How You Are Is Okay, Stay True to You // Tea With Robin Episode 94

How You Are Is Okay, Stay True to YouHow do you let yourself be YOU, attend to your own needs, and also acknowledge you are not like everyone else?

How do you BE and love yourself as you BE?

Can you allow your needs and know you are different from everyone around you without comparing or judging?

How would it be to do you, and stay true to you in this time?

Our inspiration this week is some decompression time for you – time alone and on your own… especially now as we’re making our way to some semblance of social gatherings… how do you continue to make space for you

And we’ll have a letter from #youmattertoo on standing up for yourself and why that might feel challenging.

The big question I’ve been asking myself is how is what’s happening on the outer mirroring what’s happening on the inner for you in this time…

If you’re really doing the journey, you’re also looking at what’s here for you personally. What’s uncomfortable and coming up for you now.

I grew up as a caretaker. I took care of everyone else. I was the confidante, the cook, the cleaner, even my own babysitter. So as I feel the urge to keep up and stay up on world events and be a good ally, I can become very overwhelmed too. So today I find this part of me pinging to everything happening in the world.

We can resist that or go with that… I want to go with that. I have to access my own stuff and let it breathe. Hug myself and let me unwind. I can’t fix it all for you, world… you know? Anyone else feeling it that way? If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, take a break and let yourself get quiet. Take out the journal and explore what’s happening for you.

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How You Are Is Okay, Stay True to You

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I trust my brother who is one with me. I and my brother are one. – WKBK lesson 181

What you damn damns you back – Paul Selig and The Guides

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The Summer Day

Who made the world?

Who made the swan, and the black bear?

Who made the grasshopper?

This grasshopper, I mean-

the one who has flung herself out of the grass,

the one who is eating sugar out of my hand,

who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down-

who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes.

Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washes her face.

Now she snaps her wings open, and floats away.

I don’t know exactly what a prayer is.

I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down

into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,

how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,

which is what I have been doing all day.

Tell me, what else should I have done?

Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?

—Mary Oliver

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How You Are Is Okay, Stay True to You

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler at Robin Hallett Comm. And this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, how do you let yourself be yourself and attend to the needs you’re feeling in the south. And how do you let yourself be different from everyone around you, without comparing or judging. How do you stay true to you, and do your own work in this time, or inspiration this week, some decompression time for you time alone, and on your own. Especially now as we’re making our way back to some semblance of social gatherings. How do you continue to make space for you. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag. You matter, too. I already like the sound of that. What about you. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum, and meet me here. Well hello gorgeous friend is me Robin. Your friend on the journey, your pal, your sacred confidant, even if I don’t hear you. Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin officially coming to you from the pillow fort. Still here still in the healing room, formerly known as the living room, formerly known as the healing room, now known as the pillow fort. If it’s your first time here, I want to say a big Hello, you’re in a good place writhing in the sea of hearts, full of love and light and doing the journey, practicing staying awake. And it’s so good. You’re here because I gotta say a lot of this journey can be hard. And it’s just good to know you’re in company with friends, so welcome welcome welcome. So my friend. How is the weather in your heart today. I hope that you are being kind and gentle with yourself, loving and sweet. Managing Your ups and downs, because there are some are there. It’s just the nature of the journey and remembering that it’s always you everywhere you go, it’s still you. And who are you amazeballs spark of the Divine you. Yeah. Over here. It’s a good day it’s a sweet day. I’m looking out the window at the billowy clouds. There’s a heart shaped cloud outside the window right now. Before that looked like a person giving a hug. I love that just really see the white against the blue sky, and the leaves are all swaying in a beautiful breeze, that gorgeous green shark trucy color, and the weather in my heart is good. Got some fun things to share with you coming up. So let’s have a little toast and what shall we toast. I hope you brought some yum yum with you today, I have a nice cooled off cup of Earl Grey tea and my favorite anthropology mug. It’s got all the colors that match the leaves outside it’s beautiful. So, recording this on June teen. So I vote we toast to that, we toast to freedom we toast to greater awareness, we toast to waking up, we toast to equality, greater than equality. We, we toast to what’s sacred what’s true we toast to celebrating our brothers and sisters who are one with us, and freedom remembrance. Enjoy. Cheers. Huh. That is so good. So today, stay and keep it kind of casual again, I hope you’ve been enjoying these episodes, this way. I am

feeling like there’s a lot I’m doing right now, and I want to make sure that I’m honoring how I feel I’m serving in the world, but I also want to honor, time for me as well, I gotta say, you know, I don’t know if you’ve been noticing this for yourself but it’s not just a heavier time, it’s, it’s, it’s not really the right way I feel like when we say it’s a heavier time what we’re talking about is sad and depressed and intense, and that is the case, some of the time. But, what I mean is, there’s a lot of energy moving now. A lot of awakening, a lot of transformation. There is everybody I know whether it’s personally or professionally or casually. Every country I know I can think of right now, we every state. Every city, there is stuff going on everywhere you look. And when I say stuff. I mean, you know, it’s like the cosmic digger next door. They put the big shovel goes in the machine goes in digs deep into the earth and everything is on earth, and a lot is being on earth, and including our feelings, including our personal memories including our things that happened to us, our stories are the undone threads. It feels like a time where lots and lots is just hanging out. And so, you know, I need time to unwind and process and be. And I notice it a lot. So I’m really craving that so I hope that

what I’m offering is helpful to you now. It’s my commitment to stay present here in this space with you. Yeah, so I’d be curious to know if that’s how you’ve been feeling as well how I just described that if you see me post this episode on Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to know if you can relate. It just seemed like to a person to, like I said to a city to a, you know, between everywhere I look stuff is being unearthed, and healed and it is good, it is a time of transformation. And it’s a time of change, it’s a time of transformation. And we can go with, or we can resist, but it’s kind of funny because even if you’re resisting you’re still going with. Have you ever had that two year old toddler who’s insisting on not going with insisting on not going, not doing it, not, no no no no, you’re like yeah, okay. And you’re getting in the car and we’re going anyway, and away you go. And you’re still going. That’s how it is. We can resist. or we can go with.

So, be so very gentle and kind with yourself. As you’re exploring what’s happening in the world and also what’s happening in your own heart. I see a connection I see a huge connection. That’s part of the work we’ve been doing together and morning magic talking about these connections. If you have time to check those


I’ve been doing something every morning on Instagram and the replays are there. I GTV. They’re also on YouTube. It’s great to be there live but the replays are up so put these on and receive if it feels helpful for my RT ears. So the big question today, I have the thing I’ve been asking myself and what I was starting to say before is how is the outer what’s happening on the outer mirroring stuff that’s going on on your inner for you in this time. When I say outer. I mean, and by the way, I should say, you might hear some construction next door they’re building a house in earnest now it’s really happening so I can hear a buzz saw and things like that. I’m not sure if you can, but I hope this will only add to our Beyonds today just like the birds chirping or other things. I can hear jingle jangling like these are my grandma’s bracelets, by the way. When I say mirroring, I mean, like, what’s going on in the world. There’s so many things going on in the world, we’ve got the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve got the Supreme Court rulings two big rulings just came through this week, greater awareness in places in the world countries that really really need help right now, just like everywhere I look there is stuff going on. And even as I say that my throat feels so tight because the potential is to feel overwhelmed, to feel like I’m going to. I just want to get under the pillows and never come out, I want to leave and never come back. I want to, you can feel so small, sometimes you can feel so helpless sometimes so overwhelmed and so I don’t know what to do sometimes. Can’t you. I know I’m not the only one. A lot of you have been telling me this. And so I thought today we could talk about how the inner and the outer are mirrors. We can work one and affect the other. So, out in the world you see this stuff happening. How does it impact you personally. If you’re really doing, and I don’t mean judgey I’m when I say if you’re really doing your journey. I’m not saying judgy. If you’re really doing your journey, you’re also looking at what uncomfortable feelings are coming up for you. What’s here for you personally take yourself to a time where things were going down for you and help yourself get free love yourself, be with yourself. Help yourself. So many of you tell me you know there’s feelings of overwhelm and you’re not sure what to do. You’re not sure how to help yourself. And the tendency to just press on and keep going, is I mean it’s practically unconscious it’s practically happening with every heartbeat. It’s part of almost like part of the autonomic system that you’re not in control of that that urge to push it down, push it away and keep on swimming. But if you’re hurting, if you’re feeling anything if you’re feeling sad or heavy or deep, or down or depressed or scared. Place a hand on your heart place a hand on your belly and take a deep breath with me now.

Of course I can’t name every example, but you know yours. And please, if you’re listening trans and you’re and you want to do this for yourself translate what I’m saying into where you’re at today. And we’ll just take another deep breath.

So, one of the examples that comes to mind to me, for me so clearly is that when I see the overwhelm when I feel the overwhelm when I find out that you know it’s not just in the world like we’re going for equality we’re going for Black Lives Matter we’re going for transgender rights. You know, we’re helping people survive through COVID we’re helping people, not be hungry we’re helping keep the dreamers here, you know, overturning laws that are very very scary for people. What happens for me on my insides is that I can feel overwhelmed. There’s this urge to, I want to keep up with everything that’s going on. And I also feel this overwhelm at the same time because it’s sort of like opening a vortex, and you’re never going to be caught up with everything going on. And as a caretaker as a caregiver as a, as a light sparkler as an inspire, I’m talking to you, I’m talking to me, because the tendency is to put the pause button on our own selves and our own lives and our own journey and just witness in a way that feels immobilizing witness what’s happening in a way that feels in mobilizing. And that is something that I grew up doing because I grew up in a house where there was lots of crazy going on. Never knew what you were going to get you weren’t sure you know sometimes. As a kid, I’m sure it’s a five year old I didn’t wake up saying what Fresh Hell has this is this human. But that was the sensation, I definitely had this sense of doom. In my house growing up, and you learn very quickly and I know a lot of you will raise your hand to this you learn very quickly how to be resourceful, how to help. How to make a difference, how to be valuable in your family to lessen the burden that you experience. Some of you became the jokes jokesters the tricksters. Some of you became the good girls the good boys, you tidy it up you cleaned it up. Some of you became the counselor the therapist the companion, and something happened to you there. It’s important to look at that, because these times. To be sure, are heavy and we need to help our brothers and sisters, and we are going to do that by doing the inner work. So tending to yourself, making sure you’re leaving space for you. Getting Things Done, finding ways to get things done for you, that’s very, very important. Last week’s episode I said everything needs to go on the chopping block now, like why can you figure out how to hack it, how to let it go how to change it, you know, Even spiritual practices question everything and see what wants to free up. Are their relationships you can sort of press the button on the fishing pole Ron and let the lines zoom out more, because it feels heavy and it doesn’t return things to you at this time it’s not affirming and uplifting and it doesn’t return. There’s no return on the investment. I hate sound like that in terms of relationships but it really sums it up. Well, can you add some more space to that inspiration today I’m going to have some more ideas for you on ways to have more time for you and space for you so you can process and float and dream, and allow and unwind. It’s so important. But I was saying,

you know, if you can identify with these roles we learned to do to be helpful or the counselor or the, I think I was the jack of all trades. And I bet a lot of you were. We did a lot of things like that, we, we made things better for people that we were actually needing them to make it better for us in a lot of ways to provide safety and and comfort for us but we took it up, that’s what we did. And so today, as I’m doing the real journey for Robin. I’m really sitting with how I that part of me is still pinging as world events happen as my friends are going through crisis. I mean, really. Everybody’s got something right now and that’s part of what I’m saying. The cosmic digger dredges everything up and there’s nothing on touched in this time. And we can resist that or we can go with that. And I want to go with that so I need to connect some dots. I want to really add something of hope and change and healing in the world and that means I gotta know I gotta access my own stuff, and let it breathe and hug myself and let me unwind. I can’t fix it all for you, world you know that feeling, anybody else feeling like you can’t fix it all for the world, you want to, you feel called to maybe if you see you absorb too much news or too many messages or videos or books right now on things going on. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, you need to take a break and sit down and say, Now put your hands on your heart, what’s happening for you, kiddo. What’s happening for you, kiddo. Take out the journal Explorer,

explore what’s happening for you. You matter. And the question to ask yourself is, put your hands on your heart, and you say, this time feels. How was it How does it feel for you to say right now. Are you saying it. This time feels

wonderful no deep. Yes. Important. Yes.

confusing. Yes. Scary. A little bit

inspirational. Yes, exciting. Yes, you know, let yourself explore how you are, and let yourself. Also, you know see yourself as a smaller version of you and ask him or her What are you needing now, kid. What are you needing now. What are you needing now, because it’s very important to have a sense of yourself these days of contact with yourself, have access to yourself to feel into yourself. These days, you know.

Yeah. And the last thing I want to say you know it’s not okay You and I both know it’s not the last thing but for this essay today. The last thing I wanted to say is that it’s okay to be different from everyone around you because you are. So there’s a great freedom in there for me. I’m not like anybody else around me. And not like anybody else around me. And it’s okay to be different from everyone around me. The conformity consensus vibe right now feels really really big and rush had that song they saying, conform or be cast out. It’s coming to my mind right now I think it’s from the album, 2112 from subdivisions. So how can you allow yourself to be different from everyone around you, and to love yourself anyway, and to love others anyway, because, in terms of ego stories like the right way and the wrong way and the right campaign and the right language and the right messaging and practice knowing you’re okay. Practice affirming your okayness practice, looking at other people you’re okay and I’m okay and we’re not the same.

Each of us. You know, we might be wildly opinionated about things and have different preferences, and it’s all okay. I know for me, like, I really am relaxing more and more deeply into who I am. And I find that that is a source of protection, or a safety, a feeling of. I am with myself I’m with me. When I think about conforming or casting being cast out, I go right to high school and junior high, especially and some of my early 20s were the right way there. It felt like there was a right way and it was never mind, you know, and I just the fear was so strong. I just wanted to do what everybody else was doing. And that’s a really important. I know it’s an important stage. But at some point it becomes very wounding. If you don’t feel like who you are as okay. And so this is one of those times where we really need to keep knowing who I am is okay. To create that sense of ease and safety and relaxation who I am is okay. Because each of us is here to serve, and share and shine and help and we need to do them in our own right way, some of us do make a difference through very unique channels and it’s important to keep doing that by being yourself. So I’ll leave you with that question how do you help yourself know that you’re okay. Like, not compare or judge yourself to someone else. How do you just let yourself be and love yourself as you be so. Cheers. I hope something in there is helpful for you. Um, like I say, really gone with what feels here today and sharing from my heart, in a way, also hopefully I don’t have so much editing to do, and I’m, I’m sorry if I keep bringing that up but I guess it’s been huger than I knew a huge weight on me. Than I knew. And those of you who love to listen to this podcast and I know you’re out there. Thank you for your support and understanding of that. Yeah. Cheers.

So inspiration today friends inspiration. I’ve been noticing that it seems like overnight, the world has decided we’re just going to open again after COVID. We’re open. And when I say the world I’m probably really talking about parts of where I live in the US, I know in the UK you guys have been expanding your bubbles other parts of the world are, it’s not the same everywhere. That’s the challenge of, you know, this time is I got to talk about where I live. And what’s happening here. So again, you’ll have to convert what I’m sharing, to what fits for you, but I’m here in Chicago. I noticed that we’re stepping out a little more, those of us who have been quarantining at home sheltering in place and I ventured out to the beach. The other day I ventured out to the beach by myself just felt like it’s a little bit nuts that mid March to now. April May June three months, I’ve been home. And I yes I’ve gone out for walks, but even that sometimes hasn’t felt good and easy to me. You know I’ve boy I sound like a total wreck cluesive shut in right now but I know a lot of you are right there with me, high risk household, and I want to I want to do everything I can do to take care of those I love, you know. So, the other day it was like going to the beach going to the beach so I have my mask. I have my homemade hand sanitizer. I’ll give you the recipe. I take a wide mouth mason jar and I put. I put paper toweling in there. I normally don’t like to throw things out, but, you know, come on, we can’t. So paper toweling, and I cut it into squares. So it’s a nice hand sized wipe, just like you would buy the Lysol wipes or what I don’t know whatever I’m very chemically sensitive. So, I use rubbing alcohol and Dr. Bronner’s soap and a little water and some essential oils. And for me, that’s the perfect combination you can google the recipes for hand sanitizer it’s really really nice it doesn’t dry my cuticles out and my, then they’re peeling like crazy my hands start cracking. This is the perfect blend. Okay, I hope you like that because I’m like, Don’t cut this out later Robin. And I use clove which I really love the smell of that on my hands and the Dr. Bronner’s is peppermint, it’s wonderful. So I put them in the car him my mask. I packed my pink raft for those of you who know in the summer I love to go swimming on Lake Michigan, with the pink raft. And my goggles and my umbrella, my beach chair and little things and I was like, just it felt like I was pushing through jello trying to leave the house, trying to get out, feeling so ambivalent feeling like I was in trouble almost feeling like I was what am I doing something wrong, am I going to bring you know catch something and bring it back into the house and create something harm for my friends for my husband. Oh my goodness. And I’m sitting there in the driveway just doing this practice like I tell you holding on to my heart, trying not to feel like a big frickin Baby, you know, the judgy voices there so fast. Come on your baby. Get going. This is dumb Don’t Be Dumb I you know I have that talk too, but I just sat there and, and the radio the song came on beat it from Michael Jackson. It’s very funny how that happens. And that chorus. I, It took me a minute to get it but just beat it, you know like, get out of here AMS grace Graham, go, go, and it said. I like the line with like showing how funky strong is your fight. It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right just beat it and I thought okay I’m just gonna beat it my go here I go. Get now I’m going to the beach. I’m going, I’m going.

But the whole thing was weird it’s like driving again, running the car again, again I know lots of you’re going to work every single day. So Hi, this is me, allowing for my experience, getting out, being in the world. When I pulled out of the driveway. Do you remember our ducks Sonny and Cher while we think their babies have hatched now because they haven’t been around as frequently share comes at night occasionally and takes a little bath in her pool and has some nibbles and we see sunny. He flies overhead a lot low in the cracks. Went, went went rant really loud, but they’re smart, they, their babies are elsewhere and they come here to hang out and eat, and relax. So, consider us like Shangri La for dogs and others. I love it. But as I pulled out of the drive they flew up out of where they normally stay together and flew along with my car and me all the way to Hasbrouck Park which is about. Probably a mile. Well, I don’t know it takes 10 minutes to walk there. Yeah, a little less than a mile flew with me. I had the sun plane. I took a leisurely paths to get to the beach, and I just gave myself permission to have my experience, how weird it is to be here. You know how weird it is to be out, And all the anxiety and social distancing and the masks and, you know, then I get to the beach and I’m all alone there and it’s beautiful and then this huge crowd of kids, and like a sitter maybe 10 kids and the sitter come and it’s like yeah and they’re getting to play and Oh, do I need to move my chair, or you know just these just these different experiences but all is well, all is well. Should I move down and make some more room. Yeah, move down and make some more room and then, oh, I don’t want them to think I think they’re dirty or infectious or, you know, all these sorts you might be having welcome them in. Be with yourself love yourself, help yourself.

Be gentle with yourself. But don’t forget to honor your needs. And that is what the inspiration is about today is you need time for you time to decompress time to unwind. I know for a lot of us. In many ways this pandemic has been a beautiful thing for a lot of us, It has been a gift to have deeper greater access to ourselves in our lives and to ask better questions on how are we living and what are we doing and what do we want. So, overall, it’s been a powerful time. So some of you are wondering as the world starts to make its moves back in towards being together, or going back some of you are going back to work, or going to go back to work in an office. You need time to decompress for you need time to decompress for you need time to decompress for you. And this is not time to be social with a friend to take a walk together with a friend is not decompression time. It’s kind of cute how people who know me who live near me who are close to me and they say, one day when you take me to your special beach, it’s like, I think, you know, it’s my special beach, which means it’s not necessarily a weak thing. It’s not really a weak thing, and none of us should have to apologize for that. We need our time we need our alone time. It’s okay if you need time to yourself. I noticed that you know my walks alone are better, sometimes than the walks I take together with you with others, with friends. You know, it’s just, It’s a different experience. But if you’re only doing things together Together Together. It’s really good to look at how are you decompressing for you. How are you, honoring time for you, because each of us needs to go deeper in this time. It does feel like a global storm, in a way, is happening, and there is, yes massive change massive transformation. Massive beauty massive healing for sure, massive changes coming, but also in big storms when I think about big big storms the way trees can shallow roots can up end, themselves, you need some deepening time, I need deepening time. So we must have time to decompress. And I was saying, especially as people are talking about activities picking up again and get togethers and kids activities. I’ve certainly heard it in sessions. There’s a feeling of loss like, Oh, I hope I don’t lose my special time. Well that’s up to you to continue to create, but let yourself know right now that it’s okay to decompress. It’s okay to take time for you. Constant togetherness is not healthy. Especially if you’re somebody who’s a caretaker by wounding. Remember earlier I was saying we learned how to be resourceful and helpful. You have to know how to shut off that open access portal to your heart and be just be there for you. Do things you want to do. Play. Explore be free. It’s beautiful to have time for yourself, and I noticed that the right things, when you take right action and you do the things that you’re asking for on your insights. Take some relaxation time Take some healing time Take some easy time

like yourself on mind. There’s a way there’s like a cosmic yes that returns to you. It’s good and right to have boundaries. It’s good in right to honor the self to honor the body to honor your creative outlets, it’s good and right to do that. I had such a nice full long day at the beach. I will say my pink raft has a hole in it so that was kind of comical because I kept trying to blow it up, and I was getting nowhere. But the water was pretty cool that day so it’s okay. I’m gonna patch it it’s it’s a it’s a keeper, you know, in the patch my patch my raft. But I’m driving home. I thought, Boy, I haven’t felt this good since I went camping, I was singing about time. When else have I felt this good all that magical experience when I went camping on Beaver Island is probably all the way back to episode seven or eight of this podcast. Wow. Felt So Good and then I started thinking about a friend I made there on the beach. And would you know she texted me like five minutes later, I haven’t talked to her in probably since probably Christmas pretty wild Isn’t it just, oh yeah I was just thinking about that and she texts me and then driving home listening to the best music. Come sail away by sticks came on, off a gathering of angels appeared above my head.

They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said. They said Come sail away. Come sail away. You know, let yourself sail away, let yourself have your time for you. And I had every green light going home which is, if anybody is local here you’re driving home on the Palatine road Willow road that those lights, the frontage roads sometimes you’re stuck behind six sets of lights, it seems like there’s so many. If you know what I’m talking about you know what I mean, I had every green light going on. It was amazing. I feel like I’m still feeling the effects of that you know days and days later. So, yeah, decompress, give yourself that space. Come sail away. And, you know, if you’re full of can’t won’t don’t impossible. It won’t happen. It’ll never happen. It would be amazing. To call bs on that part, because it almost is like the ego self the suffering self telling you a story. Trying to keep you from experiencing. Your life trying to experience your evolution and your healing and your rising before I read today’s solder. I’ll leave you with this poem. Maybe you’ve heard it before, it’s called the summer day by Mary Oliver, who made the world, who made this one, and the black bear. Who made the grasshopper. This grasshopper. I mean, the one who has flung herself out of the grass. The one who is eating sugar, out of my hand. Who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down, who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes. Now she lifts her pail for arms and thoroughly washes her face. Now she snapped her wings open and floats away. I don’t know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention. How to fall down into the grass. How to kneel down into the grass. How to be idle and blessed. How to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all day. Tell me. What else should I have done. Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon. Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life. I’ll leave you with that.

Okay, other than this. This is the stuff that happens when you let yourself get out and play. Explore tears.

So this question goes out to a beautiful friend. And thank you so much for sending it in. You’re probably going to giggle because you sent it in in November, and I’m just now reading. It’s perfect for today. Hi, Robin. I’m answering the call for questions. This past week you gave us a homework assignment to take a risk and do something we’ve been afraid of doing you specifically mentioned speaking directly to that person, we might be complaining about to others. Well, what do you know, I need to do that. And yes, the prospect of it is very scary for me. This is a person who is irregular in my life. He interrupts or corrects me in front of others on a semi regular basis. Nonetheless, it always catches me off guard. I basically pretend it didn’t happen, but it really bothers me, my ideas for dealing with this include practicing compassion around it, approaching him one on one, and snapping back at him the next time he does it. Would you please recommend a strategy for dealing with this. Thank you. Much love, one of your biggest fans, and I am one of your biggest fans, too. And I love this question because this is such a time for

dealing with it. So I would say to the person who sent this to me. First question is how have things changed since you originally sent this letter because this is a letter from November. Um How have things changed. Have they stayed the same have they gotten worse have, what have you learned. I think it’s so good to look back and say, you know, I have made a lot of progress already. Now,

the first thing that comes to me is just, well, it’s amazing how that does happen, not awake people do unawakened things to people who aren’t really awake to the preciousness of the soul. There is a life force in the year, that is alive and awake and each of us, I need to honor and respect the light in you and doing things like squashing you. We don’t always realize what we’re doing. So it’s key to remind yourself that say, I matter I matter. I matter. I matter. I belong to me, I belong with me and I matter. And my space matters and my words matter and my time matters and my conversation matters. And my moves matter. And because one person is cutting me off and interrupting me.

It doesn’t make it true that I do not matter. And then I am not important, and then I’m not my words are not valuable. So this person in your life it’s like a teacher. You’re coming to teach you about how much you matter, and how important you are. So all of your ideas are good in terms of how to handle it. All of them are good. I mean, one is practice compassion for yourself for how you feel, how, how this person is maybe an awkward person and really doesn’t see, they’re not awake to what they’re doing.

Yes. You can definitely snap back. You can definitely put your hand up and say I wasn’t finished Hang on. I wasn’t finished. Excuse me, I wasn’t finished, I want I watch a lot of just in the interest of learning about that myself. I watch a lot of debates, and things like that on the news where they have like five people on a panel. It’s very funny, I would not do well on that format. By the way, but I like to see how, you know, people were who wow me are the ones who, you know, I don’t mind if they get hot under the collar, because I’m easily flustered in a conversation where it’s getting heated, but I love to learn from people who are elegant and organized and how they say Hang on a second. I’m still talking here, you know, because I love the principal from Course of Miracles. I am my brother are one, I can’t. You know, if you’re cutting me off and I’m getting flustered and upset or and again I’m not putting these words to our writer, just to our writer I’m talking in abroad to all of us and about myself here I just always want to make sure you know I’m not just saying this for the writer. You know, I don’t, in the name of my healing and your healing, I don’t want to dam you because I’m feeling damned. I don’t want to shame you because I’m feeling upset that doesn’t ever seem to make sense and that is at the heart of duality, the whole problem right now us versus them me versus you. You’re wrong. I’m right. I’m right so that means you’re wrong. What if we’re really practicing this oneness thing this, my brother and I are one and I’m waking up, or how Paul Selig. And the guides teach what you dam dams you back what you hold in darkness, you align yourself to the darkness. If you go into the dark disco to talk to your friends there. You’re, you’re getting all that comes with that. So it becomes a very interesting question How would I handle that. And if it’s a big deal for you. Then, I would say, give yourself the time to sit with what comes up for you when that happens.

I know for me, a number of things I’m thinking of somebody’s not really in my life anymore at all. I have made those moves because after enough attempts I realize it’s never gonna happen. And they’re really teaching me to go. So, but, I’m thinking of people who kind of belittle what I do, or make fun of it and cut me off. Same thing cut me off, ask a question and then cut me off. I really sat with that person and why that was happening and all the ways I would try and deal with it by taking my upset to a third party, who was also connected to this friend, and probably felt stuck in the middle, not able to really respond to either one of us, not really knowing how to do that. And I started to realize that when I’m not present in myself what I try and do is align with you person who’s cutting me off person who’s not seeing me, I get stuck in a loop, it’s like, Hello, I would like you to make me matter. I would like you to see me as a valuable member, I’d like you to acknowledge that what I do is valuable. And somebody who’s already not doing that, going it’s a long way around to just knowing who you are already to acknowledging and honoring yourself already as who you are. I hope that’s making some sense. So, you know, I’m really sit with what is it that is disturbing in there for me and what am I doing by taking it to a third party and talking about it. I find so many interesting dynamics in me about that. What part of me still is trying to be acknowledged and heard. And it’s you know what parts of me are still healing from long long ago, not being believed, not being received, there’s a lot there my friend I can tell you that I’m still working it out. And so are you. So be so very gentle and remind yourself that anything you choose to do is for you is for you. First and foremost, but also, which option, would you take that would leave you feeling the most proud of yourself at the end of the day, most aligned and I don’t mean proud in an ego way I mean like this is right. I honored me and my brother. I taught something today. I learned it and I taught it as well. I learned that I matter and you matter and everyone wins when I remember that. And what would you do. Yeah, you know for some people, they’re never going to get it. Because they’re not awake. And if it’s a social thing. And you see that you keep going to them trying to get them to acknowledge you to see you to to treat you as an equal, well then you’ve got a lot of choices you can make here, but if it’s, let’s say a professional situation where this is a coworker and it’s happening in every meeting, you gotta handle it differently. And then you will need to speak. You will need to address it. I happen to be a big fan of non violent communication, I don’t know if you have that book. You can Google non Google psych Hi, Marshall Rosenberg, is the author but there’s so much online stuff. You might want to look there and just see if you want to formulate a statement, you can. I would not suggest, right after the next time it happens but, um, how would it be to talk yourself through it, and I feel like really holding your heart and acknowledging how you’re feeling and preparing a statement for yourself. I told this story, a long time ago I know you listen to the episode so you’ll probably remember this one. When I had to tell my healer, that I wanted to stop working with her she had a scheduling system she had a huge waiting list, and this is how it worked. If you want to be in my practice.

You have to commit to a certain number of sessions, every year and you had the beginning of the year you have to pick them and you have to say quarterly bi monthly and you got but then you got your day. You got your time and for two years, that really worked well for me, and then it stopped because I was done. And I was still in there and in there and it was such a beneficial experience actually realizing I need to get out and I don’t know how, but I also. I want to honor their with integrity, because that’s who I am, I want to honor this work, and I also don’t want to make it a big thing. so I remember writing this all out on a note card and holding my heart and practicing because it felt really huge but there was also a part of me who’s still here today this is funny, they’re one who says conform or be cast out. If you leave you. If you’re out of the nest you’re out of the nest, too. So, make sure you’re giving yourself space to sit with what you need around this and honor how it is for you and then do the work, sit down and do the work of writing this out and helping yourself because you matter, because this is your awakening, and also probably something for them, too. So, you know, don’t forget that setting a boundary sometimes it’s really for the other person, even more than it is for you. So I hope that helps. And thank you so much for sending this in. It’s such a good time now. A lot of people are going through experiences like that. And the big thing is it’s okay for you to say how it is for you. And if that person doesn’t want to hear you remember. You’re not trying to get somebody to hear you, you’re always trying to hear yourself and follow what your needs are. So some things must evolve now, it’s it’s key to this time it’s key to the healing of this time. So I hope that helps you. Well here we are friends. This was a beautiful time to spend with you I hope you enjoyed this episode. If it felt meaningful I hope you’ll share it on. Always I’m here at the ready to sit with you one to one in the session. There’s a beautiful course called lightworker love, if you’d like to kind of study with me a little more deeply you can check that out here in the show notes are on my website Robin Hallett calm. As always, I welcome review. Thank you. So it’s Friday here. It’s a beautiful afternoon, and it’s Martini night in our household. I’m so looking forward to some time in the garden with number one husband tonight. So I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day today, and, you know, don’t forget the power of love of this time. It’s really really real. Do the work. Honor your heart Love yourself, stay true to you. Remember that you belong to you, and don’t take that lightly. Dig deep dig deep and make sure you allow some time alone to decompress for you. This has been me Robin, love, joy, hallelujah Hallett. I just made all that up but I like it, Robin love, joy, hallelujah, Allah. I’m going to see you here next week, or in a few minutes. Bye.

Very short let’s make the very most of it you are a precious gem and you do doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright, you are a jam man. You do. My face production. You are so shine like you know. You mean is you really really mean and mean and mean it and mean it, and they don’t tell you that you are you are you are those you are like.

Thanks. You.

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