The past is like a too-tight brassiere.

Some of us cater our energy to the stories we carry from the past.

We spend our time — right now — thinking about the past. And in one way or another, it makes us feel like crap.

Maybe we’re longing for how it used to be. Today’s not great, yesterday was better.

Or maybe there’s a horrible ugly which changed the trajectory of our lives forever, and we’re still reeling.

Or maybe we think we’re all good with the past, we’re just hoping to ward off future evil based on what happened before.

No matter how you slice it, we aren’t here NOW. 

So where did we go? And what is happening to us because we aren’t HERE? And what kinds of contortions are we performing because of this?

Living in the past sucks. And if you ask me, it’s a lot like the Wonder Bra somebody once tried to talk me into buying, the one which required TWO sales people to hoist and close while I did the special boobie shimmy everyone was talking about at the time.

Um, no. I got an instant migraine nevermind the rolls in all the wrong places. And the minute I was extricated from that thing I felt free, easy and light. Which is exactly how it feels to wake up from the past.

Whether it’s a bra or an old story, the process is the same: TAKE IT OFF!

  1. Realize what you are doing
  2. Take a deep breath, get back HERE
  3. Experience relief

Ease and freedom are here NOW. If we can get here now.

Think about it: Everything that happened in the past now lives on as a story. It’s not happening right now but we are reliving it just the same. And that means our brain, nervous system and energy are in the experience of the past. Too tight! Constantly uncomfortable! Pinching in the wrong places! Little flesh rolls we didn’t intend!

Which is of course why the past is like a too-tight brassiere 😉

Do not accept the tight, uncomfortable, pinching stories like they’re THE reality and you are powerless to change them.

In every moment you can choose again. And when we choose intentionally, we affect massive change not only in ourselves but out in the world as well.

Yes, you are THAT powerful. Yes, it is THAT simple.

Take it off. Please?

It's ok to want what you want and it doesn't make you bad or wrong

Tell the stories that leave you feeling the way you want to feel.

Become very intentional with the directions you allow your mind to go. We direct our experience by the thoughts we think.

You can do this.

You are powerful.

Powerful beyond measure.

Peace and love and NO MORE “WONDER” BRAS.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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