How to Manifest Everything You Want

How to Manifest Everything You Want by Robin Hallett

On how to manifest everything you want by paying attention to what you’re putting out or, how to take your amazing life by the reigns and live like the unicorn you truly are 🙂

This is what we are talking about today, sweet friend!

Sometimes friends in the Love Posse will write to me looking for support. They’ll speak to their fears around not finding or doing meaningful work, or they’ll tell me their money stories, or it’s a product launch they’re crossing their fingers and hoping for the best about, or wondering how they could be selling their art and earning a living, or offering healing to the world in a way that lights them up, or becoming more consistent in their daily practice…or, or, or.

These are friends who sometimes go to bed worrying and wake up sweaty, even though they do the practices and things in general that us Lightworker types do. So today this love bomb is a bigger, more expanded offering on what we need to do as we practice this whole ‘manifesting and feeling good and loving our lives’ thing together.

May it go to just the right hearts today! And always, if you aren’t already, I invite you to join the Love Posse too!

No matter what the situation is right now, you can get yourself into a state of alignment which will call in what you are wanting.

And more importantly, it will leave you in a place of ease. And the next time the sweaty wakeup comes, you’ll have a few more ideas on what to do. Because we ALL have sweaty wakeups from time to time and that’s not such a big deal to me…it’s how we welcome them that counts!

By the way, this isn’t some woo woo mumbo jumbo, I promise. But if you want to call it that and ignore this amazing offering, all I can say is you are about to prove my point:

You get what you think about.

Even more to the point: You get what you feel about.

No matter how the situation looks now, you can accelerate the process of calling in what you’re truly wanting by focusing on key energies–gratitude, joy, delight, peace, ease–as you turn your attention away from the fear vibration you currently find yourself in.

That’s the practice right there. I just gave you the answer 🙂 But you might be thinking, Ohhhh easier said than done, Robin! Sometimes it’s so hard! So let’s keep going…

If you find yourself upset and you move into a less stressy place by choice, the energy will lift itself. Nope, you don’t have to be skipping all around town shouting, YIPPEE YIPPEE EVERYTHING’S GOING SO WELL!!! in order to lift the energy. You just have to let go a little bit and turn in the direction of ease and peace. Just soften your energy a bit and you will float a little higher.

Every time you recognize you’re vibing more yuck than yum…you can choose to let go.

Instead of focusing on the crappenings now while you look for more to come, you can choose to let go and soften.

Perhaps see the good that’s right here, right now and trust that more like this is going to come. Trust that all is well. Remember that things always work out. Remember those times when they worked out better than your puny mind could even imagine.

Because the opposite will just never work out well…focusing on how broke you are will not make money appear. Worrying that nobody is gonna buy your products will not create the sales. Shaming your body will never bring it into the healthy state you crave. Allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed will not generate the ideas you need to make the process feel easy.

You cannot get to where you long to be by first aligning with your state of upset.

You must CHOOSE consciously to follow the state of ease and peace and joy and delight and FUN in this moment now over anything else if you are wanting to call in greater abundance, greater opportunity, better health, and anything else you’re longing for.

Release the discord and instead choose the harmony. Choose to do what you love instead of doing what you hate — in all things! Yes even when dusting the furniture!

You have to be a match NOW to the energy you say you want to have in the future.

So let’s say you want to be wildly successful (or please insert your own example) — tell me how you feel as you imagine yourself in that wildly successful place…


However, you expect you will feel someday, one day when your big thing happens…that’s how you need to be feeling today.

Like attracts like. You get what you feel about.

And guess what?! You do not have to be doing anything related to your dream while you feel good!

Isn’t that the best news everrrrr?

Just don’t judge yourself for what you love. You can’t watch a movie in the middle of a “work day” while you eat popcorn…and the whole time be thinking, I am a lazy shit, I should be working! You need to be aligned with what you’re doing. That’s the secret.

I am thinking about a friend who LOVES to bake pies who really wants to be a storyteller – she doesn’t have to go around telling stories all day long to manifest her dream…she has already placed her order with the Big U, now she needs to feel good so she bakes pies! Another friend tells me that dancing is what takes her higher and so that’s what she does. She rides those yummy vibes while even more inspiration pours in.

Whatever it is that leaves you feeling GREEEEAAATTTTT! as Tony the Tiger would say, do that.


I really get how challenging it can be to trust that your right opportunities, right people, and right events will arrive, especially now when you’re worrying and things don’t feel so great. And I also understand that you’ve had a ton of evidence which supports your worry and fear, and it’s challenging to take this leap with me…

BUT and it’s a big but!

The thing you need to know is that right here and now, if you are in that space of feeling challenged or frustrated or scared or just plain HOT SWEATY MESSINESS, choosing to pay attention to that and treat it like your reality makes it even more so your reality. And that means you’ve lost the grip on the vibration of ease and effortlessness (or whatever you imagine you will feel once things begin to move your way).

How to Manifest Everything You Want by Robin Hallett

I am going to make a cake baking analogy here…

This whole manifesting and calling in what you are wanting stuff is a lot like baking. You fold everything you are feeling and believing into the “batter” of what you are creating. The result is your cake. And how it turns out is totally up to you.

Let’s say we are baking a beautiful cake.

(My favorite when I was a little kid was yellow cake with chocolate icing and pink decorations, by the way.)

We are making that cake! We are focused on that deliciousness and we are taking care to mix the ingredients, and we are enjoying the process, and we are even stopping to savor the deliciousness along the way.

Do you feel it? We are SO EXCITED about that cake-to-be. And it isn’t even here yet!!

Somehow, you and I are able to trust that the cake WILL come at some point, and it WILL be delicious.

And because you totally KNOW and TRUST that this cake will be delicious… you would never ever stick some poo-poo into the batter, would you? No, you would not. Because we are making a delicious, scrumptious, wonderful CAKE and poo does not go with that.

How to Manifest Everything You Want by Robin Hallett

Look, I believe that anything you are wanting you can have so long as YOU believe you can have it.

If we want but do not believe, that’s a problem.

We want to be IN alignment with the vibes we are wanting, not OUT.

Me, I believe in miracles. I also believe you are okay now exactly as you are now, and I know that you have always been okay, just like I know that you will continue to be okay. And what I just wrote to you there? This is the attitude you need to have if you want continued delight, success, ease, peace, abundance to come to you.

Know this: You are a powerful manifester already!

You are manifesting all the time! Think of some examples right now, tell me about times when you thought and focused on something and then it came to you. In those times, I’ll bet you were light and free, open and excited. You were thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if this thing happened?  And then, KAPOW, it did. You said, oh I would SO LOVE to have this! And, WOOT, it came.

Big or small, it doesn’t really matter.

And always, more is waiting for you in your Cosmic Escrow Account.

How to Manifest Everything You Want by Robin Hallett
A meditation from A Course in Miracles text chapter 21

Anything you believe is possible you can call in, as long as you believe it’s possible to do so and you honor the alignment necessary to get there.

When people tell me what they are wanting, I always ask, And do you believe it is possible? Really?

And if a person says YES! We are off to the races. But usually, there are a whole lotta things that spill out…and the energy in these little stories are exactly what’s in the way.

What stories do you believe about WHY you aren’t where you say you want to be? Start there. Realize you CAN shift those stories but only if you first allow them to come forward to be healed.

You can’t go around freaking yourself out 80% of the day and then puff out some pithy affirmation and expect good results

When you are in a state of mostly freaking out it means more of you is in alignment with NOT than HAVING.

And when you are more in support of the NOT then you will naturally work to level off the energy of HAVING — not because you’re a dumb dumb, but because you get what you think about. You get what you FEEL about. And using that example, you are a vibrational match to NOT instead of HAVING.

There is no way we can be in alignment with possibility and delight when we are honoring anxiety and fear.

And because we are more in alignment with anxiety and fear, a leveling off of MUST happen.

That’s how it goes when we are aligned with the lower vibrational frequency.

The key takeaway from what I am saying to you is that you must choose the HAVING over the NOT, even when you’re scared. We must choose the joy over the fear.

I didn’t say it was easy. I have been freaked out plenty on my journey and over my years of practice, this thing has become easier for me. It’s not perfect but I can tell you that 90% of the time, my upset triggers my remembering. You don’t have to be 100% perfect in your energy to call in what you are wanting! You just have to stay on course to the best of your ability. The more you catch the upset and make the corrections, the better.

How to Manifest Everything You Want
Verse from the book of Matthew 7:7 King James Version

There are things I am wanting to manifest and rather than my entertaining thoughts of upset, impatience, being skipped over or missing out, I choose to let my vibes be bright and bubbly about my life right now while I remain excited and curious about what’s to come. It’s just like you’ve combined all the ingredients for that delicious cake and you know it’s in the oven…and now you sit back and anticipate it with glee.

Ask and it is given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you.

Your vibes are like the ask. You are asking with the energy you are holding inside you.

The big U (that’s the universe) is answering. Every time.

What will it feel like when that amazing thing happens? Pretend it just happened, how do you feel? Well, this is how you need to be feeling NOW while you’re waiting. This is how you manifest everything you want.

The strongest vibes broadcast the signal

Worry brings more problems

Upset brings more stress

Joy brings more ease

Gratitude brings more delight

Delight brings more fun

And fun allows us to stay in a place of appreciation for all that is here now while you look forward to what’s to come.

How to manifest everything you are wanting
from Florence Scovel Shinn's The Game of Life and How to Play It

Trust that the good stuff is coming while you keep your vibes high now.

Go play. Have fun. Make this easy.

This is the fastest way I know for any of us to manifest, to call in what we are really wanting.

If you’re showing up with a yes in your heart, you can trust and be sure that the beacon you’ve lit can be seen and felt across the universe.

It’s coming.

It’s happening.

Be confident. Keep the faith.

Don’t discuss your situation with fear-based hearts (SO IMPORTANT!!!) and remember, no poo-poo in the batter!

Stay the course and trust: What’s meant for you is always meant for you.

Believe. Trust. Align.


How to Manifest Everything You Want

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