wanted to make more progress than that and then I realized I did, I made amazing ground perfect, and there were so many times where I was just in the light with my friends. You know, not 100% triggered 100% defended 100% close down, it was so much better. So beautiful cards I love the art, it’s like a branch of cherry blossoms on this one. Love holds no grievances. And for those of you who enjoy the Course in Miracles. I have some workbook. This is a workbook lesson to be sure. Um, I have in the shop on my website I have a series of workbook lessons. I’ve recorded. And we do the practice together. I read the bow, we sit together for a couple minutes of silence, and then I share a little talk about what it means to me and how we can apply it in our day to day life. You know I know for a lot of us that it can be very complicated. The course, the language can feel lofty and difficult to get but these lessons are very sweet and easy and applicable I talk about lots of everyday stuff. Also these carbs. Beautiful. Another nice way to come to the practice. So I’ll link all of this up in the show notes, you can just go to the website, Robin hallett.com slash 77, you’ll find all of these things. Beautiful and Thank you Lisa for sending these to me. Let’s have a little more tea. Oh so good. This week’s letter comes from my friend Tricia, who wrote to me on Facebook and said something we’re all going to relate to. Hi, Robin. How do I convince myself, I am worthy and deserving asking for a friend. Thanks Trisha, appreciate this question. How do we convince ourselves we are worthy and deserving in my heart. It begins with knowing you want that for yourself and trusting that the knowing comes from a part of you who already knows. She is worthy and deserving. I feel very clear that we don’t want for things that we don’t have knowledge of. And even if you say, I don’t feel worthy. You still have a concept of worthiness which means it already exists in you. To me, your worthiness was never in question, what’s in question is why do we allow ourselves to consider less than worthiness for ourselves.

Let’s try something together right now. I was listening to an abraham hicks this morning. And if you don’t know Esther Hicks, you don’t know the teachings of Abraham. just go to YouTube and type in Abraham and 17 seconds. Jeff and I were doing this a few times. Just to practice worthiness for 17 seconds. Set your timer for 17 seconds. The reason. 17 is, that’s about as long as it takes for a vibration to get going. You start with your thinking. And you create a felt sense of worthiness and momentum builds from there. It’s kind of like saying I’m gonna ask for what I really want, not for what I don’t want I don’t want to keep asserting the old stories that I’m not worthy. And this whatever happened is evidence of what a loser I am and you know that’s something I fall into very easily myself might be surprising to hear that, but I do. And if I haven’t slept well or I’ve eaten something that affects my brain, and my gut and brain. I, it can be harder for me to practice my worthiness. You know, so we could set the timer for 17 seconds. I’m going to do this. Set the timer right now. And, you know, for whatever you’re wanting Trisha You and I are going to do worthiness friends if you want to do worthiness thoughts of worthiness or thoughts of love or abundance or joy or creativity, whatever it is, will practice and you don’t have to think thoughts you can feel feeling so, you know, the sensation of having what you want come to you, brings a sensation of delight, right, or yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum or contentedness satisfaction. Let’s practice, whatever it is you want. Let’s do it. I’m gonna hit the start button. Here we go. Now, I’m feeling a sense of ease and delight and belonging and love, loved how loved I am how welcoming. That was it. That was 17 seconds. It was 17 seconds. You could practice this. You could reset the time or you could press Start again and keep going, and it only takes 17 seconds for I already feel fantastic How about you. Tell me Let this momentum start to build can hit the timer again, and in about a minute. You will feel so wonderful. Snap smoke. I’m not blowing smoke, it’s truth. You know there’s a part of the mind ego that just wants to stay with the story of suffering. What a loser I am, how unworthy I am how much I suck. It’s too late. It’s Listen, then that’s the part of us, it gets very involved in this story. But you know, we could do a practice in 17 seconds. Believe me, you have time. There are people all the time who are like I don’t have time. I don’t have time to take a walk I don’t have time to make art. There’s so many stories, you know, 17 seconds, will have time. The other thing I would point to is how to shop, we could make a decision, in this moment, that is true we are worthy and deserving, and to stop entertaining the argument. Otherwise, I said the word momentum. We can build a lot of momentum in the negative direction. And for some of us who’ve been living in that place for years. It’s gonna take a little time to to undo the stories. The knowing the decisions we’ve made.

You know it’s not just in our head sometimes people who believe for long enough that they suck will definitely see the evidence happening in their lives. And it’s not because they’re being punished. It’s not evidence of their badness, it simply. We’re following the energy, we’re creating. So have that hat give that a whirl hands that is your practice for a bit, start in the mornings you know 17 seconds set your timer that felt good. Do it again. I did it one round of 17 seconds and that goosebumps up my arms in my belly was so wonderful. I said let’s do it again. Let’s do it again let’s do it again. And then I felt so fantastic. You know, for me that serve you today, and friends, if I can answer something for you a letter or. Quick question like that. You can email me. Hello, at Robin hallett.com or message me on Facebook. Leave me a comment or message me on Instagram. Just me Robin Hallett. I hope we’re already hanging out there together. And I love to help you love to do this. So that wraps up beautiful Episode 77 is in the can and friends. If this helped you today, you know somebody who’s always talking about their lobster know somebody who’s dealing with worthiness stuff. Please share this with them, help them out message it to them if you see me sharing it somewhere on social media, please give it a like, and always leave a review and, you know, you can make a donation now to support the work I do on my website, it’s here in the show notes, just or go to Robin hallett.com slash donate all of it in any way you want to support the work. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. It is let’s see. Today is Saturday. Number one house than and I have some plans to do a little love work on the house. So, just call me Robin the handy girl, hell it for today, we’re going to get some beautiful things done. It’s a sunny day it is. It’s cold out but it’s supposed to be warm this afternoon so I can do all kinds of yum yum yum stuff. And my friend, sending you so much love. You are beautiful and sparkling and worthy and deserving and I am so glad we’re together on this ride. Oh, so glad. Sending you lots of love, and I’m gonna see you here next time, or in a few minutes. It’s me, Robin. Ciao. Bye bye.

Life is very short. Make the very most of you are a precious gem and doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright, you are a gem.

Life is precious and you are. So shine like you know it. And mean and name it and name it.

You that You are the sparkly,

you are you are you are. Thank you.


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