Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

Hello beautiful Friend!

Are there things you feel you need to forgive yourself for? Places where you’ve been unfair or unkind, things you can’t get over? Things about your personality, health, body, practices you keep judging, where you notice you’re not good enough and you don’t measure up?

Forgiving ourselves for the judgment that we have is an important practice. There is a part of you going around every day insisting that you’re not enough and you’re not measuring up but this is not your true, essential self.

The practice today offers a teaching on how to release the judgment and fear and drop down into the heart space where the healing can happen.


Often you notice that when you’re upset and struggling, there is a part of the body which is bound to be tight – ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, neck pains often come from a place of inner tightness and unforgiveness – not breathing deeply, being caught in our heads worrying.

Take some time to let everything be loose – even your face! Soften and breathe. Listen to the sounds around you – maybe you can hear the birdies chirping.

Remind yourself that all is well.

In this moment, choose to forgive yourself. Admit that you’ve been really hard on yourself and say you’re sorry, tell yourself you are willing to love yourself instead.

See a small child before you – which is you – and become aware of how hard you are on yourself. Look at all the ways you judge and suck the joy out of the moment by being so focused on the problem.


Stay with your breathing and apply some love to the situation. You can see this as a pink carpet of love rolling right out to you, or a thousand little sparkles shining all around you, or tiny hearts raining down onto you. Your way of doing this is the right way.

In this moment, I deeply and completely love myself. And YES, I can see how in this moment, my ego-self is judging everything but you know what? I am not my ego. The one who is constantly barking commands and complaining is NOT who you truly are.

The truth is, you are a spark of the Divine, you are God in a body… we need to create some space between ego and spark. Between head and heart.

Deep breaths, and noticing what’s happening is where it is at! You can even say: I am willing to love you in spite of the X issue that you’re so upset about.

Breath, love, heart. That’s all we ever need to give to the situation. The only one who can grant absolution, salvation, forgiveness is you!
Treat yourself to this message and meditation again and again. Put your little self in your heart pocket today and try to be kinder and sweeter to him or her, ok?

You’re awesome and beautiful and I’ll see you next week!


What I resist persists

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