It’s Your Rodeo, Baby. Are You Getting in That Ring?

It's Your Rodeo, Baby. Are You Getting in that Ring?

It’s your rodeo, baby.

Are you getting in that ring or are you sitting this one out?

Either way, the show goes on.

If you’re in, best don your hat and grab your gear.

You’re going to need it when you ride 🙂

Sure, your fearlessness and bravery will get you up on the horse, but it’s your courage and determination that will see you through to ride another day.

Faking it only gets you so far. I am sure plenty of people can pretend to ride a horse…until they actually get on one and try it. But the difference between faking it and making it is a big deal. You are resilient. You can do this.

Yep, being in the ring is hard sometimes.

There’s so much happening. Wild animals! Crazy dust! Yelling people! Those scary clowns! And what are those barrels for?

Showing up in life means you take risks that don’t always pan out the way you hoped.

Sometimes you’ll feel awkward, at other times, brilliant. Keep your good stuff in mind. Learn to say thank you for the blessings. Notice your tendency to only focus on what’s going wrong.

It's your rodeo, are you gonna get in the ring or will you sit in the stands?

We all get thrown from time to time. All of us. Even the ones who pretend they never do.

It isn’t the important part. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you actually have something you’re excited to be doing. Remember that this is your rodeo and there is fun and joy waiting for you. When you get thrown, it’s important to get up, dust yourself off, and get back on that horsey. No, maybe not this afternoon but how about tomorrow?

You’re gonna have some experiences that make you want to grab your gear and go home.

This happens. This is the way it goes. It’s OK.

What it’s not is an excuse to go home and stay there. You were meant for so much more. The world needs your sparkles!

Sometimes you feel embarrassed that things didn’t go as planned. Sometimes you feel disappointed. Other times you’ll be pissed. Love yourself and the experience anyway. Learn to make that your policy. Because so much is being gleaned from this experience and you are in the process of becoming good at something here.

Don’t just go home vowing NEVER to come out again, ok?

Let self-love and compassion ride shotgun at all times.

It's Your Rodeo, Baby. Are You Getting in that Ring?

It’s okay to let yourself be helped.

Often when we need help the most, we feel too proud or too vulnerable or just too exposed to ask for it. So we don’t.

The awkward feelings make us defensive. And that’s why sometimes when a friend is trying to help us we shout, “This is NOT my first rodeo!” You can laugh at yourself a little here. It’s kind of funny how we get in those moments, if you ask me. How big and bumbling we become in our attempt to pretend we don’t need anything.

I like that saying, pride goeth before a fall. Yeseth. Exactly right, in my case anyway–every time. Sometimes after the fact, I see how redonkulous I was to not ask for help. But I am practicing, and so can you!

It's Your Rodeo, Baby. Are You Getting in that Ring?

For those of you choosing to sit in the stands: This is your rodeo too. It’s happening whether you play or not.

If you’re tired of the cow pies, it’s probably time to break out the shovel.

A little poo never hurt anyone 😉

Complaining that life hasn’t turned out as you’d planned from the spectator stands will never get you there. When ticket sales are down and the popcorn tastes burnt, you’re the one who has to answer for that. Blaming it on other people, and past events will only slow you down.

Don’t be afraid to take a look in the mirror and ask, What needs to change here, Pardner?

Take a hard look at your upset and ask what you’re willing to do to make a change.

Maybe you just need to change pastures but you’ll never know unless you stop complaining and start acting.

There is no one right way to do it. I promise.

If you don’t like the music you’re two-stepping to, change it. Need some twinkle lights? Add them.

Giddy up little doggie, your big beautiful life awaits.


It's Your Rodeo, Baby. Are You Getting in that Ring?


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