You Can’t Start With YUCK and Expect to Get YUM

You Can't Start With YUCK and Expect to Get to YUM by Robin Hallett

Alright, my friend, it is GO time. We seriously need to talk about the amount of energy we’re investing in the YUCK experience as a whole.

I know there are lots of things going on in the world which are yucky. We don’t really need to name names, do we? You know what’s happening. I know what’s happening. And anyway, we have something much more important to discuss: That gorgeous head of yours and all the thoughts you keep thinking.

I’m talking about The Negative Stuff, in particular. And you know what???

You cannot start with YUCK and expect to get to YUM.


You know, upset and drama are all around us in ever-increasing quantities. I hear a lot of grumbles in a day. And I’m seeing folks invest their energy in sharing negative messages around the web, and even more who glom onto that kind of message, add to it, re-circulate it, etc.

OF COURSE! We all have a right to live and do and be how we want 🙂 of course we do, but the thing is–for those of us choosing love and peace as our set point–we will never ever end up in YUMMY places if we start out with YUKKY vibes.

You cannot take away yummy things if you build it with yucky ingredients.

Just think of a marinade for a moment.

If you take something delicious you intend to prepare for tonight’s dinner and then you go and soak it in a yukky, stinky brine, do you really believe the dish will be delicious enough to eat when you’re through? No matter what you try and do to alter that dish, it will still carry the flavor of yuck with it.

I know it’s a time where lots of us are feeling the feels. I do. AND again, we are all free to do as we please…my question to you is, how do you want to feel?

You Can't Start With YUCK and Expect to Get to YUM by Robin Hallett

My own perspective is that it does not serve me in the greater scheme of things if I marinate myself in the poop.

And it certainly does not serve you here in the Love Posse if my message shows up marinated in that stuff either. And it doesn’t serve my family if I am going around shouting, “poo-poo-poo, people!” It isn’t great for the cells of my body to receive messages of doom and gloom either.

My greatest ally in times like these is the love and truth alive in my own heart along with the remembrance that I come from Spirit.

I am a spark of the Divine. If I don’t like how I am perceiving something, I can change my perception. If I don’t like what is happening, I can pivot.

Beyond that, it’s remembering that I can choose to feel good even when it seems that things are anything but. I can use my suffering as a wake-up bell back to what I intentionally want to feel.

I can keep myself in the vibes of gratitude as much as possible. I can do this by serving others, I can also create art, dance, cook, I can take walks, I can visit with friends, I can listen to positive and uplifting programs, and on and on it goes.

Yes indeed, I can keep my energy in a yum place.

Even in times when my body is not feeling well, instead of pushing it to work harder, I can rest. Even in times when I must spend time with ornery people, I can love them from afar vs mixing it up with them. Even when I receive unpleasant news, an unpleasant surprise, I can choose.

And I think of so many of you here who are doing it so beautifully, you have life circumstances I am often teaching from because you’re such a shining example. You inspire me all the time. So in tough times, I often think of you! I say to myself, if they can do it with all that’s going on, I can too.

You Can’t Start With YUCK and Expect to Get to YUM by Robin Hallett

I consider most of us here in the Love Posse as Lightworkers in some form or another. We’re a Posse choosing to remember Spirit and also to shine a light out in the world. We want to contribute something positive. Most of us are like that here, so it’s really important what position we are sharing from, what perspective we are choosing, and what we are offering out in the world.

A great thing to ask yourself is, what is my intention in sharing this / writing this / offering this out?

Nothing wrong with activism! Not at all. But can we be a bringer of light? A messenger for the greater good? Someone others will want to listen to rather than slam the door shut on because the message is too wild, too slanted, too angry, too painful?

If yes, then marinade accordingly.


“I am never upset for the reason I think” — A Course in Miracles workbook lesson 5

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I care about the weather in your heart, I care about you receiving the joy that’s naturally your birthright, regardless of life circumstance. You are an unconditional being and there is no such thing as anything lacking in you.

And always, if I can help you see things differently, I will. Just reach out.

Love and gratitude, baby!


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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