How to keep the faith on your journey (with video)

How to keep the faith

Here’s the funny thing about faith:

It’s so easy to have it when things are going well.

It’s easy to have faith when your boss or your clients are loving you, when they’re booking your services, buying that package… when the money is rolling in and the sun is shining. That’s easy. Everyone has faith then.

I’m talking about how to have faith in this week’s video.

I’m talking about how to have faith, how to trust that you’re on the right track, how to keep believing even when there is only a little trickle of evidence. I also tell a great story about how I got my first client when I was beginning my healing practice. Crazy story really, hard to believe this is how my business started!

When it’s going well though, you don’t usually remember that this is also the time to be padding the ‘Faith Escrow Account’.

This is the time to save up reserves, to invest for those times when you pull in the wrong kind of client or the computer program you’re counting on doesn’t work and you have to scrap the project. Or you don’t get the contract. Or you can’t pay your electric bill. Or a series of awesome blog posts don’t go viral. Or the program you really needed to sell to 100 only sold to 20.

That’s when your faith is important.

That’s when you need to make the withdrawal. That’s when you must call on your faith just like a trusty compass. I mean, what good is a compass when you’re not lost? Who needs directions when they know where they’re going?

Faith is one of those things where it’s a lot easier to have it when things are going well, and a lot harder to have it when they’re not. You’ve gotta remember who you are at all times, and stay committed to that journey regardless of the evidence appearing. You need to believe it BEFORE you see it. This is the way to keep the faith and stay on track.

I am curious what this sparked for you. I welcome your comments, and if you have questions or a specific situation to discuss, write to me.

Rock it like you mean it, beautiful!


How to keep the faith

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