How to Freak Yourself out in a Good Way

Hello beloved, it’s me, Robin, with a special message from Spirit and me – a love bomb to uplift you and inspire you and help you get on track with your truest self.

Not your fakey-fakey, woo-woo, ‘I must memorize all the affirmations to keep myself on track’ self, but your real true, awesome, beautiful, sparkly, perfect, creative, unique, SELF.

And so this message is called how to freak yourself out in a good way. Think about that for a minute, how often do you go around freaking yourself out in a good way?

May this go to just the right hearts today!

Before I dive into the message today, I have to tell you, the coolest thing happened earlier last week –

While at Starbucks a few weeks ago, I saw this cute coffee cup, and I thought oh I love that mug so much — the hearts and the little arrow, so cute —  and I said, instead of buying it yourself, let’s put it out there and see what comes.

But then, my step daughter happened to be working there that day and I found myself pointing to the mug on the shelf and then to my own heart and winking at her, as if to say, My birthday’s coming and Valentine’s Day is coming, hint hint!

But I caught it.

I caught myself in that story that says, I have to DO something to MAKE it happen, you know, to make sure people around me know I want this gift.

Because truly, the universe and its sparkles, man they are just so full of surprises and fun! I realized no pushing was required and I let it go and decided to freak myself out in a good way – let’s wait and see what happens, I said! 

Do you know, that same day, about an hour later, my client who I haven’t seen in probably over a year comes to the door with a Starbucks bag!

Not only did she just decide to buy me a delicious yum yum drink but she also brought me this mug!

She’s like I just saw this and thought you have to have it, so here you go. I love how those things happen and they’re a good reminder! It’s a small example of how to freak yourself out in a good way – to see something you would like to have and put it out there and wait to see what happens.

But we can freak ourselves out in good ways about bigger and bigger and bigger things too,

And it’d be a great thing to practice, especially when you think about how many times in a day you find yourself upset–you’re only holding loving thoughts or fearful thoughts at any given time–so probably a good portion of the day you’re dipping into upsetting thoughts and this may still be still new to you or you may be practicing or you might be 20 years down the road into it like me but it doesn’t matter because we ALL still have the boogery poo poo thoughts from time to time.

To me, those boogery poo-poo thoughts are just a gift to help remind me to get back into my center and remember who I truly am.

If only it were that easy to come back to center as it is when you’re driving your car down the road and you hit that side ripple on the road and it rumbles your tires to alert you to that you’ve been drifting a little… well, it kind of is! With practice, you can! Your feelings are like that too — they’re just intuitive guidance saying, You are not in the zone so let’s get you back in, Sweetheart!

How to Freak Yourself out in a Good Way

Wouldn’t that be nice if, in a moment of freaking yourself out in a bad way, that you would remember this and wake yourself up again instead of allowing your mind to keep spinning?

Because if we don’t catch it straight away, the mind gloms on and takes something little and turns it into bigger and bigger and bigger disaster stories. And those bigger and bigger stories FREAK OUT your nervous system, and the sh*t all becomes so real.

For example, I remember when I started working on my money stories, I really had to work on my thinking! And along with that came a ton of real life cleanup work that I needed to do to become in alignment with my heart and finances.

We can’t just practice wishful thinking and slap some spiritual-easy bumper stickers on things while we keep living how we had been and at the same time expect things to magically get cleaned up in our lives. We need to be in ALIGNMENT.

There are things we need to do to get ourselves into alignment, physical things, and intentional things. And so as I was working on that stuff, I would find that I would freak myself out even though I was learning about abundance through a more spiritual lens, I would still get scared.

I’d be practicing along and suddenly I’d see myself waaaaay out in the future as a homeless and toothless woman scootching down the street with my little sweater on all crookedly buttoned (think Sophia from Golden Girls!) and even though now that story makes me laugh, it used to make me so scared.

Luckily for me, my funny thoughts often crack me up and when I am laughing, I am no longer scared. I’d have these thoughts like, What am I gonna do to prevent myself from becoming homeless and toothless? I’m too old to be a pole dancer and besides, I don’t have any rhythm! And that would always start to make me laugh.

And then I would remember the teachings of A Course in Miracles that talked about the way we use our past to project fear into our future. Now we’re attempting to control our future, mistakenly thinking we can prevent the crap that went down by staying scared about the past!

I mean, the whole thing is nuts it’s like you’re not even HERE, you’re just ricocheting from this crappy thing to that crappy thing that happened in the past and you don’t want it to happen in the future, so we do some weird dance of warding off evil throughout the day by staying scared…

So I decided to freak myself out in a good way. That was the first time. I imagined ALL THE THINGS that could happen for the GOOD, instead of imagining myself as homeless and toothless. And wonderful things happened. I began to BELIEVE.

Freaking yourself out in a good way is catching those thoughts and saying, STOP IT!! to yourself.

You know the feelings are yucky, so let the YUCKY be your guidepost. They’re what’s telling you you’re in YUCK territory and now anything you build from here is going to have the icky energy too. So we want to stop that as often as we can. Catching it is super helpful.

Then, once we say, STOP IT!! We can allow ourselves to ponder something GOOD that would just as likely be possible!

I wrote a blog post a week or two ago and I talked about if you and I were going to bake the most delicious birthday cake. You were were coming to my house and we made make some tea or coffee, put some good music on, and we baked cake. We’d hang out and have fun and eventually, we’d talk about how blessed we are…we’d just have that reverb that you often do with friends like:

Oh em geeee, I just love you.

I love you too!

This is awesome.

I know!

Isn’t it great?

Yes, it is!

Aren’t we lucky?

Yes, we are!

How to Freak Yourself out in a Good Way

Somehow that wonderful experience of being with friends you love and doing what you love just lifts the energy to this place where your mind is saying, this is amazing, I love this, we’re having a good time, this is great, I’m so blessed!

And it’s building and building.

THIS is the process of freaking yourself out in a good way.

From there you are saying, This whole DAY is awesome! And then you look around and you’re like, this house is awesome, this room is awesome, and then you look down and you’re like, this blouse I’m wearing is awesome, my hair is awesome, I AM AWESOME! Pretty soon you’re singing that Lego song, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!

Now you’re on fire! It’s building and building! My life is awesome my job is awesome my day is awesome oh my God it’s almost the weekend that’s awesome, I’m gonna do something awesome this weekend! 

It’s building its building it’s building, that’s freaking yourself out in a good way.

But if you and I are baking that cake, and we’re having that faboo time, and we’re putting in those ingredients, and we are laughing and dancing and singing around the kitchen…would you be expecting either one of us to bring out the POO and throw it in the Mixer?


I mean, why would we even do THAT to our yummy, delicious golden batter?!

But we do this all the time with our thinking!

There is no such thing is as a small upset. All upsets are equally disturbing to your peace of mind and this is why we need to practice. On some level, a lot of how we’re feeling about a story is just an illusion. We’ve gone there in our minds, hearts, imaginations…and now we believe it like it’s reality. BUT IT ISN’T!

So right when you catch the terror, you need to practice.

Stop. Notice, you don’t feel good. Notice you’re scared and upset and it doesn’t feel good. Admit, you’ve made a mistake (just like the car that drifts to the side of the road). Take a deep breath.

Just like when you wake up from a terrible nightmare, and you remember it isn’t real.

Perhaps now is the time to remind yourself that it has never NOT been okay for you. And perhaps also you will decide to “touch in” with something uplifting today…dance music, a great podcast or YouTube video to help you, look for things with vibes to take you higher. Touch in, and let yourself receive.

Choose to freak yourself out in a good way vs. allowing yourself to be freaked in a bad way.

Usually, after a few wake-ups, you realize, it isn’t as real as you feared. And perhaps here you can begin to wonder about what IS happening that IS GOOD. Find things that you think are wonderful. Be in a state of appreciation. Pretty soon you’ll notice the higher vibing thoughts, and perhaps even you feel the extension of Spirit into your mind again.

How to Freak Yourself out in a Good Way

And all of the sudden, you begin to hear very clearly ALL IS WELL and YOU ARE LOVED and THINGS ARE ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD.

Because, when you drop the poo-poo thinking, you hear more clearly. Your heart divines more powerfully. That’s just the way it is.

When we practice staying in our center, life just becomes sweeter. So the real question is, how good can you stand it, baby?! Let’s make this magic happen for you in more of an ongoing, profound way!


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

P.S. I gotta say, thank you so much for being here, for riding with me, for taking it in and practicing and especially thank you for shining your light out in the world, you know that’s what we’re here to do.

I love that we ride together in the Love Posse and that you and I are making that difference first and foremost by helping ourselves, and then by shining that light to everyone we come into contact with, we help–whether we actually know it or not, whether we see it happening or not–we help, and that’s the truth.

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