Is Healing Work Really About Curing the Crazy?

Why seek a spiritual healer? is healing just for crazy people?

The other day I was talking to a cherished client, joking around about how she isn’t going to need me much longer as she’s making quite brilliant strides in our work together.

I love my work with clients. Together, we’re taking life to a whole new level. We call in abundance, and release the energy that no longer serves.

I started to feel how much I’d miss her when she is ready to leave my nest. And I told her so. And she said, “Fear not, you’ve not seen the last of my crazy!” I laughed so hard, the tea practically shot out my nose.

Have you ever felt like it is hard to feel better all by yourself?

Even after doing the good things you do for yourself–reading the right books, eating the right foods, taking care of your body, you still feel that something is off. This is usually the time people realize they need some outside help…but the resistance to reaching out and getting help is huge.

There’s a stigma that goes with getting help…

Over the years, I’ve heard it said many ways: only broken people seek help; crazy people need help; babies and whiners need help; only the freaks need help…

So, is Healing Work Really About Curing the Crazy?

Of course it’s not. But I’ll tell you a secret: it’s why I first went to see a healer myself. I thought I was losing it. I thought I was going crazy. I felt like I hated everybody. Nothing was making sense in my life and one day I finally acknowledged that I needed a guide.

Since then, I’ve come to know seeing a healer is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you are craving an expansion of spirit and want a better feeling life. Sometimes you know where you want to go with your life but you have no idea how to get there.

And yes, sometimes you come because you do feel just a little bit nuts.

I see the most amazing clients. I simply love them and the work we are doing. Together, we’re co-creating; making the magic happen. And no, it’s not about me blowing smoke up anyone’s butt. And so far, I’ve only met one or two I might call crazy 😉

Healing sessions are about you finally being seen for all that you are. 🙂

It’s about me holding a bigger vision than the one you hold for yourself. It’s about helping you to understand that you too have the blessing to take your life to the next level. There is nothing you have to DO, nothing to EARN. It’s about letting the good in!

What is it like seeing a healer?

Healing work is about letting the sunshine in, and inviting it to shine on all your parts–the stuff you hate, the stuff you wish would be different, the stuff you wonder about being OK or not. Often it’s about turning up the volume on the small voice inside you that whispers: I have something powerful to do in this lifetime.

spiritual healing by robin hallett arlington heights, ilYou were never meant to tough life out all by yourself. You need a mirror.

Have you ever tried to see yourself without a mirror? Try it now. Without looking in the mirror, what do you look like?

Without a mirror, you are using your memory and imagination to conjure up an image of yourself. And often it’s the case that you focus on the parts of yourself that are hard to love. Hard to accept.

A mirror helps you to see more clearly. A mirror makes it hard for anyone to say things like there is a horn coming out of my head and my nose is the size of a banana.

I’m here to be that person for you. To guide you through, to shine a little light. Wondering how to begin? Get in touch, I’m here.


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