If Nothing Is Happening, Something’s Gone Wrong

It's ok to want what you want and it doesn't make you bad or wrong

When friends come to me and they’re zeroed in on the exact opposite of what they say they are after… I feel a little like Morpheus in the Matrix: Do you want the red pill or the blue pill?

These friends are asking to feel better.

They seek to feel more aligned. More lit up. More connected, plugged in, joyful.

Often they are seeking a specific delight, which is a good thing because each of us is here to shine in our own way.

My friends have an idea of how they want it to be. How it will look. Sometimes they can describe how it’s gonna feel to have this thing they are wanting, how it will feel to be in that space, to be doing those things.

When I ask them, How will you feel when it happens for you? They’ll say, It’s gonna feel like THIS!

Everyone can describe it.

Let’s call it your One True Thing.

It’s a feeling which tells us, YES this is IT! We are on track!

It is never bad or wrong to want what you want. We are co-creating this Universe and there is no reason you can’t have what you are wanting.

BUT. And this is a BIG but  😉

If nothing’s happening for you in the direction of what you say you are wanting, something has gone wrong.

If the stuff you want to call in isn’t coming in, if there isn’t even a trickle of it, there is a problem.

And it’s time to admit it. Stop pounding the computer harder, or whatever you are doing. Take your hands and put them in your lap and breathe.

Don’t work harder at the thing which is already not working. Stop with the struggles, the efforting, the false beliefs. We need to look at our own stubborn refusal to let go sooner.

We worship at tiny altars instead of getting up and going free.

My job as your friend on the journey is to help you remember the light you’re after sooner. This isn’t what it’s about sweetie. Let it go. Drop it. Release!

Sometimes that’s easier said than done. We are all attached to our stories, and I am working on that right alongside you.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

If nothing is happening, something has gone wrong. If you are not journeying in the direction you want to be, something is wrong. What do you do when you are lost? Do you keep driving on, in the direction you KNOW is wrong? Hopefully, you stop what you’re doing and reassess…but so many people keep on driving on.

When a friend who is upset about the lack of progress in their lives is a friend who has said they want the Red Pill, I will ask them this: What are you willing to do?

And then I see the fear and resistance rise…


Will she ask me to give up eating certain foods?
Will she suggest I meditate for 2 hours every day while standing on my head?
God forbid she asks me to give up television!
Or alcohol!
Or some other kind of Tangible Joy!

But then I say, would you be willing to give up your upset?

Would you be willing to get into a creative space and make your delight and joy part of the day?

Would you be willing to start and end the day in that place and practice holding the energy in your heart?

Would you be willing to hold the energy of your One True Thing in your heart?

Would you be willing to spend time being a matching energy field to that thing you say you want?

And the sad thing is, people usually say they don’t have time for this.

What?! You don’t have time for practicing being in alignment with the feeling you say you want to feel? You don’t have time to make joy and delight part of your routine? You don’t have time, really?!

No. Too busy about the suffering.

They don’t have time for joy and fun.

Oh yes, they are willing to suffer and toil in order to achieve a goal, but less willing to stay in delight and joy to get there.

But I am telling you, if nothing is happening, something is wrong.

“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong” – A Course in Miracles


The Delight way is an instantaneous way. The suffering way guarantees it almost never happens.

May this go to just the right hearts today. It is time.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

PS I recorded this Meditation a while back, may it serve you well!


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