Be Inspired, Live Inspired, Inspire Others // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 53

Do you ever find yourself wondering how or when your dream will happen?

In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about living an inspired life and choosing to be an inspirer to others. I share ideas on taking your life in the direction you long for without scaring the carp out of yourself at the same time; plus stories about my friends who blow my mind on the daily; and tell an important story of our honeymoon to japan and why we ended up on the Love Boat instead.

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Be Inspired, Live Inspired, Inspire Others

My notes from this show:

Hello! It’s me, Robin, your hostess with the mostest 🙂

Welcome to Episode 53.

Did you ever watch the Golden Girls? That’s why I say, Hi, it’s me, Robin… because Stan would say that too. Hi, it’s me , Stan.


How are you today, sweet friend? And, how is the weather in your heart? Always, my prayer is that you are practicing love, and freedom, and even a little juiciness in your own heart.

Always, my prayer is that you are being so very kind and gentle and so very sweet with you.

Over here, it’s a beautiful day. I just finished amazing healing sessions with amazeballs friends on the journey and the cutest thing just happened. A hummingbird flew to my window where I work, holding itself to position until I said to my client, I do believe this hummie is for you! And just then she flew off.

It’s so cool when that stuff happens, isn’t it? Love the signs all around us.

So did you bring a cuppa yum yum today? I have green tea with roses, love it! Raising my glass to you – man oh man are you so beautiful, talented, creative… amazing! Cheers to possibility my friend.

So what a beautiful… this has been one of my favorite weeks ever. I was telling you last time (episode 52) about boundaries and dumping the bucket. Wow-what difference a week makes.

I made space for me to take care of me, and practiced. And mostly I goofed off a lot. I feel so free and light and so connected to my own heart. It’s pretty wild how that happens.

It’s pretty wild. And I see it in my friends I help too. Each of us impacts the other. We ride together and we share the same energy heart. Whatever dots you connect as you tune in, it is a healing for us all… it’s an alchemical shift. Shift is happening, baby!!

I am seeing this shift everywhere. In #1hubby and my friends and clients. Little edges of advancement and it feels so good!


So today what I want to talk about (ruffles a ton of pages – I always write the notes but never read them later) today what we’re talking about is you deciding to be inspiring. Making the decision to be inspired and be an inspirer of others. But first, I’ve got a little story for you.

You know how people are always saying as entrepreneurs, we can do whatever we want? I wonder, how many of us are actually doing that? Are we living the dream people are always saying we can be living? Are we putting our own lip service into a real action and figuring out if we can handle it? And then allowing it to upwell and inspire other people. I want to raise my hand to say I am doing that. And I want us to live an inspired life.

So here’s the story. One of my closest friends who lives here and is so inspiring has just decided to move to italy. I share a bit about my friend and what an inspiration she is. How we met, stuff like that. The process I have witnessed in her little adventures which turned into bigger bigger and bigger joys.

She continued to open herself to what was sacred in the moment for her. And in this moment, it’s moving to Italy to teach. If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is.


And of course, this is why I was crying a lot last week, because when you first find out your dear friend is leaving the country, you don’t run around immediately yelling Yippie Kay YAY. It may take a bit of time before you feel like celebrating. And that’s okay. It all made me realize even more profoundly what a special friend she is to me. Whoa, what if we are those friends in other people’s lives?!

My friend said, but I never could’ve done this without you! You have been such an inspiration in my life I never could’ve done this without you! Isn’t that amazing!

So what if we decided to be an inspirer for others?! Living our lives, doing our do, playing, keeping ourselves in a place of high vibes and excitement, party of one. That’s what an inspirer does – goes for it! So, what’s the point of saying you want to live the lap top lifestyle if you never make the moves. It’s been so inspiring to me. We are always saying, we are all feown up and we can do whatever we want, but are we challenging ourselves to do that?!

Be inspired, and be an inapiration to others


As spiritual peeps, we can get so comfortable in our lives, we’ve learned to appreciate the status quo. But what’s next, what do we want?

What’s the ramalamadingdong adventure we are seeking? For me, it’s so much about living the life I feel delighted and excited to be in, sharing what I love… but also TRAVEL has always captured my heart!

The thing I wanted to say is, I know it can get very scary sometimes… when we have these dreams, it can feel scary. We need to learn to trust in those benevolent forces, trust in the love that’s guiding us, trusting in the love and support around you, encouraging you and helping you. So the laptop lifestyle is not really a thing unless you do it. Of course, convert what I am saying into that thing you love. If you could do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

How can you allow it to move in you?

All this to say, how can you allow this to happen? We allow it through our dreams and wishes and thoughts, our yes heart, we courageously decide to not carry the upset we don’t wish to enhance and encourage. We trust in the flow and we look to our friends who are already inspiring us with their courageous, brave, joyful things.

I could roll a list out for you right now of my friends who are doing amazing things. And hi, these aren’t millionaires or famous people. These are people just like us, they are rocking it out, learning to have great self-care, to encourage their wishes and working on their spiritual journey. They are people going courageously forward even when they feel fear.

None of these people are Elon Musk!

I talk about my friends who:

Move to Europe

Travel months at a time working in cafes

Opening an Art Bar

Writing a musical and having it performed

Writing courses to share online

Creating art

Learning new instruments

They are going for it courageously. Wow! Can we catch that updraft and be inspired in return?

So back to my story I wanted to tell you about seizing that joy to travel and live that laptop lifestyle and getting out to see the world. I talk about how many people I met in Bali living there for many months but still working remotely from cafes.

Again, we are not trust fund babies, we are just courageous! It’s bigger than courage, we are choosing what matters to us, and claiming our excitement and delight and allowing it to move us in the direction we long to be going. Remember that we are always being assisted by law of attraction, benevolent forces.


Several years ago, it hit me that we could try to make a go of this too. We decided to take two to three weeks and travel from Chicago to Florida via New Orleans. It can be really startling the first time you decide to take a lot of time off from all that you know. I remember the first days, I didn’t sleep well at all and I felt very anxious. I felt terror. And I got a lotta transformation out of that, but there;s something to realizing you don’t have the musles you’re always speaking of wanting. So we are learnin to do that more consciously now.

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So if you’re like this too and you’d love to be doing this but you’re like how? I’ve gota a mortgage and dogs and kids, start small and be gentle, but don’t say no to your dreams because all you see are roadblocks. You have to trust and stay inspired and believe in what you say you’re all about.

My friend moving to Italy said, what do I have to lose? I am not getting any younger and I am excited to go, Italy is calling me!

What if we decided to be an inspirer even in times when things are difficult and scary, we decided we’d be inspiring to us and others and take care of what we need to in order to make things happen.


Wow just consider all the ways you could roll in your life and make this happen. I inspire you, you inspire me, let’s lift each other higher and higher. What a gorgeous culmination of sparkles!

So my question back to you is, how can you take some of this energy and let it upwell in your own life? Where have you been feeling things are needing to change, shift, or where are you feeling stagnant and stuck? Where you long to do the things you see others do.

I wish I could do that!

None of these things happened by straining and struggling our way to freedom. None of us freaked our way to freedom. Or worried our way.

How did we do it? By letting go.

Worrying today is not in alignment with being an inspiration today. I am going to let this \go and find the simplest solution to what I need because this is not what I am allowing this day to be about.

So what would you love? What’s in your vortex?

So yeah, our friend is moving to Italy and now we are so excited. Want to meet in Venice?

Really, I hope this is inspiring you to get inspired to do the things you are always saying you want to do? What is in your heart’s desire that you would like to create? Would you be willing to release the things you usually orient your heart toward in order to entertain some more exiting dreams?


Here’s the interesting thing. When she first said she was moving. I was immediately in touch with my loss, sadness, and then quickly on the heels of that… I felt some kind of jealous envy for a bit. It’s just a vibe that comes and it doesn’t have to mean anything. So, if you’re feeling any of that, hopelessly hopeless, just decide to be inspired. Use the feelings as inspiration to choose again what you’re really wanting to create for yourself. And always, jealousy is simply the reminder that what you’re seeing in another is already inside you too.

How can you use this episode to inspire you? I know it’s not for everyone to move to Italy but use this as a metaphor for your own dream. Thank goodness we don’t all have the same dream. What is it that you’re excited about? How can you decide to be possible, doable, make this happen?

With our thoughts, we create things. If we don’t like what we’re living and creating now, how can we make the shift?

How can we allow ourselves to move beyond where we usually bump up against?


The story of our honeymoon.

I am telling this story because you have adventure in your heart. You have dreams in your heart. I know you’re inspired to have and be and do amazing things. You want to live your inspired life even more fully than you do now. And I know you’re afraid because I am afraid to make big changes in my life too. You and I are like one heart.

So, I am telling this story because there is so much love all around us, supporting us, greasing the way. And helping point out where we’re supposed to be shifting, turning, making the change.

Love is always here offering us guidance.

What if we trusted the benevolent forces around us ahead of the curve of our fear?

#1husband and I were married in 2000. After all our planning for the wedding we still said, We are going to take a honeymoon!

We decided to go to Japan.

I tell the story of booking that trip and then all the bad juju unfolding from there.

Listen as I describe the process of listening to the guidance being given and deciding to shift our perspective and book a different trip.

We changed our minds. Caught the message, caught the guidance, realizing we weren’t feeling inspired to go to Japan, we were being inspired to travel elsewhere.

We listened to the way we were being inspired to change, and we were fearless. We did it. We didn’t care what others would say. I know I am talking about vacation… but remember this:

A Course in Miracles:

There is no order of difficulty in miracles

One is not harder or bigger than another

They are all the same

All expressions of love are maximal

From the text, Chapter 1, principles of miracles no. 1

Abraham Hicks A button or a castle, it’s just as easy to manifest as the other. Believing, thinking, makes it challenging. Our thoughts make it challenging.


So there we were onboard this amazing ship… and guess what happened!

It was a huge moment for us on our journey of understanding how the flow really works.

We are always being guided, directed, love is all around us assisting us and guiding us.

That’s what I call inspiration. Being inspired and listening. That’s where it’s at!

How can you decide to be inspired and trust in the flow always, that’s here, loving you and guiding you.

How can you live up to your own version of your own dream?


Hello from our honeymoon ship!

Inspiration today: Don’t explain, don’t complain.

I do believe I got this saying from Abraham Hicks.

Let me ask you, if you really want to be an inspirer and live inspired, do you really want to be going around complaining? Because letting yourself bitch about things will not add to the energy you’re desiring to bring. We want to be inspired, right?

And really, what is there to complain about?

Sure, I get it, sometimes there are. But do your work, dump the bucket, make the shift and move on.

There’s a way people choose to connect by complaining about problems and discussing why things are difficult, challenging, hard. But talking like that makes more energy like that. Knowing this is so important because we are choosing our experience, always. Even when we don’t know it.

What if you decided to use this as your own personal inspiration: I’m not going to explain, I’m not going to complain. Yes, everybody’s free to do as they please but, me that’s what I’m going to do.

Choosing to not complain is not putting your head in the sand. You will not be a Pollyanna. In fact, choosing to speaking from love is so much more powerful!

and we can do that we can do that too.

Besides, what could there be to complain about?

You’re alive.

You are breathing.

Life is wonderful.

You are beautiful.

Your freedom is beautiful, your opportunities are beautiful, and yes, even your thoughts and words can be beautiful.

The potential in your thoughts alone is magnificent. If you choose to accept this mission—don’t explain, don’t complain–things could get radically better in your life and even more joyful!

It doesn’t mean you can’t cry or rail about things sometimes. Getting it out is key. But the lazy habit of being generally anti-whatever or going on and on and on about stuff you’re not even invested in is toxic to your own heart. This is your choice. You can decide.

Everything affects us. All energy is maximal in its impact on us and what we carry what we speak what we think what we pay attention to it all has an impact so if you’re an inspirer an being choosing to be inspired that’s the line I advise with love from my heart to yours. Don’t explain, don’t complain.


Be Inspired, Live Inspired, Inspire Others

Announcements this week:

Before I share our letter for the week, I wanted to ask you to share this episode on share it with a friend share it on social media forward it to the perfect person who could use it.

Give a little shout out. Be an inspirer for others, say what you love and what you’re receiving. And know that putting that out in the world is going to flow back to you and it’s also going to help so many people.

I love in A Course in Miracles, there’s this line where it talks about when you choose to be of light in your heart and practice and see your life and everyone in your life and in the world as a brother walking with you… you’re a light bearer, a light sparkler. And doing this helps untold thousands shave time off their own journey because you’re inspiring them your uplifting them your upwelling them so it’s not always about the accolades coming back to us but it’s about sharing this light on.

If this episode has been helpful, I’d appreciate you sharing this with anyone it may help. Click the share buttons above or below, or always I appreciate a review on iTunes

Shout out to Jojo who says:
I just wanted to tell you that you really helped me today this episode blew my mind I feel like a different person lighter and better thank you thank you thank you thank you! (re: episode 49)


This week’s letter: #whatsthepoint

Hi Robin,

Could you help me know how to want to be here in my life?

How do I stop saying in my head I don’t want to be here, it’s so hard to be here.

How do I make that stop? It’s been going on all my life and I’m 50 years old but I still feel like I’m 25 inside.

Thanks so much,

Name withheld

Lots of us ask that question.

When we’re awake, when we’re waking up on our journey it’s a very normal thing to ask.

Lots becomes meaningless that was once meaningful.

A lot of us have been spiritually awake since we were very little too, and these questions linger. I can remember being about three years old and wondering/feeling this way too.

This feeling you’re describing, What’s the point? How did I get here? Why am I here? What’s it all about? feeling so different from everyone else… feeling so disconnected from everyone else… can end up as an accidental mantra. One we keep repeating, Why am I here? What is the point? And we need to keep in mind that our words and thoughts have an impact on our perspective.

There’s so much energy around that for us that it can be difficult. We keep making more and more as we keep placing our focus there. It becomes negative inspiration for us.

Today, decide to be inspired. Be easy on yourself, and so kind and gentle and so loving with your own heart. But make the decision to tell a new story. It’s the only way things can shift for you.

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A Course in Miracles Quotes:

There is no order of difficulty in miracles

One is not harder or bigger than another

They are all the same

All expressions of love are maximal

— From the text, Chapter 1, principles of miracles no. 1

You might enjoy the Course in Miracles practices I offer here.


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A course in Miracles: Combined Volume

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