Worrying Makes You Suffer Twice and Then Some

Hello, sweet friend,

I am sending love and a hug!

This has been a big week for lots of us, and it seems like I’ve been sharing similar messages from Spirit for lots of folks. When that happens, I love to come here and share with you too.

Worry is something we do. And so often I find that it is a preferred tactic of our ego mind — it wants us to stay busy with stuff that feeds it.

Worry and upset feed our ego. Ease, peace, joy and delight feed the soul.

Which one do you want to feed?

It’s important you decide because, either way you go, you will increase the energy and that means make more of your focused attention.

You’re almost always going to make it worse with your worry. Forget the almost always part. It’s a pretty definite thing that it can’t get better from worry.


Unless you use your worry to help bounce you back. As a signal that it’s time to shift your focus onto things that feel easier, peacefuller, joyfuller, and of course, delightful.

Yes, that’s how worry serves us, it serves as contrast.

I promise, you are not being irresponsible if you decide to set down your worry. You are choosing to be inspired. Inspired means to be breathed into. Into what? Into the spirit within you — the one connected to the power and light of this entire Universe where miracles happen every single day and they’re effortless. EFFORTLESS.

Would you like to be breathed into your highest, most powerful self in those moments, or, would you prefer to hang onto your worry? That’s the kajillion sparkles question.

If this is resonating, you may want to check out the recent episode of Tea with Robin here: Epsiode 45: I Will Tell My Story as I Want It to Be where I dive a bit deeper and share lots of examples of this in action.

I’m sending love and a hug and always, I am here to walk with you if you’d like more support.