Goodbye for Now, Rocky

Rocky B. Balboa the dog, world's cutest little Papillon

Our little Rocky boy passed away last week.

His full name was Rocky B. Balboa, the cutest little Papillon everrrr.

It was so so sudden, the change. He was prancing about one minute, and unable to move the next.

We took him to the animal hospital where it was confirmed that he was in kidney and liver failure. He died sweetly in our arms.

We never knew he was sick. Saying goodbye was not easy.

Rocky was such a funny little nutty dog. A true blue good boy.

He was so excited to see everyone who came to the house. Certain clients (you know who you are) became his Favorite Person (he did have more than one) and I swear that his anxiety was healed by their loving and patient attention.

His happy dance was like no other. And, don’t get me started about his Madonna imitations underneath the curtains in the healing room… If you were one of the rare few to have the honor to touch his butt, you were blessed.

Rocky B. Balboa the dog, world's cutest little Papillon I am still very sad, of course. Death is an experience for the living. The ones who stay behind suffer when a loved one leaves.

And I’ve been doing my fair share of suffering. I am also remembering all of his 13 years with me. It’s a practice to not just focus on the very sad ending, the hole that’s left in his absence.

I picture his little doggie spirit prancing once again with Charlie, the cutest little Wheaten Terrier everrrr, who passed in May, and who knows? Maybe they are prancing along with your little sweeties too.

There are no small upsets. There are only upsets. Each one is a gift, something beautiful to be received beneath the not-so-lovely packaging.

It’s okay to be with your upset and not push it away or pretend it isn’t happening. At least, that is my way… to make space for what is rather than pretend about what isn’t.


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