Taking Time for You Is Nothing to Feel Guilty About // Tea With Robin Episode 78

Taking time out for ourselves is not something to feel guilty about. It's ok to take time for you, it's ok to relax for no reason.

Taking time out for ourselves is not something to feel guilty about. It’s ok to take time for you, it’s ok to relax for no reason.

It’s so easy to stress ourselves out about things that are not things… the ego will keep you spinning forever about how you can’t stop, shouldn’t rest, you need to keep going… or else! But is that really true? Is it a healthy story for you? Is it kind?

Relaxing is part of self-care and self-love and this is the journey we are all on. Learning to allow it as a practice is everything.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler at Robin Hallett Brock calm, and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, is it okay to rest and relax without a reason, like being sick, or you work so hard you can finally take a break. Is it, plus a little inspiration from what I’ve been enjoying in my relaxing time. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag say no to ego. Ooh, that runs. All this and more come grab a couple of young young and meet me here. Well Hello beautiful friend, this is me Robin, and welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin. Episode 78. Welcome back, and I am recording on the Leap Day of this leap year. I’m a Saturday morning February 29. How about that. I kind of feel like Leap Day means is that what we call it, I hope so because from the clue no anyway but leap day It feels like you know, one of these expanding universe days where like the universe opens up, and puts forth a magical sparkle. a. Anything is possible in this day and miracles happen on this day, I really do. I’m not just being goofy, I really do. It just feels like that offense is here with me today it’s a magic thing woke up and I’ll get into that in a minute. Right, so hang on to that part because Hello. Did I say hello hello, welcome back to the podcast, if you’re new here for the first time. Hi, it’s me Robin. Welcome to leap day. And I’m sending you so much love my friend How is the weather in your heart. How are you doing today. I wonder. Are you open to receiving the miracles. Are you open and breathing in the love. Are you taking in your beauty, your life. Are you realizing your own magnificence. And, you know, if you haven’t been, you just heard me say all that. Are you willing. I say yes, I’m going to vote for you cast one for the Yes, or you. Yes. Yes. Yes. Always that’s my prayer is to, like, you know, every week, if you’re here listening. I do have this vision that it’s helping. It’s supporting it’s encouraging, it’s awakening, you know, listening to this is helping you go there. So, yeah. Over here, it’s a beautiful day. Hi. Did I tell you it was like day already, and it feels like a day of miracles and like the universe opened up and just let out a bunch of few. What am I saying here, let out a bunch of beautiful sparkles and anything’s possible today Yeah, that’s where I’m at, it’s feeling like that, and. And I’m looking out the window, watching all these birds and squirrels and. Yeah, it’s beautiful. I was starting to say that I woke up this morning I went into the bathroom. Yes, always what to say next. After you say I went into the bathroom, right, but I didn’t, I just went in there let’s say to get some. And I noticed on the floor. They were all these prisms sparkle prisms of crystals from another room just coming in there. The light was so bright. Actually the bathroom was pretty dark, we have dark shades and dark floor, but it was so amazing I was standing in this sliver of light. And this huge rainbow prism was there, I’m going to put that picture in the show notes I put it in my Instagram stories today. Wow, and I just, you know, stood there and received it, and I gotta say the more you’re willing to just be open and be weird. Let’s just call it weird. Okay. Just receive and let yourself be in caught up in the moment. The more light can enter5:02
you as well, where healing can happen for you as well and huge, huge pieces, huge chunks of things can fall away that you’ve been carrying around you, you know, that have been troubling you, plaguing you upsetting you these things can just fall away in an instant of you deciding to stop and receive is the beauty that’s here is the light that’s here. Let it be special for you because you are special. So yeah, are they, standing in the bathroom, getting the lip gloss, of course, that’s what I was thinking about just. Wow, it’s a Mavic day it’s a leap day and can make come and tell you. So the big question of the day is you know what comes next. they do bring a cup of yum yum. Yeah. I have Maurice coffee, which don’t tell number one husband but was a bit strong today. He always makes a coffee. And so I boiled a little better. It’s just perfect. of the sea salt and a little heavy whipping cream. And here’s to you, I want to say cheers to your magnificence. Cheers to our miracles. Here’s to our magic day. And to into flow and joy and delight and ease and release, and healing menthol tears. Oh boy.6:56
Yummy boy is that good. That is so good. I want to say, just my goodness, this has been a very sweet week. So, in terms of the podcast. Sweet because reminders back to me that, how, like how it’s making a difference. You know, I’ve had some really meaningful interactions with you. And out there listening, and just wow you know that you take the time to write an email to share your insights. Some of you sent presence this week, some of you brought flowers this week. I know I’m gonna make myself cry. I’m right here boo my grant is just like you, and so asking for witnessing asking pro life, asking for joy, asking for reminders, you know, and several of you, or they’re doing that with word. I didn’t ask out loud. You know how it is. Probably you were tapped by spirit, and you decide, oh I’m gonna email Robin gonna mail Robin something gonna. And I thank you so just want to say a special tears to each one of you who reached out this week. And it’s so beautiful to be in need to now know we’re all walking our journey, isn’t it. We’re all making our way, and it is real this love, this and rogram together this common journey we’re doing, and we are one heart, we are one night, and I thank you yeah hope that makes sense, here’s a here’s where we’re at today. I have been thinking about relaxing. So this week was kind of a big rest week for me, I had some more oral surgery on Monday. And I think back at the time when I scheduled the appointment I had blacked out a bunch of days, because I’ve learned. Now that the work I’m having done it needs time I need time to rest, without being stressed out and I don’t know about you but I can tend to stress myself out about things that are not things. Things that are not things. I can hold these things up and in my mind and use them in a way to not rest and heal. And so I wanted to talk a bit today about relaxing about self care about self love. When I talk about this whole journey today and I’m hoping that will be super helpful to you as well. So I just kind of kept my phone with me a bit this week, and rested, as I was resting writing some more things down observing my mind observing my stories, and I often feel I could go 10 rounds with the best story maker out there in terms of like disaster scenarios and fear based things and, you know, I suppose. So the first thing I want to say to you is, every day. All of us are having thoughts that we have, we have a choice we can practice working with, you know, we have a choice to believe these thoughts or not believe these thoughts. And I’m glad to be at a point where, even though stuff visits my mind and tries to my ego, it comes knocking and tries to insert it story or, or it gets in, it gets past the bouncer let’s say and it gets in and dancing around in there for a while.11:07
And still,11:08
I get it. I know it’s happening more and more and more and so somehow separate it from the upset bit more than they once did, which I feel really glad for, so if you ever have times where you have to you have to take some downtime, slow down, you realize when you slow down things really can try and kick up in your head. I do believe that’s why it’s challenging to rest and take space for a lot of us to take the weekend off or to take a week off or to take time off without being busy, busy, busy because stuff catches up, and the ego mind can really get going. You know, so if this happens to you, we’re in the club together and we are so normal. So, so normal So okay, you know, okay, what happens. The level of love and self acceptance I think is really key. Next thing I want to say is, it matters that you allow yourself to relax to enjoy to be in this space of ease and peace. Because this is how well I’ll talk about this coming up. This is how Spirit speaks to us and gets us in a way like shine helping other people remember who they are as well and we’re all waking up together kind of a thing, you know, But I tell you this all the time you came here for your own joy. The soul is here for its own joy. And so, learning how to relax, is key. Because if you can’t slow down or if you only slow down when you’re sick. This is another thing, you know, the only reason you get to slow down is if you get sick What are you asking the body to do for you, you know, good so we want to practice relaxing, without a reason to enjoy space without doing all the time, having to do the time. But I really hope I’m making sense. I feel kind of like that leap year mantic energy and hopefully it’s not too cookie sounding over here. It’s okay to take time for you, it’s okay to relax without a reason because you are such a treasure. You matter you do valuable things, even the things you don’t think are valuable or bring value in terms of earning money, and making the world, and you need to be well, and rested and refreshed and rejuvenated in any way that feels right for you, so that you can serve fulfill your function, and your function is really to be shining, your function is to shine and shining. To me, it means coming into the moment, and being a light, being somebody who adds rather than subtracts remembering who you truly are remembering who everybody else truly is. And doing this work, this journey we’re on. That to me is our function. Isn’t that beautiful your function is to be shining. And so, just to sound a little weird for a minute to do God’s work in the world. Some people would say, I never really talked like that but in this moment I cannot think of a better example to be somebody who’s an uplifting and inspire, it’s really important that you allow yourself to enjoy your life in all the ways you feel called to do that without judging yourself without questioning the valuable ness of something, you know, it keep coming back to that because so many friends I help in session are self employed entrepreneur types who really struggle with downtime, or, you know, we’re cobbling together, lots of different jobs and there’s never really the space for rest. You know rest is sometimes the medicine, a lot of us don’t realize we’ve been seeking. So you know rest, relaxing. I don’t even mean, like, I did spend quite a bit of time this week, laying on the couch watching TV snoozing taking Epsom salt baths, sitting in the sunshine,15:58
talking with friends or voice mailing with friends or texting with friends, you know, it’s good if you, if you are healing. I tend to be more quiet in internally too, because I think rest is important for your healing. It’s important not to be too busy, but I wanted to touch on another point which is rest, relaxing, can be doing fun things. It doesn’t always have to look like stiff as a board on the couch, looking up at the ceiling, counting your breaths, or just meditating. You have varied interests, don’t you, and allowing yourself to do those interesting things that call to you is another way of resting and relaxing. It’s very simple, what lights you up what excites you, what makes you happy, has the power. If you choose to do it if you choose to partake allow yourself to do it. It has the power to set you free. In so many ways you might not realize. I think that’s why going on vacation. If it goes well and you have a good time, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve come home and you’re altered for a bit. So it’s like it, allowing ourself to incorporate this on the daily. And when I allow myself to play, and a lot of times if we’re friends on Instagram and you follow my stories you know this, I love to concoct recipes. I love to make things to eat. Now, I am not a food blogger. I have no desire to be but I’d love to share what I’m making. And that brings me enormous joy or, you know, working out in the garden once the weather warms up again. These are things that just lead decide. Easy peaceful feeling. And when you’re in that place of ease and peace, then it’s very simple to be a light China, you know to be doing your function, yes to relay those messages from spirit to other people to be of service in the world or however you see your calling going for you. I could make a slogan right now if you want success, then you must rest. How do we make bumper relax, if you want. Huh, then you must relax, we need to fill in that blank my friend. You know, it’s so important. It’s so important. What gets celebrated in our culture today. It is not relaxing. There are no awards for this that I have seen. I wonder if you had the same connection just the AHA just now that what we have that cookie story where if you work really hard and crunch it really hard and crush it some more and then you earn a million kajillion dollars and you do all these heroic things and maybe you get a gold medal, or nominated or inducted somewhere, then you can relax. And, you know, the collective unconscious will celebrate you for relaxing, because you’ve earned it but what we’re talking about is resting and relaxing, for no apparent reason. Except you know it’s good for you. It’s healthy. It’s sweet, it’s it’s necessary and it’s okay. Right. Yeah. So, the things you love to do. It’s good to do them, and don’t judge it, you know, don’t be hard on yourself if you have such a varied interest of things you like. Don’t judge it just enjoy it. How nice. It’s like having your own little toy box full of fun things to play with. I mean, what a blessing. If you have more than one interest. It’s not bad. It’s not bad. No, it’s beautiful. And I just take that directly from sessions with friends on the journey who judge you know you’ll get into one thing you get into something else, and before you know it you’re judging yourself for being like, unable to focus or you’re lazy or you have ugly stories. Stop. Just enjoy. Just enjoy it. Stop assessing it, that is not the same thing as doing it. It may not always seem to have a rhyme or reason, you know, you might have like 10 things that don’t go together well.20:55
But within the each thing that you love it all makes sense, toward the whole, the whole of who you are. So get out of the way. You know, we get in our own way, don’t we. It makes me giggle, I get in my way you get in your way, lots of friends I help them such and are in their own way. Let’s get out of the way and enjoy some relaxation today. Long time ago, friend of mine who’s an astrologer psychic medium, kind of, dude, said to me, You know you are such an eclectic soul, and hearing that for the first time eclectic soul, it kind of put to rest. This story that it needs to be one thing I need to be about one thing, or I’m not serious. Or I can’t, you know if I’m about too many things people will say I’m never gonna amount to anything. You know, or I’m lazy or I just need to pick something and get going, you know, all these stories but things that really excite you and delight you first of all, are what you came to do with what you have fun doing your soul is here for its own joy. It is 180,000% okay if these are things that don’t earn me any money that don’t bring me any work stuff doesn’t directly correlate to a lot of things business gurus would suggest doing. But again, we’re not just here to earn money to be super well rounded it leads to so many happy. Happy hurtful moves in your day but also it’s like the veil is so thin you can hear the inspiration coming from the universe, and you get these whispers these nudges these encouragement speed this clarity comes to you about what you who you are and what you’re here to do. When I close my eyes and consider all the people I know the friends I’ve helped the friends I’m still helping people in my life people. You know all around. I think everybody has experienced the feeling of Who am I, and what am I here to do. And is there anything for me in this life, and you know that feeling Have you felt that way too. It just seems like such a universal thing. What I know is allowing yourself to do things you love relax be easy enjoy play rest, treating yourself like you matter all that stuff, you really really want to know, comes to you, you hear yourself. You, you hear your right mind. You know, I think we do feel so much easier in our heart, about what we’re here to do and what we’re doing. I feel there’s less of a panic happening. So it’s okay to enjoy relaxing. It’s really one of the best ways to learn how to be present. And when I say relaxing, you know I’m not even just conquering. I’m not conquering an image of you sitting on the beach with a couple of coronas watching the waves. That’s one image. But I mean, softening your body, focusing your awareness into a quieter space, letting some of the thoughts go and just coming into the moment. Now, for little bits and little bits and little bits, you know, just little, little, little, That’s what I mean by relaxing into presence. And then from here, things feel easier things feel clearer and the guidance can be here. One of the things I think is so amazing about how good I felt this week relaxing and how many things. You know I didn’t get stuff done. I almost said how many things I got done but I’m taking that back. It’s not how I mean it like I didn’t organize the cupboards and clear out the closets. I had those thoughts, and I let them go.25:47
The thoughts came that I need to get stuff done and be productive and I should be doing the things one does a self employed person does to concern themselves with work. And if they’re not working, then I should be doing the things that one does to concern themselves with housework. So very strict definition here but, um, you know like you just when do you get a break, when do you get time to rest and heal. You don’t need a reason to have to relax, you don’t need a reason to relax. I noticed several times how good it felt to have a legit reason to not be able to work, or do housework or Ben, I still can’t bend over, I still have like stitches in my mouth. And in case it sounds like I have the worst teeth in the world, I say this often I’ve talked about dental hell on this podcast, a few times but you know some things are just hereditary genetic and also I had a lot of dental trauma as a child I fell. I been injured. And so, I feel like this is one place I’m doing a lot of my healing and growth work is through the dental stuff. And that’s so beautiful, and I’m appreciative that I can see it that way, you know, and not be so hard on myself and appreciate the opportunity to heal to expand beyond what I’ve known previously to to receive help to be supported. You know, do overs are huge when you’re having a new healing experience, aren’t they, because you get a do over two other times in your life where you might have been needing help, and the help wasn’t coming or it didn’t, very much feel like help. So there’s that. Appreciate another opportunity to rest to relax. To my point about saying, having a legit reason to be resting, hopefully those legit reasons when you need to rest. You’re not supposed to be moving around, or whatever, teach you the importance and worthiness of you know your sacred medicine, how it’s okay to rest it’s okay to take time to relax. And you don’t have to just be always busy in yourself with things. And you don’t have to earn it and work hard and make yourself nuts to earn it, you know all that too. So, I just think about that when I say legit reasons. I talked to a lot of moms with young kids and sometimes. You know how it is, I don’t need to tell you, you literally can almost feel like you never have a break, and so if you get sick, in a way that’s like a legit reason to take time off. It can be like a celebration, but let’s just say we’re learning how to make more space for us in the day. Isn’t it beautiful, making more space for us in the day to rest and relax without a reason. Without an excuse without a legit bonafide anything. Just Just like we get to this why we’re here. So is here for its own joy. Yeah. You know, I hope that something. Sparks in here for you today and what I’m sharing it felt important to come here and i o and tell you that and I always trust that in both. Even if it’s just that story that you don’t have to overwork yourself to the brink, just in order to be able to relax, you know, you don’t need an excuse or a reason, and. And the other piece that goes right along with that is to celebrate your unique experience, your unique existence. You’re not like anybody else out there, and so there is no comparison. And you really do need to source, your joy for yourself, and only you can know what that is. So, May, that message serve you today and I hope it does. I really love talking30:38
to you about this, it’s something I’m so aware of peeling layers of guilt and shame off my own being as I talk to you about it because this is something I’ve always known and always felt the need to apologize for rest time relates to how important it is. Do nothing time. And okay, because I’ll just keep going and going and going but one more thing, you know, I do think it’s just, you don’t need a reason you don’t have to be quote unquote sick or depressed or having a hard time or, you know what I’m saying. You can just take the time and enjoy yourself. So, yes, May that serve you and like have some more coffee, it’s called now.31:41
I almost find the colder is better. So good. So inspiration today I just wanted to share some fun things I’ve been learning. I’ve been receiving while I’ve been resting, and I told you some, I just want to talk about some shows I’ve been enjoying I love to watch YouTube. I love the self help stuff, I do I do, and Kirk totally Wayne Dyer Abraham. A friend sent a really powerful talk from Eben Alexander, his story about dying. Coming back and what happened to him. So just beautiful talks out there. Lots and lots Ganga Gee, I mean, I could go on, I’ll put some of the ones I’ve been enjoying in the show notes. But then also I think just for your delight and enjoyment. We don’t always have to be climbing the spiritual mountain do we, you know, maybe that’s surprising if somebody like me is saying that but it can’t be all healing all spirituality, all the time that is just not balanced so I spend a good amount of time doing other fun things like cooking making art, taking beautiful walks. But when you’re unplugging. I love this one channel on YouTube. Top 2000. Gogo. I’ll put these links, so if you just go to Robin Hallett. COMM slash 78, you’ll get to all of these there, but it’s just, it’s about bands. Music we’ve loved music from the 80s and 90s music from before then, and talking about going through the journey of becoming found and their hit songs how they really happened, the singers the Songwriters talking about how they were lucky accident, which of course i. That’s not what I would call that but that’s how a lot of them would put it, they’d be like you give us all these powers you say it’s so amazing, but really it was just dumb luck, over and over again they talked about how they were in the flow, and doing these exact things following their hunches following their delight, allowing themselves to play, allowing themselves to be moved allowing themselves to go where their excitement was taking them is exactly how it happened for them, and story after story where it was like, if the band director hadn’t broken his leg that day and so and so hadn’t stepped in, we never would have gotten the studio our that led us to record that big hit song that you know it’s just, like, so powerful to watch some of these stories so I loved. There was one about the eye of the tiger, remember that song from survivor. So good. And the other one that is standing up for me right now was from Keane, remember that song somewhere only we know. I loved that one, but you’ll go on that channel if this is appealing to you and you’re going to find your own hit songs that you love and see where it takes you see how it can inspire your own journey see how it can be almost like an Oracle for you. And the reminder again and again that you don’t need to worry you need to be in the flow and trust and that means the foot is off the gas, you’re not driving your plan forward, 24 seven you’re giving yourself time to rest to float. I love that word too I can’t believe I haven’t said that till just now float. And let yourself be guided. And that’d be so awesome, just to say oh yeah my function. I’m gonna float and allow myself to be guided. I’m going to shine, you know I’m here for my joy. Yeah, I could go on right. It’s so good. All right, I saw such a sweet show on Netflix, called dogs. It’s from 2018. I don’t know about you but whenever I see dogs I’m like, Oh no, you know what’s going to happen, it’s going to be some kind of upsetting tear jerker thing I’m going to regret having seen, but I’ve watched three so far and all I can say is wow,36:42
talk about getting you out of your own daily stories and dramas and remembering the flow of life and the bigness of life and how beautifully. People can come together and make things happen, and this show was so inspiring. I’ve only seen three episodes so if you’ve seen more than them and you do know there’s upsetting things Wait, wait. Don’t tell me. I’ll find out for myself. But, it reminds me of how taking in more of the world sometimes in an inspired way, it opens you up to realizing that the stuff you struggle on stress on to worry about. It’s not that big of a deal. And there are people doing things more challenging, or I’m not trying to call a comparison here but there are people doing stuff that is way harder than the stuff you currently consider hard and observing that for me really got me over some of the humps I was like Yeah. Oh my gosh. Of course there are no examples come into my mind but I’m sure you can think of some where you’re like, Ah, that is that it I gotta get this thing done I never get this thing done and you watch somebody doing extraordinary stuff and you’re like, Oh, I mean, it makes you want to go do your thing. So, I have no idea if that made sense but I hope it inspires you to go check some stuff out. If you like those ideas, I do share a lot most days if I see something really awesome I share it on my Instagram stories which flows through to Facebook to. I love to share things that, you know, they’re entertaining in a different way, and inspiring us and uplifting us. And the last one I wanted to mention is, I’ve shared this year before but there’s a series on Netflix called moving art by Louie shorts. It’s just such good filmmaking. You can go all around the world, and meet all kinds of people from your living room with sometimes better than making the track, and my right. Such beautiful documentary work, and it’s a different kind of sensational than the upsetting stuff and mean spirited stuff we can often end up seeing and bingeing in a different way. Right. So I hope you love something in there and always share along if there’s something you like I’d love to hear. So this week’s letter. I love what came this week because I was just talking about you’re going alone, resting and relaxing, you might be a little worried that if you don’t have your foot on the gas. Things aren’t happening. They won’t be happening, you know, things will dry up the work will dry up the money I’ll dry up. I mean, if you’re in this world. Working for yourself and needing to take time off that could be a potential story you’re dancing with a lot in my right. And how would it be to trust in the unseen flow that’s always coming to you. That good things are flowing to you constantly and you feel so alive and so connected and you love the life you’re in and you love, you know, when you’re carrying that vibe and you’re trusting you’re casting a vibrational ballot for what you are elected, let’s put it that way what you want to call into your life more of. And so, trusting that the universe is out there working for you 24 seven is not a bad way to go. It’s a beautiful way to go instead of thinking it all has to come through you. And you always have to be humping it and crushing it and crushing it, you can just sit back and let the universe, deliver you bind your vibration. That’s the action you’re taking, mind your thinking mind the energy you’re writing and trust that the evidence of the goodness flowing to you is always coming. This week was no exception. I loved getting some surprises in the mail some surprises in the email. And this is, this is one of those. I got a message from41:26
a friend online. I asked if I could read this letter and here we go this goes out to you, Chris and thank you so much. Hey Robin. So, I’m on the journey to staying woke spiritually, as many of us are, but this morning, I woke up feeling physically so much animosity, and my wife for past mistakes along our path. You know the Greatest Hits playlist. And my ego was filling in the blanks, and I was getting myself in a state of turmoil, anger, upset jealousy and basically Poor me mindset. All ready to unleash it on her when she woke up. Long story short, I got up, I came downstairs, I made a cup of coffee and typed a brief description of what my ego was feeling into Google and stumbled across your podcast episode 63. I listened as I lit the fire, and then drank my brew and just wanted to thank you for helping me remove the darkness obscuring the light. I don’t want to put my energy into feeling bad or making the woman I love. And who loves me feel bad. I want to be happy. And today, you helped us, as I will now wake her with a cup of tea. A kiss and love radiating from me. Thank you and you have a beautiful day. Well thank you, Chris. Thank you very much. Isn’t it interesting how you’re going along on your journey, making space, creating space, so that there’s a separation between the crazy that is your ego, and the Spirit, like you said, you know you’re woke up the spirit in you that’s always there ready to help you ready to support you ready to step in and say hi. Yeah, this is your true this is your love, you don’t want to do this to another person you don’t want to do this to yourself. It makes me think of the original of the nama state. The God in me greets the God in you the spirit in me breeds. The Spirit in you the light in me. Last is the light in you. And the beauty of that is allowing ourselves some time for quiet and mover relaxing refreshment like you were talking about, you know, you took some space. And you allowed yourself to get there again, that’s what counts that’s what matters. And I also love knowing that you googled there and we got the psychic. Come. We haven’t heard that in a while, have we. I love that you googled and found me, and that’s just a nod back to me that the same week I was laying up recovering. I found these results. I’m here with spirit and spirit is helping me. And just like that, I found these results. You know, here you go. Of course, what we make of it, and how we take it. That’s up to us, but spirit is always there saying, Yeah, I found these results. So, we’re always choosing and deciding how we want it to be for us. And the beauty about being in relationship. I was thinking about this last night I was looking at number one husband. We’ve been. I was actually looking at the bottoms of his feet while he was snoring. Don’t tell him I told you he was snoring but we were sleeping on the couches downstairs while I’m still resting up a bit, and I just in the middle of the night. Yes, looking at his feet listening to him snoring I thought, it is the most precious gift to be away now No, you don’t. I mean, be awake, like to get it, and to look at this other person. It’s like you’re living with another god, another Christ consciousness, do you remember that song from Joan Osborne. What if God was one of us, you know we are all that we are all the consciousness of God expressing ourselves through these little individual bodies as Robin is Chris, you know.46:24
So looking at him and realizing what a gift, and realizing how you can be in your own mind shenanigans like crazy pants. While that amazing spark of the Divine is sitting right next to you, or you could be one with the divine, or you know, it’s just that simple. And you don’t have to have a life partner. To do this you can be you in the checkout person, you and the lady given you coffee at the drive thru or the man. You know, it’s amazing. We could be in that state of relaxation and ease, like right in the present moment, and so much to be happening. It’s always our choice isn’t it. It’s a beautiful thing. And so, Chris, so glad you wrote, so lovely to connect with you and thank you very much. Also for being a sweet miracle bank to me universe is always winking at us, you know, it’s up to us to see it or not, we have that free will. So, yeah, so may that serve you. Thanks again and friends you know, I would love to read your letter here and get a little low in the barrel here so i would love a letter from you, something like the light shined on something you just want to share. That’s some good follow up, letters, coming up in future episodes, but you know I want to hear from you. My email address is Hello at Robin hallett.com, or you can write to me on the website, or social media. I’m super message double. Is that a thing. Well, that’s me. So, love. I hope you love this episode, and tell all your friends, please share it with some p know somebody this could help share it on. I love hearing how you and a friend or listening together you and your daughter are listening together, you know, your dad is listening with you, that is the sweetest, most amazing thing. And this is how the world. We’re waking up. You know, one heart at a time, one episode is at a time. And I thank you share this on if you see it shared somewhere mention it mention it on. I love your reviews, always welcome you to leave one. And, and I now have a donation spot. If you feel called to support my work. I appreciate that, too. Well beautiful friends, it is now. Are you going to believe this or not, 111 on the 29 February leap sparkle magic day. And you know that means it’s the same for you, no matter when you’re listening. It’s now. So, let’s just take a big old breath, and receive that awesomesauce together. So I’m sending you lots of love and we’ll see you here next time next week or in a few minutes. Same bat time same bat channel. Bye.

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