Intuitive Healing

When You’re Spinning on the Wheel of Suffering

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the wheel of suffering

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an alarm bell that would ring every time we got caught spinning on the wheel of suffering? An alarm loud enough to wake us up, complete with flashing lights and a disco ball. Plus a loudspeaker announcement: Alert! alert! You are spinning again. Please stop! Exit the wheel! Our suffering often speaks the loudest. The ego. The opponent. The pain body. The Robber of Delight. We each have a small and separate little self on our insides and this is who spins the… …Read More »

The Journey

Worrying Makes You Suffer Twice and Then Some

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Hello, sweet friend, I am sending love and a hug! This has been a big week for lots of us, and it seems like I’ve been sharing similar messages from Spirit for lots of folks. When that happens, I love to come here and share with you too. Worry is something we do. And so often I find that it is a preferred tactic of our ego mind — it wants us to stay busy with stuff that feeds it. Worry and upset feed our ego. Ease, peace, joy and… …Read More »