Don’t Let the Turkeys Get You Down

don't let the turkeys get you down - wisdom from robin hallett

Or, How to not continue the crazy cycle of trying to please people who will never ever get you or understand you–not to mention why in the eff would we want to try and please the turkeys?!

I know there are times when you think you’re too much, or too kooky.

You worry about being too this, or too that. Judging who you are instead of lovingly embracing yourself no exceptions.

And I am guessing that like me, you got into this bad habit because your people told you in one way or another that you were too much. Or too weird, or not straight enough. Not tight enough. Or your interests are weird. Or your needs are too much. Or just, you know, how you do your life…it’s just so ewwwwwwwww.

But you know what? And you probably know where this is going!

Why are we going to dial down our light to cater to the ones who ALREADY don’t accept us?

The very same ones we probably DO NOT want to live like, probably CAN NOT live like.

Why would we dial back our light like that?

How come you allow your heart to say that those people are right, and you are wrong? Why would you contort yourself into who you were never meant to be? Wouldn’t you rather face the fear you have of being shunned or whatever else you’re afraid of than live with the fear of NEVER getting to the place you truly long to be?

The juju you need to get you there will never build if you keep flattening your tires along the way.

And that’s exactly what you do when you cater to the turkeys. You drain yourself out. Flatten all the tires. Send mixed messages. Please stop it. Just stop.

don't let the turkeys get you down - wisdom from robin hallett

We are all grown up now and we can do whatever we want.

And we shouldn’t keep checking who we are against those outside ourselves, especially not the ones who don’t support the full expression of our authentic selves.

We shouldn’t keep beating up on our beautiful selves because we don’t fit with the middle, we don’t ride in the turkey bacon aisle.

We’ve got to stop doing that.

Instead, let’s ask ourselves what it would feel like to just be real, and to love ourselves without exception. If we listened to that voice, we’d be making our choices from a heart centered place. Picture it. Lots of joy, lots of delight, totally a life you feel proud to claim. Yummy yummy yummy.

I am not talking about you not giving a shit and doing whatever you feel like while you let yourself go, laying on the couch eating Twinkies watching reruns of The Bachelor, while you’re dreaming of doing something amazing.


I am talking about you discerning the voices in your head, recognizing the turkeys for who they are, and making the courageous move toward your own authentic impulses. And loving yourself like no one has ever loved you before.

(Seriously, my eyes just watered at that last sentence)

Because if you’re doing that– staying out of the Turkey Bacon Aisle, and loving yourself like no one has ever loved you before — then you’re potent. And being potent always is a good thing in my book 😉 Potency is what makes it all possible. It’s the juju that gets you where you long to be.

When you extract the yuk from your thoughts and actions do you know what remains? POTENCY! What remains is powerful. And totally you.

Let’s keep asking, what would it be like to live a life where we say what we need to say, do what we want to do, eat what we want to eat, watch what we love to watch, wear what we want to wear, read what we want to read, speak it how it needs to be spoken…ahhh yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful? And real? And wouldn’t you feel so good going to bed at night because you followed your own delight and loves…and you didn’t listen to The Turkeys?!

All of us today, let’s make a commitment to our own hearts to be who we are no exceptions. Let’s love ourselves fiercely and keep a tight check on the mental stories too.

And don’t go feeling bad for the turkeys, ok? They need love too. But you know what I always say, right? Some people are best loved from afar.

don't let the turkeys get you down - wisdom from robin hallett

Here’s wishing you a powerful, potent day. May you remember your awesomeness. And let’s hope I didn’t sound too ranty!


don't let the turkeys get you down - wisdom from robin hallett

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