2014 Intentions and blessings (with video)

2014 intentions and blessings

Woo hoo here we go 2014!!

This could be a most fantabulous year for you. You might be wondering how you can make sure you have the fabulous wonderful year you’ve been praying, hoping and wishing for.

January is a cleansing month.

Those who get to work on shedding the old will be most successful in welcoming the goodies in 2014. It’s not about slapping a resolution on it and calling it done! Before we set our sights on calling in the new, we need to shed the old and make space.

Before you call in your intentions and blessings for 2014, you gotta clear up the unfinished business of 2013.

A special message from the Love Sheriff will answer your questions right here 🙂 And, a transcript is below. If I were you, I’d be sure to watch and read!

Happy New Year, beautiful you!

2014 intentions and blessings

It’s gonna be a powerful year.

You might be wondering how you can make sure you have the fabulous wonderful year you’ve been praying, hoping and wishing for…

Well, why not set some 2014 intentions for yourself? What kinds of blessings would you like? What have you been wanting to call in? What have you been wanting to create in your life?

Make a quick little list. It takes just a few minutes, no excuses! There’s no need for a 90 minute meditation here 🙂

I want you to really go for it this year!

In order to do that it’s time to shed the old and clear up unfinished business from 2013.

Last year was the year of the snake and this is the year of the horse (in Chinese astrology). We have some skin to shed in order to embrace the new and really make our dreams fly.

Let’s clear the clutter and make space for the new…

Clutter is such an energy sucker… think junky messes, junky finances and junky diets. Cluttered relationships giving you nothing but chaotic drama are some of the biggest energy drainers I know of. Let’s clean that stuff up and do away with what doesn’t serve our highest and best good, ok? We are totally worth it!

What can you clear up, let go of, tidy up, address, tend to, and get out of the way in order to embrace what you’ve REALLY been excited and longing to create in your life?

Love Sheriff and Darth Birdie

Those who get to work will reap those rewards.

It takes less energy to be courageous than it does to stay afraid.

A good indicator of what you’re truly wanting to create in your life is to look back at 2013 and see where you had some misses.

Of course, celebrate the wins but also make sure you see where you didn’t feel you hit the mark in the way you would have liked.

Looking back, what would you have liked to have gone differently? What lingering, unfinished business is still beckoning?

Is there anything you feel disappointed about, something that didn’t quite happen for you? What can you let go of that is not in the highest and best good of those goals?

2014 intentions and blessings

No need to feel sad or ashamed at all! Transformation happens in an instant my friend.

Are you ready for the good to happen?

Put a big fat YES in your heart as you’re reading this.

I am seeing you with such believing eyes my friend, I am behind you 100%. I know you are totally deserving of the good things in your life. I wanna see you shine your light and really rock it like you mean it.

All you have to do is name it and claim it.

We are so deserving of the good and we are SO worth the effort!

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Rock it like you mean it!


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