Soul Meets Body // Tea with Robin Episode 98

When we fall into the old stories of upset, comparison, not being good enough, we are in our suffering. As hard as it seems to be, it is still possible to help ourselves out of that hole by recognizing our choice to give our attention to this upset again.

In this episode, I talk about going beyond the familiar places of our upsetting ego stories and practicing rising today. Are we ready to ascend?

Honestly, I am not always sure I am ready! But the truth is, we can’t hold ego upset and keep the divine flow too.

And if you ever fall into comparison traps with other people, I have some thoughts on this as well.

Our inspiration is some beautiful spiritual practices to help you through.

And we’ll have a letter from #justbe who wonders how to help others shine bright by just being themselves.

Listen to this episode here or read the transcript (with timestamps) below.

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:

The Light Has Come, Workbook Lesson 75

I am as God created me, Workbook Lesson 94

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Episode 97: Value and Purpose

The amazing Tonia Jenny who asked our great question this week! Learn more about her here:

⭐Books mentioned in this episode:

A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text, Paul Selig

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Bible Verse 1 Corinthians 12:9:

Concerning Spiritual Gifts
12 Now about the gifts of the Spirit, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed. 2 You know that when you were pagans, somehow or other you were influenced and led astray to mute idols. 3 Therefore I want you to know that no one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says, “Jesus be cursed,” and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit.

4 There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. 5 There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. 6 There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.

7 Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. 8 To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10 to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues,[a] and to still another the interpretation of tongues.[b] 11 All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.

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Fantastic Voyage


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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler, and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode where soul meets body. We go beyond our familiar places of upset ego stories and ascend to the spirit we truly are keeping their perspective, in all of our comings and goings to the best of our ability. We’ll try and answer that one today. Also, if you ever compare yourself to other people, stay tuned! Our inspiration some beautiful spiritual practices to help you through, and we’ll have a letter from hashtag Just be. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here.

Good morning gorgeous friend. It might not be morning where you are, but it’s very early morning. Good morning, beautiful day here, and it’s me Robin. Come back to the podcast tea with Robin. This is episode, 98. Hello Hello Hello, first time here. Welcome aboard. We’re gonna. I don’t know why I’m laughing, but we’re going on an amazing voyage together. Fantastic Voyage. Anybody know that movie still glad you’re here and I hope it’s not your only your only visit. This is a beautiful place to receive light, remembrance and hugs. So, my friend. Before I begin, I want to say next door, there’s a house being built, you may hear some occasional noises and hoping it’s not, you know, I’m hoping it just adds to our ambience. I’ve got the window open, it’s going to be 94, here in Chicago today. So, the Eric noises. I really like it this way actually it reminds me of you and me on the phone together, you know, so yeah. So my friend How is the weather in your heart today how many have you been doing, how are you navigating these times now being kind and gentle. Are you remembering kindness to yourself. I remembering your practices, what feels good and true for you Are you remembering to apply this energy to your life now. I hope so. Hope you’re remembering that you are a spark of the Divine. and it’s possible to flow that light that love through you because it already is. takes our conscious remembrance of that sometimes doesn’t it we have to really consciously choose to remember and allow that through. But when we do things are better, they’re easier. So, yes, I hope you are practicing with me. Over here, the weather in my heart is sweet. I’m feeling a sense of renewed strength. It’s been a bit of an up and down week for me. I’m sure like a lot of you. moments where it’s, it’s, I’m feeling the intensity of everything going on all around the world. Feeling intensity. And sometimes it feels challenging to carry on with the plan. And it’s so important to give ourselves the space to rest, to lay down to put our hands on our hearts. And just breathe and allow something some needs to happen, allow some flow, maybe there’s some tears, you know, necessary. I’ve been giving myself a lot of that space, and I’ve been noticing more sleep, I’ve been more napping. A. I’ve always been a bit of a napper but now it’s more like transformation. The change is happening. This could be any change if you’re like what changes she got you know this could be anything, you know, for me, I’m talking about world events. The global pandemic. Black Lives Matter. All the protests, watching the politics in Washington

stuff going on in Chicago right now, just a lot of things like that but then also my own personal journey, you know I’m evolving just like you, I’m changing, just like you. I’m trying to make understand and find meaning in the changes happening because of all the things, just like you. So yeah, I’ve been noticing a lot more sleep and rest and unrest. You know, in my own heart so kindness kindness, gentleness gentleness. That’s what’s called for. And you know what else is called for a nice cuppa yum yum. I would love us to tears, something good. Did you bring some yum yum with you today. I’ve got a nice cup of coffee from this morning it’s very early here I’m recording this before I even start morning magic which is early enough 9am Chicago time and you are welcome to join us the details of that are below. Yeah, cheers reasonably cuppa to you and to the goodness of you are here in the world, shining the light, And that is something, just by being you. The world is out, tears.

So good. You know, Friends, I was saying this on yet last week’s episode, 97 on value. How do you know what your value is how do you know what your purpose is that all we need to do is be ourselves to be ourselves to know who we are. And to be that to allow that energy to flow, and it’s really quite simple to quiet down inside your own heart. Quiet down inside your own belly. Allow the thinking mind to not be what you’re listening to. I mean, that’s fine. Your mind’s always thinking stuff. But you can tune somewhere else.

Think about it when you’re driving your car. If you drive or you ride your bicycle or you’re walking down the street, and you’re listening to music at the same time. You might be really into the music but somehow you’re still able to navigate your way around that inner navigator, that inner movement that you know that movement that’s happening, that’s your truest self, think of it that way I hope that helps you think of it that way. There’s this one in you, who is still alert and present, even though all the thoughts are going all the, all the chatter is happening now more than ever we need to practice. Tuning to that place, and letting ourselves be letting ourselves be

so that we know that just by being ourselves by tuning in and listening. We are on plan we are following a plan we are following the path of healing of light sparkling of light working doing something good in the world, we are on point or in your family, you know it’s totally okay where you’re guided deserve is where you have been guided to serve. It’s where you’ve been guided to serve so never let yourself feel bad that you’re not, you know, saving the whales, or you’re not protesting on the frontlines of Black Lives Matter right now if you’re not, you know, I’m saying, where you’re called to serve is where you have been called to serve. Take it as a divine mission, because it is because it is it so is. You’re you. You’re amazing. You are created in the image of God. God flows through you. God is expressing itself, as you in this lifetime. And you know I always say, you can change the wording. If you prefer to call it source source energy. That’s fine.

I think it’s amazing that you are showing up. And you’re trying. And you’re hanging in there with yourself. And I, you know what, like I said, I know it’s a hard time, I know it’s a hard time we’re questioning. We’re wondering, we are sometimes worrying. What’s the impact what’s going to happen. Are we going to be alright. And personally, I’ve always been somebody who has been a realist in the way of. I want to. Now, this is going to be a different definition of realist. I want to remember God. I remember who I truly am I have memory of that it is real to me. And also, I’m in the world, and the world is transforming and things are happening. And sometimes it feels crazy pants. Sometimes it feels really intense and scary. So that’s where I’m at. I’m holding these places. The world that’s happening. Spirit that I am in somehow together. This energy is together for me. So, you know, We are amazing in our resilience. We are amazing in our showing up in our attempts to try and stay awake to stay present for hanging in there with ourselves. It’s a scary time, Especially if we’re not availing ourselves of the love and assistance that gets us to where we can see clearly. I hope you count this podcast, as one of those places for you, helping ourselves availing ourselves of the love and assistance that gets us to where we can see clearly is everything right now. And that’s the truth is, if we want to ride in the energy of clarity. That’s such a beautiful word clarity perspective, presence, if we want to be present for what’s going on and not need to avoid everything, every conversation, every news outlet every newspaper every you know every happening every protest every you know if we can’t we can’t avoid it. It’s everywhere. So we want to be present for these things and also stay with the practice stay with the focus, going in that direction. We have to lift ourselves with the practice and and focus, you know. So, I want to say I love you for showing up for trying, I do. The image I’m seeing is being taken into the arms of an angel and hugged and that’s. Imagine resting into the arms of a spirit energy that is loving you and holding you and caring for you, because that’s what I’m feeling. That’s what I’m seeing now now are being willing is a super power being willing to avail ourselves of a practice being willing to listen. Being willing to practice being willing to get up off the couch, on a really hard day because there are honestly there are hard days or they’re not there are days. So being willing to get up off the couch on a hard day is everything and do something. And not just kick your ass down the hallway, as I sometimes say, you know, beating yourself up attacking yourself for what you perceive as being wrong with you, or wrong with your life. We are so hard on ourselves are we not. We blame ourselves, we point the finger at ourselves. And we compare ourselves, we compare ourselves to other people.

Sometimes just so the ego has more material to beat you up with. Right, wanted to talk about comparison a bit today because that energy has just been really intense, I’m noticing it in. Healing Sessions conversations I’m having with friends on the morning lives messages I’m getting. There’s a way that we’re being so hard on ourselves, especially as we look at other people. We’re holding ourselves hostage for things we did or didn’t do. And it’s got to stop. It’s got to stop. Nope, you can hear that dog barking. This is a time where we choose to be in our spirit self, to have our soul, meet our body, so to speak, where the highest one in the US, who, let’s face it, it’s there, you know it’s there, it’s not some woowoo mumbo jumbo fantasy. You really are a spark of the Divine. So, where you’re just going to take responsibility and say, that is me. and also this small self is me too. I’m living life as this one here, as Robin, God in the body expressing as Robin, the two need to meet. And one can’t. The small self can’t be allowed to run the entire show anymore it’s not gonna work out well for us. So this brings me around to the idea of comparison. When we compare ourselves to other people. It is not a healing skill. It’s not something we do to feel better it is the attack tool, the joyful tool of the little self that loves to be upset that loves to be attacking the south, attacking other people. But it’s all about keeping the upset going. If you ever feel jealous or insecure in the presence of someone else, and what they’re doing. It’s not enough to just answer the calls back in your mind and throw it back in your head. Well, I don’t know what to say after that. It’s not enough to try and bolster yourself with your own successes and wins. That is the moment to recognize. I am a spark in the body, and my work here is to rise above to go beyond the stories of the small step, the small self. the small self who feels insignificant, and, you know, Carrie says fictionalized version of itself. And just goes around, beating you up. Right. Just beat yourself up, you go in the stories of beating yourself up. If we’re learning anything from COVID. And the awakening movements that are happening now is we opened our eyes, literally figuratively energetically you know what I’m saying like, as we open our eyes to the injustices happening around the world. We’re learning that what we once thought made us safe made us good by society standards in terms of earthly credentials money stuff status. When you bring it around to what’s going on, you really see it, what you thought you were building towards. It’s just not the same anymore. There is a deeper hunger for something real now are awakening is where it’s at. it’s time to wake yourself up, and it’s time to trust in something much bigger. So, when you

fall into those old stories of comparison. I wanted to mention comparison today because it’s a really intense attack method that the ego mind uses. It’s so much better to say to yourself comparison, understand that there’s something here happening for you to learn, you’re in the presence of the Divine here, offering itself to you. You can go with this divine flow or you can go with this ego flow, but you don’t get to do both at the same time. Some of us stay in relationships just to keep this energy going. It’s not a choice, it’s through self esteem issues. It’s through not feeling good enough. Not feeling like you ever measure up that you attract people in who seem to have it all together and you just beat yourself up. I know lots of people who are in those patterns and raising my hand, I’m walking away I’m in the for the last year I’ve been walking out on those patterns and it has been a really bittersweet year, walking away from relationships. Just repeat patterns business relationships personal relationships. reprioritizing, who am I really, I’m spirit in the body, and you know, all these traps of comparison of shaming myself for not having my shift together. Because I’m with this person who seems to have everything I do not, this is not healthy. And it’s not real. It’s not real. Even if you’re in this relationship where you’re judging them you’re criticizing what they say what they believe in how they. The politics they follow how they’re not waking up spiritually speaking, they have to is compare compare compare compare energy.

Sometimes we attack people in our minds the Course in Miracles calls it attack the ego is concerned with attack and defend right and wrong, good and bad. You know, attack. So sometimes we don’t realize we’re attacking people in our minds when we’re critiquing the stuff that they care about the stuff that they’re focused on the stuff that they’re talking about, you know the real question is, why do I choose to spend time give my time to this if I’m not in alignment with it. What am I doing, answering the phone. for somebody I have absolutely no real, true interest in being with my Am I doing that. Pay attention, and learn something. It’s how we help ourselves heal and, you know, you don’t have to lift the entire world. You don’t have to do the work for the world but you have to do the work for you. stuff we go on and on about the stuff we’re insecure about this is where we can put our focus. What am I here learning from this. If I get off the phone with you and we talk on a regular basis, and I’m always pissed off afterwards. What am I doing, what am I getting. If I’m waiting for you to give me accolades that never ever come. What am I doing, you know this is still that comparison energy that attack, seeking and defending energy it’s still going on. What are we doing, always, we can practice lifting each other. I love the work of the Course of Miracles and Paul Selig and the guides so much because it’s really focused around remembering our truest selves and practicing. So either way either study, you can look at somebody else and say, I see the light in you, my friend, silently. If there’s a pattern. If there’s an energy you’re trying to get out of, I see the light in you, my friend. May we be with the light. Paul would say, I know who you are in truth, I know what you are in truth, and I know how you serve in truth, you are free. You are free. You are free. Sometimes if you’re in a dynamic You don’t know how else to get out of let’s say to family member that you don’t really feel like you have a choice to not talk to, because you live together, or it’s just they call you every day. You can practice these things silently. And all the while you’re learning. You’re waking up. If you have friends that are doing well, if you have friends that have money and you don’t if you have friends that have jobs and you don’t, if you have friends with marriage, and you don’t if you have friends who got pregnant and you didn’t. Instead of comparing instead of complaining, instead of allowing yourself to lose time in this sucky sinkhole. Make yourself up. You know, what would it be like to say to yourself, let’s say you have a friend who has all the money and opportunity and possibility that you wish you had and when you’re together you just when you think about them, you just, you know how it is. You go to that place you go, you feel those things about yourself that you feel sometimes. How would it be to own it, how would it be to say to yourself, you know what, this is what you do. This is where you go. And at some point, you recognize that there is an intentional unintentional choice to suffer and stay with the small self story. And if you’re learning that I celebrate you, because that is something you know we cannot receive our own gifts. If we cannot celebrate the gifts of our friends. Because we’re really one beam, we’re really one energy. And if I can’t celebrate what’s happening for you. I can’t have it for myself, either. Celebrate your friends who are doing well, instead of feeling bad about yourself and having that internal commenting going on about them practice.

There is no separation.

If I dish it out at you, I’m getting it for me. If I’m wishing it for me. I can’t acknowledge it in you, I mean it’s just so like wishing it in a very upset way. It’s just so true. So, we practice going higher today. We practice rising today. And we also practice seeing ourselves as we truly are today, there are so many blessings here, that can only be acknowledged. With the still mind with the quieted ego is what I’m saying. a quieted mind, help yourself quiet and receive the blessings of your life of your experience. Help yourself today. And if there are things you struggle with yourself. You know, sometimes I judge myself. And I worry about things, even though I know this is my known ego pattern gets very involved in stories that seems so true sometimes. Maybe you have your own version of this possibly take it a step further on your journey and ask for help, ask spirit for help. I want to go beyond this story I know this story is not of my essential self, you know, but I’m still like now what because I it’s not enough to just sometimes put out the finger and say stop that helps me that has helped me for a very long time. And I’m in different place now and I really want to I want it to be gone. You know, and then involves me taking responsibility and being accountable to my highest self. So, if that’s you to in your own way pray on it, ask for help, ask source energy for signs. Say a prayer helped me to stop building momentum around my ego. Crap. Please help me. Show me. Another way to see this. The Course in Miracles says there is another way to see this. I am willing to see. And you know, yesterday I practice this all day, doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult. However, there was a lot of comparing going on. There was a lot of critiquing going on, and I did the best I could to stay with myself and you know, as part of my prayer and asking thinking to three friends three different friends wrote to me separately texted me and had very loving things to say, you know, not just complimentary. You know, like you, your hair looked pretty today is a compliment. They really had something meaningful to share, like, thank you for showing up. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for stepping in Thank you for helping me see, thank you for helping me touch my own pain, you know, whatever it was, it was a very meaningful reminder from spirit. Those of us who choose to be light sparklers in whatever way we want to be that in the world. We’re helping each other. You know I hope some of this was helpful for you today and meaningful to you. Let’s have some more tea.

Actually this is yummy iced coffee, the ice cubes are clinking and I just spilled coffee on my little white dress. Oh. So today I for inspiration. I wanted to share something more like a prayer, more like a practice together, because what I’m talking about is deep. What I’m talking about is real. What I’m talking about is our practice flow. I thought today I would read some spiritual practices to you read some things to you that have been really meaningful for me right now. And the encouragement is for inspiration to choose to do your practice, choose to do your practice. So here we go, a couple of cool things I want to share with you. So the first is a practice right out of one of the Paul Selleck books. For us, this comes from the book of knowing and worse. That’s the third book in this series. This is page 213. I’ll put this all in the show notes. If you just go to Robin Hallett comm slash 98, you’ll get there. So here’s a prayer, and I’m going to say it twice. I’ll read it to you once, and then read it again with you if you’d like to say it out loud with me. So this prayer is about really mean making the decision to move out of the places you normally are in everything I’ve been talking about today. This is an answer, and a practice for that. Here we go. On this day, I decide to realign my frequency to this new knowledge that anything is possible. On this day I witness, all things before me, as in transformation, as in the healing, as in a new way of being engaged with my expression. As I choose to know all things as possible. I reclaim my power, and my ability to perceive those structures. I have known as permanent in a new way. And I aligned to my freedom is the one who chooses her life, his life, a new. I am word through this intention word. I am word. So I’ll read this again. Don’t get too caught up in your head, let the spirit of your being, Miss resonate the truth to you. Here we go. And I find it’s helpful to put my hands on my heart together, you know on my upper chest to hold on there. But see how it feels for you. Here we go again. On this day, I decide to realign my frequency to this new knowledge that anything is possible. On this day I witness. All things before me, as in a transformation. As in healing. As in a new way of being engaged with my expression. As I choose to know all things as possible. I reclaim my power. And my ability to perceive those structures. I have known as permanent in a new way. And I aligned to my freedom as the one who chooses her life. His life, a new. I am word through this intention. Word. I am word.

Again that’s from the book of knowing and worth page 213. And when they say word I am word they’re talking about in the beginning was the Word, from Genesis, you can always look that up in the Bible. The next thing I want to share is my favorite Course of Miracles workbook lesson. Lesson 75, this is an excerpt and again this will be in the show notes. This is lesson 75. The light has come. The light has come, you are healed. And you can heal. The light has come. You are at peace, and you bring peace with you wherever you go. Darkness, and turmoil and death, have disappeared. The light has come. Today, we celebrate the happy ending to your long dream of disaster. There are no dark dreams. Now, the light has come. Today, the time of light begins for you and everyone. It is a new era in which a new world is born. The old one has left no trace upon it in its passing. Today, we see a different world, because the lightest come. Our exercises for today will be happy ones, in which we offer Thanks. Thanks. Thanks for the passing of the old and the beginning of the new no shadows from the past remain to darken our site and hide the world forgiveness offers us. Today, we will accept the new world as what we want to see. We will be given what we desire. We will to see the light. The light has come. We do not want to see the ego shadow in the world today. We see the light, and in it, we see heavens reflection lie across the world. That was a course in miracles workbook lessons 75. Beautiful just beautiful. And the last thing I wanted to offer you is a release statement, sometimes I make these at the end of the healing on the circle or, because sometimes it’s helpful to address the icky thing that we’re so aware of carrying inside ourselves, wanting to put it down. So here we go. I release now, any intention I hold any decision, or commitment I have made to keep my life waiting to postpone my joy to postpone my good by telling stories about who I am and who I am not. I release it now. filtered through the light of God through the light of Spirit through the light of love. I recall, and reclaim and reintegrate now. The light. The love. The Spark. I truly am. And so it is. Amen. And the hoe. And Ahoy, like my little belt.

It’s fun like all the dark dogs just started barking in the neighbor. The dogs and the birds, and even the breezes are blowing. We are so loved my friends we are so loved. I have a beautiful letter to share with you today. And before I do, this is the part where I like to ask you to support the podcast, either by sharing it on sharing it on with someone who could use it or making a donation purchasing a course, you know I have a great Course of Miracles course. These are all in the show notes, and another course called lightworker love which I really, really. I can’t say enough good about it because there is a lot of spark that comes through there and it is about shining authentically in the world as yourself, and handling all these things like the green eyed monster of jealousy and comparison and ego stuff. So, you know, you might check that out. I always appreciate it and I thank you so much. So this letter goes out to our friend Tanya. This goes out to you, Tanya. And thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Hello beautiful Robin. One thing in my journey, I’m really enjoying so much is the awareness that my biggest function in this world is simply to just be just me and my truth and divine essence, and it’s beautiful, and it gets easier every day, even though there’s many moments throughout the day that I forget still for decades now, I have been passionate about life purpose. And I have a great ability to see the hidden gifts in others, and support them in celebrating the unique way, they show up in service in the world. to celebrate their own way of shining that comes especially from them. What has been on my mind is where and how these two energies come together. How can I serve in the support of others special callings function, purpose. How can I encourage them to be honored without a sense of striving and pushing. And at the same time. How can I share in my desire for them to just be and not get caught up in the search. Am I overthinking this. I appreciate your perspective, so much, much love. Tanya. I really appreciate this letter, and I’m gonna I’m responding, not specifically to one person just sharing what is coming through right now okay so it’s not all for one for Tanya, or for one of us. It’s for all of us and that means some facets. Don’t always apply to us specifically but they’re good for the whole to hear. It is a beautiful thing to realize that who we are value, who we are, what we’re doing is being. That’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to radiate our essence, and help others. Wake up. soup be soothed be calmed be reminded of who they truly are. It’s a wordless thing. We are being in our essence, and others, receive that. And there is a sort of, for lack of a better word, soothing, I like that. There’s a sort of soothing that happens in their own energy field. And through that soothing comes memory, and knowing of who they truly are in their own divine timing and goodness that’s not on us, we don’t have to worry about timing for other people. Our job is to be who we is just be who we is be that one. And to keep making the choice, as I’ve been saying today to learn to remember, and choose.

So as Tonya says you know the biggest function is to be in our truth to be in our divine essence to know who we are in true, as Paul Selleck would say, I am as God created me is of course a miracle for us and it’s so beautiful. And it is one of the things that you have these profound knowing that yep yep, this is who I am, and then you might find like me yesterday. You have these tearful hours where you forget completely and you’re lost in a story that is so tiny, it’s puny, but it feels like everything. I mean that is just the journey. I truly feel we need those moments of smallness and suffering to help us continue to wake up. And the more we can release them the same way you would rip off a tight bra. Does anybody else rip them off. You know, you remove the same way you would just unbutton unhook something that you’re wearing which is too tight. You know we’re practicing remembering who we truly are. And it takes time. Some of us have been building this identity, we have believed ourselves to be for our whole lifetime and it’s taking time to unwind and that’s okay. That is part of this journey, and there is no where we’re trying to get to, we’re trying to just be here now. That is the journey to just be. So however long it takes, we’re making progress that’s the point. So as it comes to your passion about life purpose helping friends express themselves more fully has who they truly are, and celebrate their unique stuff. Unique stuff. You got unique stuff, I got unique stuff, celebrate our own way of being in the world, shining. That is so what we’re here to do. This is what we were talking about last week on value, you know that’s what you’ve contributed in the world is your unique uniqueness, by being the energy really just comes down to being, and encouraging others to be as well as we’re listening to people who are not in there knowing about what they’re doing something I’m working on a lot right now is being somebody who is listening with an open heart, without an agenda, without critiquing witnessing each other in love. Celebrating each other in love in love, meaning the creation energy of this entire universe is love God is love. You know this isn’t just hippie slogan is the energy of love created this whole place we’re still, we’re in right now. So witnessing people in love means wonderment amazement. This is how the divine as Tanya expresses in the world. Wow. And to really celebrate our friends in stepping into how the divine is expressing itself through them, is the way. There’s no striving involved in that, to say, you know, to know that the divine expresses through each of us, and wants to know this experience through us. And that means us. Our unique expression is necessary. So that’s one piece right there is just really knowing that for yourself and helping others know that as well. So it’s interesting that the mention of hidden gifts. This is something in me that I have noticed that when I look at people and assume that they have hidden gifts, I’m already going into a certain kind of judgment and I’m not saying this is what Tanya is doing, by the way, I’m just saying this is something I’ve noticed in myself, is that when I say it’s almost like saying, you could be so much more. You know, I’m already in separation with that person. We are not in Union together in this loving energy, I’m already holding them separate saying they’re not quite where they’re supposed to be. Let’s remove the pressure from that, just an interesting point there.

When we’re in a place of hurt or confusion or fear we want a friend to hold our hand. And is that not the truth. So even though. Here we are in these positions where, you know, We’re walking with friends and we’re helping each other, wake up and choose a new. Let us remember we are friends on the journey. We also are doing our own work and we’re walking together. I’m doing my own work and the things I’m discovering hopefully they help you as well. So my encouragement is to step fully into your own gift to be very excited about yourself and to decide to stop. And perhaps to divert to drop any judgy critiki thoughts about yourself. As you go to claim what you’re good at what you love what you’re what you’re good at for decades now you’ve been passionate about this on it, be it, love it. Appreciate it. You know, for you, and also that you get to do this with friends. It’s such a gorgeous thing. And to the last part. It’s so relatable. You know I want to support people in their specialness in their unique sparkle. And I want to encourage them to be who they are without having to push or try hard. But at the same time. Just to be. I want them just to be. It’s really the same thing isn’t it. Be who you already is, is really what you’re saying. So I don’t think you’re overthinking it. Do you really have you really stepped in to be good at what you’re good at. This is what you’re good at, this is what you enjoy. This is what you celebrate. So, how can you speak, even more boldly clearly courageously step in, as one who is a friend. And the last thing I’ll say even though this wasn’t really part of Tanya’s question I’m thinking about this passage in its first Corinthians, 12, nine, and this is just me, I feel free to take everything I want from all the things I love to read. But I love this passage for me, it says there are different kinds of gifts. This is a little earlier in the passage there are different kinds of gifts but the same spirit distributes them different kinds of service. It’s all coming from the same love different kinds of working, but all of them, but in all of them, and then everyone. It’s the same God at work. So, you know, owning our function in the way we want to be expressed in the world is a holy thing. And each of us has given different gifts of the Spirit. Some of us have this ability to yes be the purpose whisper I don’t know what you would call it Tanya, to be this one who really sees the alignment there to another. It’s the gift of healing to another the gift of prophecy another the gift of, you know,

you get what I’m saying I hope all these are the work of one in the same spirit. It’s all coming from a place of love from love for love. So let us remember that energy of love and that’s the only thing really we need to do.

So I hope that helps you, and anyone else, this really rang true for and I so appreciate the letter and friends I would love to read your letter to can always email me Hello at Robin Hallett comm or message me on Instagram or Facebook. And again, all of these references will be in the show notes, Robin Hallett. COMM slash 98. Well friends, it’s such a beautiful birdie licious afternoon and finishing this recording on a Saturday. I’m going to go out into the garden with my yummy lunch I made some fresh salmon and toast and with cream cheese and I put it back in the fridge so it will get nice and icy cold. I’m going to go sit outside a little and enjoy the sun, and the birds, and my nice cool crunchy. munchy. And, you know, I hope that the weather in your heart remains. Sunny. And that you stay with yourself. Stay with the perspective of the light. Hug yourself, hold your own hand, have your own back and always remember, we’re riding together. you are not alone. You are not alone. Okay. I’m going to see you here next time, or in a few minutes. This has been me, Robin art sparkler who loves you baby Hallett. I’ll see you next week, or in a few minutes. Same bat time same bat channel. Bye-bye!

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