Hello, Wheel of Suffering, Let Me Count the Ways // Tea with Robin Episode 96

Hello, Wheel of Suffering, Let Me Count the WaysHello, wheel of suffering. Let me count the ways 😉

How do we take ourselves off the wheel?

How do we recognize there is a wheel? How can we wake up to having put ourselves there?

On making the choice to choose to stay with our experience kindly, helpfully, instead of freakout mode.

Our inspiration is welcoming wonderment, on staying open to miracles, expecting the good, changing our tune and looking out there in the beautiful world and expecting something good

and we’ll have a letter from #familytogether, who shares the journey of family time, private time, and honoring these needs for all in the family.

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Hello, Wheel of Suffering, Let Me Count the Ways

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“In my defenselessness, my safety lies.” A Course in Miracles Workbook lesson — 153

“Love created me like itself.” — A Course in Miracles Workbook lesson 67

“There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.” A Course in Miracles text 1.1

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler Robin Hallett calm and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode. The Wheel of suffering, how do we take ourselves off the wheel. How do we recognize series a wheel, how do we help ourselves to power experiences for us, our inspiration is welcoming wonderment and staying open to miracles, expecting the good changing our tune, and looking out there in the beautiful world expecting to see something good, and we’ll have a letter from hashtag family together. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Well hello gorgeous friends, it’s me Robin, welcome back to the podcast, tea with Robin. This is Episode 96

and. Hello. Hello. Hello,


How are you today friend.

And I should say, if you’re listening for the first time. I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome. This is an awesome place. I hope you love the snacks that people are amazing. This is what we call the love posse. Just imagine right now. A group of beautiful hearts and souls all around the world, saying hello to now. Hello. Hello. Welcome.

So Hi. Welcome friends.

It’s a beautiful breezy sunny day here and I hope you will indulge me that I have the window open so we might be getting some street nice may just add to our arm beyond, you know, and to the ambience so seriously, how are you. How is the weather in your heart today. Always My prayer is that you are being so kind and gentle with yourself. Loving in your heart. Choosing the perspective that love is always


And no matter what is happening in the world or in your personal journey. No matter what, you are facing. If it struggles, if it’s challenges, if it’s just, you know, the grind. Can you remember that love is always here. Love is always viral, I like to say it’s viral too, and change is always possible. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today transformation and change. So, so many blessings and love, I sound from my heart to yours right now in this moment.

Did you receive it.

Really, what would it be like to stop and place your hands on your heart, and receive. Allow yourself to take that in over here. It’s a gorgeous day. It’s a beautiful day I’ve just finished morning MAGIC WITH THE LOVE posse I’m there every morning at 9am Chicago time

on Instagram, you

can find me in the link below or on my website or Robin Hallett on Instagram, celebrating this journey, and it changes you when you choose to show up and practice receiving it changes you. For the good, it changes you for the higher, the bigger the. The wider the deeper, it makes change happen. And so, today is a beautiful day I’m feeling happy in my heart. The birds are chirping. I hear the fountain in the garden. It always sounds like a man is being in my garden though, I need to work on the,

On the water fountains, let’s just say,

doesn’t always sound so gurgly and wonderful. Oh boy, I hope this gets left in Robin, don’t edit that out. So let’s raise a cup of chair together I have some iced coffee and a nice glass of crisp bubbly water. Love it. Here’s to you. I want to tell you something. You’re beautiful inside, outside your possible,


present and future, and you are a miracle. Meaning, shift is always possible, you make change happen. Just by giving your focus somewhere you change things. Cheers to you.

Let’s have another one.

Okay, one more.

Yummy Yummy yummy.

So good. If you’ve been here listening these last many episodes you know that I am talking about what’s going on in the world and always how what’s happening on the outside is pinging what’s happening on the inside. You know, we never do this transformational work alone and on our own. It’s never just happening to us, or just out there in the world, everything’s happening at once. And so this is the time where yes if your personal stuff has been coming up. Let’s say you haven’t been feeling safe, let’s say you’ve been worrying about the reemergence of COVID, as you know in areas where it’s been slowing the growth has been slowing and things are reopening and now you’re hearing about things, closing down again because we’re having another search, you’re getting scared, or you’re learning about

more about,

you know, Black Lives Matter trans, black, you know, trans lives manner. You’re paying attention to the news in China. The news in the White House, you know, I’m gonna stop there. Okay. Just saying. There’s a lot. Okay, wait. The reactionary people freaking out, protecting their property getting scared you know whatever you’re seeing happening. Here’s the thing. The outer will ping the inner, and when I say outer I mean the world out there. And when I say inner I mean your inner landscape. There is an impact. And even if you say, you know, I don’t watch the news. A lot of people will tell me privately that they’re ashamed to admit that they don’t like to watch the news because it upsets them. And I think there is this knowing now that it’s not enough to just say that we feel we feel the call to be awake and aware and to know but also like turning off the news doesn’t help you not feel stressed because it’s bigger than that everywhere you go, even on my bike ride, there are signs on almost every line in certain neighborhoods, saying different things so it’s hard to not be aware that something’s going on. You know, so keep in mind that the outer Pink’s the inner. And if you find yourself struggling right now suffering, I call it the wheel of suffering we go on the wheel of suffering. Let me set the scene for you. Imagine a person throwing knives at somebody spinning on the wheel in the movies, now are vaudeville act or the circus act with the knife throwing spinning on the wheel. Jake’s throwing knives. On a spinning wheel.


you know, just picture yourself. I know it’s not the best image but picture yourself on the wheel spinning. When we get scared when we get upset. We go and find the wheel. The Wheel of suffering. There’s a whole spinning thing going on. And when we find ourselves getting upset, we’re noticing how things are escalating out there watching people waving guns on the news this week, you know, that was one for me, that’s really sticking out right now in this moment it triggered a place in me that also feels felt unsafe growing up, unsafe. I have many experiences of not feeling safe, not feeling protected by people who were supposed to be doing that for me. So, you find yourself spinning on the wheel of suffering, and when you can, you know, my prayer and talking about this is that something sticks and the next time it happens, you’re like, Oh, you maybe you’ll remember me Tell me, Robin, and the wheel of suffering, you know, so concur versus corny the unicorn is, is spinning the wheel, you know, remember spinning the wheel from Wheel of Fortune, or the prices right picture a sweet unicorn spinning that wheel for you. And maybe that sweet in the comments really your eyes self. Your truest biggest self, holding on to that we’ll be able to stop it to an extend a hand to you and help you off the wheel. This is the practice that we can get into the visual of you, with your arms and legs strapped to the wheel spinning round and round, somebody’s throwing darts at you, you’re thinking about the fearful stories. Things escalating, you know, this sense that there is a lack of empathy there.

You don’t know where to

turn, you don’t know what to do, or you’re worrying about your personal journey, so many of you are dealing with things, life and death things in your personal life, or you’re afraid for your jobs. You’re afraid for your bills you’re worried about abundance, all these things they put us on the wheel of suffering. And so picture yourself up there going around and around. It’s kind of like one on ending cartwheels last week I was talking about the graph and trying to them talking about the wheels. It’s like doing one on ending cartwheel and the big question is,

do you know

that you can get off. You can get off that wheel you can take yourself off the wheel. Do you know that. Do you believe it’s possible to stop the spin

to stop yourself from spinning.

There’s only love here there’s no judgment here and there’s


You know, you might ask yourself some of these deeper questions and feel some

sense of shame.

You might feel embarrassed to realize something.

And if those feelings come up. Ask yourself

tighter. Love yourself deeper and know that there’s a friend here, right here Hi, me, my hand is in the air right now. Loving you fiercely encouraging you to keep going. The small minded pockets, I can fall into in an hour is astounding to me sometimes. And what did I say episode This is Episode 96, I’m going to have to look up the episode where I, I have talked about my own anxiety for so many episodes here. I’m hearing Episode 19, so we’ll have to look that up and see which one that was but so much suffering, you know, months and months and months of not being able to sleep well. I have been there, two pockets and pockets of suffering and the small minded stories that I can get into and when I say the small brain I’m talking about our ego I’m talking about our pain body I’m talking about the one in me that all leaves. I’m separate from everything else and you know the bad things always happen to me and this and that.

That’s what I’m talking about. Okay.

You get upset, you get worried you get into stinky thinking, stinking thinking, get upset with a friend, somebody doesn’t. You know, do something the way you want it, you get involved in other people’s drama.

Something’s happening to you and you end up feeling guilty.

Just the same old story, keeps coming back to you, whatever it is you’re on the wheel. Do you know you can take yourself off the wheel again, you can remove yourself you can say, turn to the unicorn standing by. That’s you. That’s your highest self Arnie the unicorn really represents that character represents your highest and best self. The one in you connected to God, and I always say even Connie has struggles knowing that he is a spark of the Divine. He’s a freaking unicorn, you know he’s magical, and he doesn’t always know it. That’s the practice right now is do you know you can get off the wheel, and I would like to exit the ride is a beautiful thing to start saying hello, I’d like to exit the ride stop now please


put your foot down and stop.

I think about times when. Oh boy. Any anybody know what the bed spins are. Oh yeah, lots of experience, a lot of field research with the bed spins in my younger years for sure. I still remember how that was you put a foot on put you can put your, your laying down you can put your foot on the ground and the spinning stops. It’s really something how that stops the energy from going. And that’s, that’s what we’re going to do today we’re going to practice because I’ve been hearing from so many of you, and I know it’s not everybody. But if it’s not you. Maybe you have a friend, you know, a sibling, your partner, somebody in your sphere that this is going to be helpful for us I hope you’ll stick around and keep receiving. We have we are doing this work of waking up and I’ve been getting so many letters from people and, you know, it’s almost even out of sorts, what I’m hearing sometimes the way people write me and they’re talking about things like there is fear, there’s terror, some of some people sound like this is triggering this sensation for them like the zombie apocalypse is coming. And it’s okay to be afraid. What I want us to do is acknowledge it, acknowledge our feeling. You think if you acknowledge your fear, it’s going to get worse but it’s going. It’s like putting a foot on the ground, and it stops the spin. You know,

that’s what ends up happening.

We have a small victory. We have a small win. And that’s the hard work of waking up is it takes time.

transformation is not easy.


we don’t always hope that we’re in for the transformation do we, we didn’t necessarily raise our hand for COVID, like consciously, please bring on a pandemic. Please, effectively shut the world down please. You know, bring the bring the unrest, and the stories, you know, please. You know what I’m saying. We have been praying for change. We have been praying for shift to happen. And we have been praying for equality and for the end of separation if you really sit with the things you were focused on, even if you think I am the most selfish person in the world. I only ever think of myself and it’s always about me me me me me and my focus there’s so much going on in my own life and my focus is really just about me and yeah, I feel kind of guilty. But that’s where I’m at, you know, that’s so honest. But you two have been praying for change and transformation and and in my way of seeing things the energy is like yeah you can’t get one without the other. You can’t pray for greater ease and abundance without also raising amplifying the energy on where there’s inequality in the world. So enough people have been focused on things that are. It’s all coming out now. Does that make sense. It’s all coming up now. So, keep in mind that as you are making your moves. And as you’re catching yourself caught in a moment of struggle, and I get, you know, for you it’s probably been fewer and fewer you’re getting better and better at this process. Those of you here receiving practicing with me every week. You are new, aren’t you, it’s getting better and better.

You’re in the process of transformation

shift is happening.

And so even

if you feel like you could be doing more out there knowing that you’re doing your work in here inside your own heart, you are addressing so many things that are needed in the world. You’re liberating light in your own heart. Every time you get off the wheel of suffering personally. You help the world, take a deeper breath. And that is the truth with a capital T. There are people who will tell you that’s BS. But you, this is a time where you need to decide who you’re going to listen to and I vote that you always listen to the resonant heart in you, the one that is beating with God because you are a spark of the Divine and when you hear what I’m saying. If it lights up in your heart, and you know it’s true.

Does that make sense, then you know it’s true.

This is you and your, your awakening.

Last week I was talking to about the one ad, choosing to do a one ad on every story you carry about how you’re suffering, or you don’t feel safe, you know that’s been a big issue for people, and. Are you feel worried. You know, the word safety might not resonate for you but pick your word feel concerned for friends or family members. What is the one ad look like for you, and if you didn’t hear that episode The one ad means to apply and turn around. Not just look for the opposite statement but to see how a much fuller bigger experience of what it is that you’ve been focused on and like for the person who hasn’t felt safe in their, their town or their neighborhood, you know there’s been some unrest I’m. There’s a lot going on in Chicago right now and there’s definitely a feeling like you wouldn’t want to be driving your car on the Southside of Chicago. But what about my friends who live there right now. I was talking to a friend of mine. Last week, you know, they can hear literal bullets at night sometimes. What are we doing, we’re gonna apply a practice. Instead of I don’t feel safe. Call on safety and know that I am safety. Here’s the interesting thing. You are a spark of the Divine. You don’t get up decide to practice them in times where you’re feeling good. And then when you’re afraid, or you’re worried or, there’s been that diagnosis, or there’s been that illness or that surprising twist where you lost your job, you know, whatever it is. You don’t get to my practice there a practice in the good times, that’s not how this works. You’re in for all of it. And even though, you know the terror is so real and so big, in your in your mind in your body, your heart is pounding. You are still that one who’s connected to God. And the Course in Miracles says love created me like itself kindness created me kind. Safety created me safe. It’s about calling these feelings to you, and listening, and using your

discernment, not from a place of terror


Of course a miracle says here in my defenselessness, my safety lies and what that means is when I don’t defend my terror, but it’s real. I hear the bullets when I don’t keep myself in that place of what the diagnosis is there the tumor is on the X ray, you know, but they let me go. And I don’t know how I’m gonna pay the mortgage next month. When I don’t continue to defend my fear, keep staying in my fear keep yeah but this is the evidence, this is what’s happening. Yeah, but that’s defending it. That’s staying in it. When you exit the wheel when you put your foot down when you say I am loving awareness. Does anybody remember that episode, I’m going to put all these in the show notes if you just go to Robin Hallett comm slash 96, you will get these other links that I’m talking about. I am loving awareness. This is where I find my safety, remembering who I truly am, and the truest truth. Does that make sense. The truth is truth. And, you know, what is the truest truth. You, my friend, are a spark of the Divine. You come from God.

You exist as you.

And the slide, of course, you know yourself as

this one here.

But you are God expressing

the God’s self through you, in this lifetime.

And that means. Totally.

There is one in you who never saw her.

There is one

in you, who is never separate

never other. Never oppressed, never


And, you know, this journey is a practice, of course, I don’t remember this every single day. forget every, every minute. Forget it. This is the practice we’re waking up to. If I noticed my suffering. If I noticed that I’ve been struggling for the last hour in my head about whatever the stories are

personal global, whatever.

Can I say to myself, stop. Can I say this is suffering. I see you suffering. Stop,

put your foot down.

Extend the hand to the unicorn waiting at the side of the wheel to escort you

off the wheel.


And then you can apply a practice. If you have a favorite practice if you have a favorite knowing something that really suits who our minds are open to up in this moment you know what I’m hearing. You raise me up. Is that Josh Groban. You raise me. So, can you raise me. So I can stand on mountain.

You raise me

to stormy sea. I am strong. I am on your shoulder. You raise me up to more than I can be friends. That’s what happens when we exit the wheel, nobody’s saying these things aren’t happening in the world, nobody’s saying that you don’t feel upset nobody’s denying your fear, nobody saying you don’t have a right to be a scare. I’m encouraging you to make the choice exit to exit the wheel exit the wheel.

And you know,

that was a big truck going by to Sir, and you know, you’re the only one that can do that. Nobody can force you to do it as best I can do. If you’re with me, it’s remind you of everything I’m saying now, friends and session notice about me we practice together.

What does it look like the freedom

story around this upset. What does it look like what’s it feel like what do you notice what do you taste, touch, smell, when you try on the opposite of this thing happening when you try on the world. Healing when you try on global awareness global healing when you try on safety in your community, in your neighborhood safety for every


Parent adult grandparent you know I’m saying every citizen of the world. What’s it look like equality, what’s it feel like you can try these things on. You can use your imaginal ability and your brain and your nervous system, and this is science, this isn’t me pushing up your God. You’re I’m saying this is, you know, this is shown in studies when we imagine it the brain thinks it’s happening. This is why we want to practice

in this direction, beloved.

This is why we want to practice in this direction, my friend.

Just looking at the clock and it’s 333.

Isn’t that funny.

So you know, just to wrap this up.

This is the practice before us.

To make the choice to regard to our suffering, to not suffer by helping ourselves out and trusting that you are liberating light within yourself, and it’s going out to the world, so making the choice to not just be freaked out, or in hopeless despair helps the world, and extrapolate on that in all the other areas of your life. It’s true. And these little victories. I call them little victories. The truth is, they’re all huge, every time you make the choice to get free. You do something ginormous, and miraculous but this is how miracles build they build one on the other on the other end. One day, you realize you’re doing things you never thought possible.

Because you started practicing.

So instead of worry, make the choice, instead of fear, make the choice, help yourself out

of yourself.

And if all else fails, sing the song, you know, don’t say You Raise Me Up say raise me up. Get me on the mound. Do it, you know, help yourself. You are so loved,


the benevolent energy of this universe has your back, the universe has your back, a monster assist you gotta ask, you know, gotta play to win. And somebody is certainly playful today. Am I right, so while we have some more. Yum yum. And talk about this week’s inspiration. Last week we talked about the 180, which is choosing that turnaround choosing that other perspective than the one I normally always go with choosing something different and letting that. Be my practice so that I start to remember, automatically, and I’m seeing that happen in the friends who I connect with who are listening along and sharing their feedback, I’m hearing how this is happening. So this week. I’d love to build on that momentum and talk about miracles, expecting miracles and staying in this miraculous momentum. So I’m kind of, I don’t know if you know this about me but I’m kind of all about the miracles. I’m all about letting the universe surprise me. I’m about experimenting, instead of forcing my own plan about letting go and seeing what wants to arise. Even though I get scared. Even though I have a controlling tendency. There are many controlling bones in my body. There are anxious bones in my body and I can worry and fret about things, more and more and more as I practice you know I love the feeling of surprise me. Show me the way, let me know, talk to me. And at the heart of that I guess for me is if I’m talking like that to the universe, I always like to have. It’s like have the Wink back, you know, so when you see the magic numbers. I’m somebody who’s like, yeah, I’m winking at you to high fives back to you. To my angel posse or to the universe I’m just knowing it’s benevolent energy loving me. And it’s such a gorgeous reminder that, you know, if I can practice, allowing this co creative process. Then it really is like what I want, I can create, you know, manifesting works

in powerful ways.

And today I’ve been talking about unconscious, you know, stress, but let’s talk about fun, some fun manifesting for you. Okay,

fun, fun, fun,

more and more as we do these practices that we’re, we’re about here and morning magic. We’re practicing remembering that we are

sparks of the Divine and we have power.

We have ability to create and we are always creating and we don’t. the truth is we don’t always like what we’re creating so becoming a conscious manifester is really important it’s realizing that like Paul Selig and the guides would say, I am in accord with everything I see, so what I’m giving my focus to, I’m agreeing with, and that doesn’t always feel good, especially when you know you can draw some really big examples going on now and it almost doesn’t even work for us but when you think about things like, You know, my life isn’t amounting to anything and I never get anywhere and people don’t appreciate what I what I do and not, you know, nobody ever thinks me or I’m worried about my job and things like that. You know, it’s much easier to practice on so let’s stick there.

Why don’t we

give her awareness to expand and if you’re stepping off the wheel of suffering if you’re recognizing, I don’t want to be thinking this way, I don’t enjoy these feelings and I do notice the more I think about it, the worse it gets, the more I aligned to it, the more evidence I see. So let’s practice in the other way, what do I want to be in accord with again this is no one at. All right, I don’t want to be a loser. And I don’t want evidence that I’m a loser. So, how can we focus on the beauty and the expanse, even if I am worried about world events, instead of just being in alignment with the fear and the terror and the tragedy. How can I choose to see the healing.

How can I choose to see the CO creation

in so many ways.

So, teeny tiny example of this is if you believe you’re. You are blessed. And I do believe that, and I do feel that the essence of the universe is expressing itself through you always so why don’t we do this in the direction of delight let’s play with our manifesting delight this week. I think we can all use a little bit of that. And honestly, I feel it so strongly that our mental health, really, we need to be focusing there, especially if you’re somebody serving and helping and speaking and engaging and learning and all these things going on now, you’ve got to also be thinking about your mental health. So I’ve begun riding my bicycle riding my bike is something fun and different It reminds me of when I was a little girl. I was always on my bike. Had the banana seat, and those high handlebars and I had a my bike was green. Like this mossy green. Like a green apple green loved it and white banana seat. And I had a white bear wicker basket on front with the

colorful flowers

like Zinnia or cosmos, looking for so much fun. And I still remember how we would tie, playing cards, or we would stick Styrofoam cups in the spokes or playing cards you could cook to your spouse, and, you know, fun experience so bike riding. Yes. I go out and I intentionally choose different places to be. To ride, different places in the neighborhood explore and somewhere. Last week I had been first in my garden. This year I’m doing my own lawn mowing because that’s one way I thought we could


take up some of the.

You know how to cut back on some of the expenses that aren’t necessarily necessary. I can mow the lawn. It’s been actually a total joy, and I’m even finding out that you don’t need to mow every week, it’s like every two weeks it’s still looking amazing if you’re not constantly fertilizing and chemical lysing things. It’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful, so I was out in the yard looking. And I noticed these really interesting plants coming up inside the day lilies and they have these really neat waxy leaves and, you know, something like, how would I draw that how would I paint that. What could I do with these you know that kind of feeling, and so interesting they reminded me of a large size, see them. If you know that plant. And I became so fascinated by it, am curious. And so instead of taking out my phone and taking a picture and using the Google app or the plant finder app or asking I have a dozen gardening friends I could have texted a picture to and said, What is this, I said, I would like to welcome wonderment. I want to be in my wonder in my place of wonder. My place of a place of wonder. So right there I just said, I can’t wait to discover what this


I kind of have a hunch, but I thought let’s play this game. Do you ever do this let’s play this game spirit. Surprise me, show me my miracle show me my show me my


My perception,

you know, show me,

show me how

I can ask this question in a place of complete trust and fun you know not asking for a million dollars for a liver transplant. These are things that you know feels so much harder when you’re really there but this is how we get there so we start to sit with. Let me play let me play, and let me welcome with wonderment this miracle So show me spirit. And for a few days just every day I would go out and look at the plants, and I would feel that excitement in my belly. Do I sound like a dork right now. I would feel this excitement in my belly of. I wonder would it be so wonderful.


I resisted the urge to look anything up I was just playing along playing, playing, playing. So one day. Now here comes my bicycle. I ride my bike. Every day I get out for an hour and ride, and even when it’s 90 something out, it’s beautiful because you’re in the breeze, you don’t feel it, and I love how I can stay in the shade and ride and ride and ride, it’s just like being good again. But I explore different neighborhoods and go different places, and I was riding my bike down this road, and I could smell a fragrant. A wafting fragrance, kind of like you have strong fragrances in the breezes like jasmine, when I was in Bali. The frangipani trees, I can still smell bad. I remember the jasmine flowers lilacs for sure. And the privet hedge has a bloom that I can smell but that one makes me sneeze. I could smell. Oh and bergamot wild burgum I can smell that too, from far away. Wow. So I could smell this smell, and it was like flowers coming from me, way down the road.


I see this little park there are some kids outside playing, and it says rose Park and roses, my favorite flower, by the way, roasty rose flower from rose, everything.


I look, and it’s my little plant, I probably have four of these coming up through the dailies but this was like 100 of them. I’m not kidding. The whole, like 10 feet by 10 feet circle. And these were the little flower heads were in bloom. And there were monarch butterflies. Like so many. It was shocking. It was like, how can I deny. This is somehow miraculous. It is it that this is miraculous. You know, like sometimes friends will say to me in session. You know, and I, I asked the question and I heard a name or I heard a, or I saw vision or I walked down the street and saw that thing I asked to see. And then I didn’t trust it. Do you ever do that, and then I didn’t trust it, but I thought, am I making that up. Well this was like the butterflies these plants they were all blooming rose Park. It was kind of hard to say. I made that up. It just felt like, Wow, so I did what any welcoming host would do a welcoming host to miracles gets off her bicycle, and inspects the scene. Smells the flowers. Takes a bunch of pictures. You know, gets excited, and I thought this is amazing. This is so amazing. And those butterflies wow and the big big bumblebees and I thought, that’s it. I have got to get these into my garden like whole thing in my backyard. Do you know how my backyard, floods, while the ground is pretty, you know, forget grass. I’m not interested in grass much these days anyway.

Especially since I have to mow a half an

acre, plus the parkway. No thank you. So we’ve been getting rid of our lawn for a lot of years. But now we just have what I’m calling the badminton court in the backyard and the rest is going wild, and that’s good because that’s where it floods, well I thought this will be perfect for these plants, I have four. I could probably move one over. I gotta find out what these are called and then I said, No, this is the welcoming wonderment. This is the experiment, just let’s see this isn’t your final answer. This is just a little taste. So big little taste. So I rode my bike home and


getting off and looking at the plants in my yard and going Yep, these are the same ones it’s so exciting. Am I lost you. Are you still there caller.

It’s so cool.

So, a couple days later, and this TJ, are you listening tj. This goes up to you tj. Are you here today TJ, are you listening, my friend. I get a packet in the mail. First of all it’s exquisitely written in the fancy writing that I love so I saved that, and I am the biggest weirdo but I love this about myself, if I get mail or package in the mail. I carry it around with reefer de. So if you ever like send me something and then you’re like, I haven’t heard from her I haven’t heard from her. I don’t know, I just get excited and I cherish the whole experience so it’s at my table where I have tea and coffee in the mornings, and sometimes number one has to be like, Are you enjoying your package, like, yes, you know me so well. So I opened it and guess what’s inside.

Are you guessing. Yeah, the seat

for that point. I mean that there were a lot of sweet things there. Yeah, seeds, for the plant. So the plant is a milkweed. Did you guess already. In fact, three different varieties of native plants for my area, or my area, and things I can grow in their backyard area that will bring the pollinators in. I brought the seed packets with me. And this is,

This is so neat because it’s a company

can’t celebrate this as miracle and abundance. We are really sunk my friends, you know, because these are the things that come to us to help us open our hearts and minds to these possibilities and to remember to call it back to ourselves that we are creating the world word. So these three plants common milk. Common milkweed, that’s what I saw. Prairie Mimosa Doesn’t that sound cool and this one I can’t wait for brokes it’s very funky looking prairie Mimosa and prairie blazing star, Leah Chris I know it by land press I never knew what was called the blazing star. I like it. blazing star Mimosa, and milkweed. And this company is company. Freedom Creek Seed Company, I’m gonna put the tag in the link in the show notes. There was also some delicious honey from them in my care package, among other special items and.


Thank you again.

Thank you TJ but thank you universe, and thank you. Thank you, Robin, and I wonder if anything is sparking for you

in terms of

asking for a miracle, staying open to the miracle, choosing the miracle. No, staying in the place of wonderment. And you might think yeah yeah yeah like I said, it’s not a liver transplant or a million dollars or any of that. But the principle of the thing is there is no order of difficulty in miracles one is not bigger than the other one is not harder than the other and where miracles do not occur, something has gone wrong, and that something going wrong is us. Our believer at Broken Arrow. So I encourage you to play with something today, find your moment of wonderment and put it out to the universe. Surprise me Show me play with me Tell me you know guide me. And look, You know I feel so big and light like this week, compared to, you know, it’s been very lifting for me in terms of everything going on right now, all the stuff happening. This has been a huge lifter for me. So, you know, let’s give this a whirl. My friends, you know, apply that one add to your thinking and also ask her a surprise stay in your woman. And you can be in your wonderment about everything you can’t you if you can.

So let’s have some more tea. Friends.

Today’s letter.

I would love you to share this episode on there’s a number of ways you can support the podcast actually support the love I share every week here, there’s a number of ways you can do that one is to share this on if you see me share it somewhere on social media, hit the like button, and hit the share button and help us go a little bit farther. Maybe you can apply some of these principles in your own life and have your own miracles and be the example be the teacher for your friends that’s such a. That’s my favorite way to support this work, help a friend who needs to hear this, share this on and always I welcome a donation, there’s a, you can buy me a coffee or buy one of the mugs I have in my red bubble shop or, you know, of course with me and sentence as well. I’m available for Healing Sessions, and I did want to this reminds me, I wanted to say that I now have an option. if you have been impacted in this time, you have lost work with COVID going on, and any other hardship that you’re experiencing or if you’re in another country where the exchange rate is just. Yikes. There is a link now in the book a session area that you can click and fill out the form and you and I can have a conversation work something out together. This is me also finding a way to make it work in these times you know we all need to be flexible and roll with the changes as Mario saying right and this is me doing that so for whoever needs to hear that today I hope that feels helpful and supportive. Yes.

So this letter.

You know what, just dive in. This goes out to you, Amy. And thank you so much for writing, and friends I love to read your letter. And I can always use more letters, especially now it feels like you know there’s a whole new world happening and I could really use some letters related to these times, so if you have something please write to me at hello at Robin Hallett calm. Hello, Ron. I’m so excited to write you this letter. I’ve been on the path for a while now, and I’m continuing to come into myself day by day. Your wisdom has helped me so much, or that I am grateful. One of the areas I’ve been growing in this making space for myself to breathe, to eat, to be just as myself to hear the whispers of God to stand in my life, to share my insights and sometimes just to be alone. I have a lot of caregiving responsibilities with three little humans. And I’m doing my best. I’m making great strides.

But I know I need more.

When my husband is home on nights and weekends, that’s when I need to rest. Restore renew and well he needs that to some days, I’m better at getting what I need than others but I’m the whole, it’s a tender spot for me.

So my question is,

how do I find the space for myself amidst all of this. How do I get what I need and give my family what they need. How do I see the togetherness and all of this.

Not me versus them.

Not my needs, versus their needs


how do we all win.

I love you so much, and I’m finally ready to hear the answer to this Thank you Thank you Thank you, Amy.

Thank you, Amy. That’s.

It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful the

year where you’re having this, and I celebrate your awareness so much awareness here. So I wonder if you heard that back what you heard in your own question. feels like an answer. What you’ve discovered.

Just listening.

What awareness is here for you now. I love it.

Hey I’m finally ready to hear the answer to this. I so get that, because it’s, it’s like a wild thing when we realize that other people are involved, and other people. We are involved with have needs to separate from us, just as much as us. And we are in the place of acceptance. Even though we don’t have the perfect answer. This is such a huge thing. And that’s in my mind. We’ve already floated over that barrier that keeps us in ego into oneness. We’ve already done that even if it’s not really fully conscious yet. I’m not talking to you specifically there on to sharing everything that’s coming to me here. You know, we’ve moved into more of an awareness of oneness, there is no you or me it’s just us. And everything I do to you I do to myself. And if I want. Rest from me, I have to offer rest to you because we are one. So, in many ways the way parents parent two parent households work is.

I go to work, and you watch the kids,

and you watch the kids,

and you watch the kids. And then, when I’m home from work.

Some format of that,

you know, but really it’s like okay really when are we all resting. When are we all honoring our needs, if there’s never a break, and never time set aside for free time or exploring time or solo time or resting time. How do we do it. And, you know, for single parents, this is a huge thing. Just like it’s a huge thing. But also, there’s an answer right in your question which I just always find so awesome.

said how do I see the togetherness and all of this that is the answer is to practicing the togetherness and all of this. So it’s not like I get to rest once my husband gets home, which implies I only rest if my husband’s home,

not already in the struggle already.

I see the togetherness in the song.

And I honor the needs of all of us in every moment, I’m just honoring what is now.

A lot of us feel like we want acknowledgement for what we’ve been doing, while the other person’s been away working or the other person’s been home taking care of the kids. Each of us is thinking about ourselves and we would like some acknowledgement for all that we’re doing. This is a very common pitfall. It’s nothing to be, you know, tripped up about are worried about. It just is. It’s something we realize I’m living a first person perspective in my own life and you have these moments where you realize, I haven’t thought about how it is for you.

I share

a life and a family with, I haven’t been thinking about you.


on the reverse. I also feel like you haven’t been thinking about me because you really don’t know if they tell you that’s one thing but you really don’t know so that’s why I set it that way. So, your word togetherness is really key oneness togetherness. How would it be to know that rest and restoration and renewal comes at every moment with the kids there with the poopy diapers with the screaming and the screaming and the throwing and chaos that I still can choose a perspective of rest renew on restoration.


rest restore renew.

What would that even look like. Does it seem impossible. Is anybody there going, impasse. She’s only saying that

because she doesn’t have three little kids running around.

You know, I encourage you to try anyway.

You’re asking, How do I find space. This is the answer for you asking how do I find the space for myself amidst all of this. Exactly. You find the space for yourself, amidst all of this. So,

in the spirit of togetherness.

Isn’t there some way that when he comes home.

We’re still together. And I’m resting and restoring and renewing. And we know that I did it alone all day. And now it’s your turn to do it.

Whatever the it is,

you know, the diapers the, I don’t know, the feeding the tooth brushing the story reading, I don’t know. You know, you know, But we’re still together and we’re resting renewing and restoring together, or you’re off in your studio doing your thing. But maybe this separation piece this piece of it’s your turn, and it’s my turn. It’s your watch, and it’s my watch. I mean, that is a convenient way to look at things, obviously we do run on time here in the mortal world. But let’s keep that spirit perspective of. It is togetherness we’re all in the matrix together. And

I’m not good.

I’m not. I don’t need to control the whole thing it has a flow that is flowing. And my job is to continually check in with me and give myself these moments, you know, just like when you’re alone with the kids. You don’t have to be the carnival barker at all times for them, you know, you don’t have to be the lady with the lemonade stand and then you’re making popsicles and then you’re making sandwiches and then you’re, you know um it’s stressful stressful stressful all the way through and the whole facade is when he can told. I am so

tired. You know,

I’ve been there.


Take your time in the mouth now as all we have.

And the beauty in this what I see for you and for your whole family is that everybody tunes to this new way. Because what we witness what we give our energy to we become in alignment with. So, This is you on top of that mountain as Josh Groban was just singing to us a little while ago. This is us in a new higher place with this. You know, I hope this is bringing some bounce, making some sense. So the biggest thing here for me is, if I take rest. He doesn’t get rest. If he gets to work. I have to work. If he wants to sleep in. I have to get up. If I want to sleep in. He has to get up, but also he has to work, you know, it’s just like this. Me versus you. There’s always a loser. And there’s always a winner. So we need to change the game,

and the game is together. It’s a week.

And it doesn’t take much

shift. You know, I mean I still our kids are all grown up now. I still remember these days, and I didn’t do it full time like you are.

I know that grind.

This is an energy that happens forever. Even after the kids are all grown, they’re still things that happen. This is we’re all just trying to wake up to how this works. So, when your husband comes home on nights. And these home on the weekends. How would it be to be in this togetherness space and say this is the time you need to recognize her it’s the weekend, it’s the evenings, we need to come together and discuss the plan. And every day can be new, so we don’t have to be in these hard and fast rules about the nights are mine time off. This is your time off, you know, and I gotta say lots and lots of parents. As I know you know fall into this, you know. I love that you’re thinking he’s had a whole day of work, it’s kind of also difficult when is he going to get his time in black guys fall asleep on the couch, they have a couple beers, and you fall asleep on the couch and the moms like, hey, this was my time.

So, obviously we need a new plan,


together mess, you know, this isn’t working. So what can we start doing in the evenings. You know, everything absolutely has to get done. And, you know, what can we loosen up on can limit at lunchtime instead of having to

do the big cooking meal, can we

invent new ways of doing things. Can we brush teeth and wash face earlier, if you know you’re not eating anymore. The kids. Can we get into the habit of doing that after dinner so it’s not such a production at bedtime. I don’t know, but I invite you to open it up to see what can we do differently. So that, like you said, we all win. I love that so much, and it makes me want to read you this poem from Shel Silverstein called tug of war. And this is from the book, where the sidebar can.

I will not play a tug of war.

I rather play it hug of war, where everyone hugs instead of tugs, where every little enrolls on the rug, where everyone kisses, and everyone grins, and everyone cuddles and everyone wins. I love what you’re sharing in your letter, I guess I just want to say you’re really on your way anyway, you’re doing amazing things, and continue your togetherness thread continue your oneness practice and take your rest in the moments.

Mommy can

park her chair outside with the kiddos, and make a nice ice tea and relax right there. Soften her body relax her shoulders, and, you know, breathe and include herself in the mix. Remember, she’s not just there as the cosmic cruise director for her children. As the camp counselor, and the Wrangler and the laundry doing the diaper changer in the bath giver.

She’s herself, you know, and

this South has needs.

So love hopefully something in there resonated for you and I appreciate this letter so much thank you thank you thank you

and friends.

I love to shine a light, or read your letter if you have some response or something you want to expound on or something you want to share with, with the whole class. Remember your teacher they can’t, something you want to share with all class. Yeah, hello at Robin Hallett comm or use the links in the show notes. Well loves. It is Friday, and this happens to be Friday, July, the third.

I’m expecting.

In a few hours the fireworks are going to be

pretty fun. Not.

You know I’m to the point now where it’s not really my favorite thing to hear the love bangs, but I try and keep the perspective, I do hope whatever you’re doing if you celebrate in the States, if you celebrate. And you know that you’re enjoying your time and you’re remembering to practice can also be a metaphor for choosing your freedom and your independence from your ego thoughts, and you know I know a lot of people are feeling conflicted about the holiday now, because all of us aren’t free. If one of us isn’t free and a lot of us are tuned into that energy. You know that time. None of us are free if one of us are chained. None of us are free, beautiful song, and so I know a lot of us are conflicted about Independence Day right now this year. And you know what,

then claim your independence from

the ego stories, the fear based stuff, and do your work there because everywhere you choose to practice out to the world.

So that’s what I’m going to be doing.

And I’m telling you so much love and I appreciate you being here every week receiving. And,

you know, let’s not forget

that the love is viral, too. Always, always, always, so this has been me, Robin always Hallett. I’m gonna see you here next week, or in a few minutes. Bye bye.

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