Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy so Dance with the One Who Brung Ya // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 49

Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy

On honoring your needs and why it matters and letting fun be fun again.

Please don’t judge what you love — all of it is light trying to flow through you. Everything you wanna accomplish in your life is better in a vibe of ease and joy and can-do-yes-yes-YES!
To be in a sense of play and adventure and delight is where it’s at! And as we enjoy life, we become a magnetic attractive force to all things in alignment with what we want.

And that’s how it works, we don’t need a 29,000 point plan for our lives, we can just be here and enjoy.

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Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy

My notes from this show:

FUN. We came here for FUN.

There’s no such thing as a wasted project.

If you ever have a project that fails, YOU did not fail. You didn’t waste your time.

If we’re carrying any sense of shame or frustration or upset about it… or maybe we feel we’ve wasted time or we are so behind, no! This is an opportunity to recognize your preciousness and how much you matter and your time matters. And every single moment of every single day it is okay to be in an attitude of play 😉

To be in a sense of play and adventure and delight is where it’s at! As if you get that this is the point.

Everything you wanna accomplish in your life, it requires a vibe of ease and joy and can-do – yes yes yes this vibe of wonderful, wonderful, magnetic energy which draws more like itself to you.

I mentioned this in the episode on Flow, Episode 42

We become a magnetic force, a magnetic attractive force to all things in alignment with what we want.

And that’s how it works, we don’t need a 29,000 point plan for your life, you can just be here and enjoy.

And as you recognize things that you are wanting, let’s say a beautiful relationship or more clients in your practice or you want to take a vacation or you want some surprise to come… as you focus on those things you trust that you’re in a state of alignment, a match to that, so of course it’s gonna come your way.

Sometimes people come to see me in session and they’re lost. They don’t feel they have a purpose they’re waiting for their big thing to happen. They’re waiting for their big break or their big answer… and it’s these people who present like they’re waiting in line but they’re not getting anywhere so they try to busy themselves with something and it’s like you think you can push the river, you can make it happen, force it to happen for you – throw yourself into something and hope that it lights you up.

But really, at the heart of it all, it’s this inner knowing that you’re here to experience fun, joy, and delight according to your own terms and that IS your purpose and mission in life. That is it!

And if that manifests as you becoming some something in the world, fantastico! But the point is for you to be lit up and excited and feeling full of aliveness, knowing about the flow, remembering you come from somewhere else, you know?

“All day I think about it, then at night I say it.
Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing?
I have no idea.
My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that,
And I intend to end up there.” –Rumi

To remember and keep it straight and choose to be alive!

I tell you this often, you are not exempt from being important and mattering, you have not been forgotten by the light of the universe. You are meant to shine. You have a light to shine in the world. And for some of us, the most courageous thing we can do is to STOP the thing we keep doing like “I just need to figure it all out first” or waiting and waiting and waiting…

No matter where you are, no matter how you’re doing it – you’re here to shine a light in the world, and that quality of that light is supposed to be bright!

When a bulb is dim, we replace it. So this is me, coming to replace the lightbulbs in our hearts.

We’re here to shine a light. And we do it best when we are in our sparkle and we’re not grinding our face into the dirt trying so hard to make that happen.

We’re here to be in our joy and sparkle. And when your energy system is vibing in a similar state, you’re a match.

And I get that it’s the hardest for you to trust, and what I am saying is the truth. So you may need to try it out for yourself, experiment on your own things. Get out and play instead of waiting and trying to figure it all out. Go do something fun and see how it lifts you.

When you feel sad or resistant, do you think it’s possible that it’s your inner being asking you to come out and play? What have we got to lose? I say you already know what the other way feels like… you have lots of evidence to back up what happens when you keep on slogging along. And so you can say alright, I am going to try it. What have we got to lose?

Haven’t we had enough pain, enough loss, enough suffering and fear? Haven’t we spent enough time feeling like we weren’t getting anywhere good?

When your vibe is alive and aligned with the creative force of the Universe your instructions — going back to the person wiating in line, what am I supposed to do what am I here doing? There is a sense of calm and centering to that part of us because we feel we are being guided, directed, led and it’s okay if we play and hang out and not grinding our face to the stone, always kicking butt and taking names. Fun is the purpose.

We create such drama for ourselves.

How would it be to enjoy yourself for 30 minutes, in just the way you like it. It doesn’t matter what lights you up as long as you’re saying I love it I love it! This is when you’re gonna get guidance and inspiration for more in your life.

It’s about remembering you are a spark of the essence of the entire Universe and trusting that being thrilled and lit up even if you’re in a barka lounger watching a series, you are still thrilled and lit up regardless of the outcome, that’s what’s big and important and as you hit that place there’s a light coming through you that other people need to experience.

You are contributing when you are living your purpose, and your purpose is to shine.

The whole universe is a bit dimmer when you are not living your purpose. The whole world is a bit dimmer. So this light, we need to let it flow and we need to allow it to happen. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy

And it’s the same light that helps you transform the inner obstacles too. The feelings of not belonging, or hurt, betrayal or sadness. I know a few friends right now going thru heavy stuff but they shine so brightly, this light protects them from dipping down so far.

The more we can allow this light to flow, the clearer we will feel about being here and what we’re doing here what we’re meant to be doing and also the more peaceful and positive we’ll be, the more expectant we’ll feel about the good things to come.

So many of you write to me about waiting, you don’t know what’s going to come. You’d like to know how to not be afraid while you’re waiting… and this is it: get about your day in a glorious fun way and enjoy yourself and trust.

And you could be doing this for people too! Wish people well as they come to your mind and send them love. My goodness is this a beautiful practice! And it’s what I do when I think of you, that’s what I am doing. You inspire me, I appreciate you, I am sending you love. This could be a gorgeous practice too. Instead of focusing on the heavy stuff, let’s focus on the good. Even with the people who bug us, there are so many things to appreciate and marvel at.

You’re here to channel light in the world in the very own way. And channeling light is just like that, you’re wishing people well, sending love, deciding to project a better energy than the one trying to be rampant inside you instead… lot of us have momentum around that of course there’s an energetic momentum around that but we can practice.

I was reading in the ACIM – we are always projecting our inner truth out into the world. If we are lost in a place of upset or stress or I have to work I cannot bang the drum all day because all these things are going wrong… that’s an inner truth we’re carrying and then we project it out.

So, of course, we’re gonna have experiences that back this up. We are. We’re gonna experience things in a very similar way so if you don’t like what’s coming back to you or what’s not coming to you, very simply to remember we’re here to channel light in the world, we’re here to channel love in the world and the first thing we’re here to do is honor our light and our way.

Now. One final note. I know a lot of us have had religious icky – the reason I am saying it is we worry God will be disappointed with us if we don’t make something of ourselves or we don’t turn out to be good people, I gotta say I doubt God will more or less pleased because you haven’t hit the benchmark of A SUCCESSFUL high achiever. NO. God cares about you shining. That’s it. And shining is measured in joy and delight and light and excitement. It’s measured in kindness and being present in the now, not carrying your past with you and bonking yourself over the head with your past history again and again.

Are you adding to the collective hum of light and love? That’s what the Universe cares about and it all begins with you. You matter. The quality of your day matters, the quality of your light matters. And honoring your needs matters. Needs are the soul’s way of saying, Hi friend, can you please make space for you so we can synch up? Something important and good is coming so could you please make time for you?

We have to honor our needs. Have fun and play and enjoy.
And the healing balm we’re seeking everywhere else comes from making space for us. You will feel healed when you decide to make yourself the priority and center of focus and to honor you.

And when you don’t recognize your tendency to skip your needs — Your needs are to feel good, to feel like you’re in a sweet life, to be at peace, to feel like you love the life you’re in.

In the end, I wanna say I get why it’s challenging to honor your needs. I felt selfish and lazy about taking that first hour for me but I also know that just consider the history you’ve had growing up and in your young life you’ll see why it’s easy to skip out on you and not make yourself a priority.

What I know for sure is things can change for you in the best possible ways in all the ways you’re wishing for. But only if you’re willing to make space for you and have that courageous faith to take the leap.

What lights you up is never bad or wrong and lighting that light in you is the first step in making the world brighter.

Yippie kay yay, here we go!

Episode Inspo: Rumi’s poem – who says words who looks out with my eyes, what is the soul? I cannot stop asking.

This week’s letter: #depressionconfession

What do you do when a partner’s mood isn’t so great? How can you be a supportive partner to your partner? Without getting down and losing yourself in the other person’s stuff? And still find joy for ourselves without feeling selfish.

Everybody is on a journey, we’re all on the mountain making our way. There will be times when we’re not on the same trek and that can feel hard. And it’s also a great time to practice being that light, shining that light, and remembering that if I am not in my own shine the world is a bit dimmer. The truth I want to radiate outward from me is a sense of happiness and lightness and ease.

It is never all on you, everybody has their own choice to do the work or not, they are always radiating the consciousness              Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy Show references below

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Thank you for listening, may it serve you!

Hugs and love,

Your Soul Is Here for Its Own Joy

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🎧 Episode 49: On honoring our needs and why it matters 💙💙 and why we shouldn’t judge what feels fun for us. All of it is light flowing through which helps heal us and the world. When you wonder what’s the point of it all… to remember to be in an attitude of ease and play and always trusting we have never failed at anything, ever. We came here for the FUN. And there is no need to suffer in order to feel joy. I’m talking about how to ride in delight throughout your day and choose to adopt an attitude of play 🤠 This week’s inspiration is a favorite Rumi poem – my soul comes from somewhere else 🙂 and our letter comes from #depressionconfession who asks, What do you do when a partner’s mood isn’t so great? How can I be a supportive partner without getting down myself and still find joy for me without feeling mean or selfish? Plus lots of funnies, like Floyd the Coyote in my meditation (this photo is from that second “failed attempt”), and the time I went to become ordained in Florida, plus H-erbs, and remembering to dance with the one who brung ya 🙂 Yippie kay yay, here we go! All this and more. Grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here ❤️ Listen to episode 49: Don’t Judge Your Needs, Rumi, #depressionconfession Link in bio for full episode on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you enjoy listening Always, thank you so much for supporting the podcast! I appreciate your awesome reviews, and you sharing these episodes with friends who can benefit. Want me to read your letter on the show? DM me here or email hello @ #teawithrobin @robinhallett

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