Robin Hallett, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Counselor in Arlington Heights, IL

Hi, I'm Robin. I help the light inside you burn brighter so you can SHINE. I know you have dreams for your beautiful, fabulous life. Let's get you there.

Love & Praise

In working with Robin there have been so many changes - some subtle others not. I believe the most impact has been on my sense of self – the remembering, of who I am, not who others want me to be and the comfort level associated with this. There's a sense of knowing…quiet peaceful knowing of who I am. It's easier to make decisions; I listen to myself and know it is right for me…right now! Nothing is static – everything is changing but my core self remains the same through it all! I thank Robin for the gifts that she shares with all of us, she has opened the door, and it is now up to me to walk through it! I look forward to my continuing work with her!
Mary, Chicago