Do You Ever Wonder If You’re Actually Making a Difference? // Tea with Robin Episode 70

Do You Ever Wonder If You're Actually Making a Difference?

Have you ever felt a bit down on yourself and your efforts wondering, does what I am doing even matter? Am I getting anywhere? Is anybody listening?

Do You Ever Wonder If You’re Actually Making a Difference?

I’m here to answer that question and help you see how amazing you are. Listen to the episode or read the post below.

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Today’s episode goes out to my friends who wonder if what they’re doing makes any difference. I am here to say high fives to you. You are awesome. And thank you for rocking it your way our inspiration this week, something I call the fun factor and we’ll have a letter from hashtag, free your mind all this and more. come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here.

Well hello gorgeous friend. Hello Hello Hello. It is me Robin, your heart, sparkler and friend on the journey. Welcome back to the podcast episode 70 and ooh andiamo baby, right now I am on a plane to Italy. Wow. How about that?

Welcome back to the podcast. And if you’re new here if this is your first time Hi, it’s me, Robin. I hope you like the snacks and goodies. How are you today, friend? How is the weather in your heart? I am aware this is the week where the Hanukkah Christmas and New Year countdown begins… Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, we’ve got everything coming up. I’m wondering how you doing? How’s the weather in your heart today?

I’ve got a big sign right here on my desk that says all is well. All is well. All is well. So I’m making that choice with you. I hope you’re making that choice with me. Over here it’s a beautiful day I’ve been enjoying some writing time and some recording time and so cooking time, got a big vat of soup and I do mean that it’s a heat my biggest pot ever and it’s totally the wrong pot for making soup but we’re all about breaking rules aren’t we? I think it’s a pasta pot or something but I never made that much pasta. Holy cow. In fact, I make pasta in the frying pan. You do too right? So the house smells amazing.

The Christmas lights are sparkling there my year-round twinkle lights I need to stop calling them Christmas lights. Everything is beautiful. I’ve got a candle lit and big question of the day is didja bring a cuppa yum yum? I have a nice cup of Earl Grey is so delicious and it smells amazing here. Want to smell? Okay. Was that gross? Okay, it’s good. So Earl Grey, light coconut milk, little heavy whipping cream stevia and sea salt for the win! It is delicious. I’m raising my glass tot you, may this season be the best, the easiest, the smoothest, the lightest, the finest, the joyful list, the most contentedest.

Do You Ever Wonder If You're Actually Making a Difference?

Remember, it is about the cookies. Cheers. Can you tell I’m a little fired up today. Little bit excited. And I wanted to say a special shout out to my friend Jimmy. Jimmy. I don’t even know if you listen to the podcast but a lot of weeks,  you send me an email in response to the letter I write on Wednesdays to the Love Posse. You send me a beautiful email in support of what I’m doing an offering and it always sparkles my heart. Just want to say thank you and high fives a love the ride with you.

So today, I wanted to share a message with you because every now and then things kind of coagulate in my inbox in my messages in my on my Instagram messages and stuff, where it’s like, wow, lots of us in our Posse are floating in this energy together.

Have you ever felt a little bit lost a little bit scared a little bit wondering, what’s the point? What’s the purpose? Does anybody care? Is anybody listening? Does it even matter?


A lot of times, I don’t think we really realize that when we’re feeling that way, this is a story that is beginning in our minds. Somehow something’s happened. It could be an interaction with someone else, or a lack of response to something you did or whatever. But the main thing is a story begins to form in our minds. You put a spin on it, you make a decision, you say, it isn’t valuable, or nobody cares. And whatever the language is that you bring to this thought. I am guessing it is tied to an experience you’ve had as a small person or a young adult to there’s usually this connection to the wounding that we’ve experienced and we’ve all been through stuff, haven’t we? No matter how, how old you get, or how much you’ve worked on it, our wounding is a part of who we are. But it also means there’s an angle that this upset comes at us. And we’re in familiar territory.

I had this experience to this week where it was like, oh, my goodness, what am I even doing? I shouldn’t even be bothering to share messages of light messages of love. I just got a little caught up in myself about that. And, you know, it’s, I say this a lot, but it’s not that those thoughts aren’t going to happen. They are they’re going to keep coming. Each of us has an ego mind or maybe you call it the opponent. Maybe you call it the pain body. There’s this part of you that’s asleep or in illusion. Each of us has this where the stories begin to spin and rooted in your childhood are rooted in like I say, your young adult life, there is some kind of thing there that happened to you that shaped you that changed you that formed your way of seeing. And that’s kind of where the ego tries to take us back. Does that make sense?

It tries to bring us right back to the old stories. So when you find yourself saying, I don’t know if this makes any difference, I don’t know if what I’m doing. If anybody cares. I don’t know if this is unique enough, or, you know, everybody’s doing this already, or something I’ll hear from a lot of people is it’s too late for me. I wish somebody had been telling me this stuff sooner and I got on my path sooner and now I would be something by now. You know, keep in mind that as amazing as we are as much healing as we’ve done, there’s still an ego, pain body thingamabob in there that’s trying to assert its force. It’s trying to talk to us. And I was saying this to you a few episodes back Episode 64. We’ve got to go forward. Whatever that story is, that is coming up for you. That doesn’t matter that people don’t care that it’s so much work. Oh, my goodness. So much work. So much effort for so little value. Do you have that one? I know. There are days when I could spend hours on something that that story will be coming to me. You know, each time you write a letter, if you have a newsletter, I have a newsletter. Each week I write a letter it could take me three hours to write this letter, not three constant hours, but three hours of carrying it, holding it thinking about it, you know, then there’s getting all those links to link up all that stuff. And, of course, the ego-mind will start to spin the little stories, but you know, really, couldn’t we treat it more like a signal instead of the truth?



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So, if you’re sitting there, you’re working along, you’re creating something and it starts out really fun. You’re following your inspiration, you’re in the flow, it’s really joyful. And then at some point, it starts to feel challenging, or difficult or, you know, you’ve been sitting there long time and you really, really got to be and you’re still pressing on and pressing on and pushing yourself to the same What if you treated it like a signal, their signal happening?

Instead of going into the deep dive into the ego story, you just decided it’s a signal. And it means we’re being asked to stop and take a beat, take a pause, you know, see what we need to do to adjust.

That would be amazing.

I talk to people who are still upset. Still worried, still scared. Still. The story hasn’t really moved, it hasn’t really shifted. And that’s because we play a tennis match in our head without stopping.

Is it a value? Is it not a value? Am I making a difference in the world? Am I making a difference in the world? Am I being of service to people?

That tennis match can be intense, and it’s something we really, really want to start working on because what if it never stops? What if the pain body never stops trying to get you to be upset, to be worried to be stewing on something to be busying yourself with the wacky thoughts. Lots of us can just suddenly be stressed and irritable… but the truth is, stressed and irritable is just a signal. It’s telling you, I need to slow down. I need to take a breather, I need to take a break. But if you don’t stop and say, that’s all it’s a signal and I need to pay attention to my needs and take care of me. This is a sign I need to take care of me. You will suffer.

And your ego’s like, YAY! My foot is in the door. Let me now let me really pour it on. And that’s when we start to feel it’s going negative in our head. If we listen to that energy, then we’re definitely going to tell a story that the thing we’re doing that seems to be creating the stress and anxious feeling is a total waste. Lots of people will say to me, you know, I know I’m just creating this stuff in my head. I do know that but I still feel it. Yeah, it’s, it’s amazing how that is all connected. You know that song, the hip bone’s connected to the whatever bone? Well, the ego bone is connected to the feeler bone 😉


When the mind is thinking upset stuff, of course, the body will feel it because it’s all connected.

So of course, you’re going to be having feelings, but again, how amazing would it be to say, Hey, hey, stop. You’re stressing. anxious. And before you get too far down the rabbit hole of wondering, what’s the point, or my life stinks, or I’m spinning out of control, or I never get anywhere, or I never make anything happen in my life or it’s always sucky, or I’ve always missed my or it’s too late for me and I miss my opportunity to say Hey, stop, stop.

Don’t go into beating yourself up now on top of it. Ask yourself what you need. What do you need? This might seem very simple to some of you and I hear this a bit in session as well. That Yeah, but it’s so upsetting. There’s got to be more I cannot possibly just stop all that spinning. There has to be more than that. This doesn’t seem like this will really work or really helped me. It’s a practice and all upset is just a call for help and healing. This is a course in miracles saying all upset is a call for help and healing. We’re only in love or fear, positive or negative at any moment. And if we’re not in the one that is helping us then we’re in the one that’s hurting us and we’ve got to stop and take a breather and say what do you need? And I guarantee you this is what works over time. Each of us needs to break on through to the other side at some point you and you will eventually get there. It’s not an overnight process. It certainly wasn’t that for me. It certainly isn’t that for you. And that’s okay is and then meanwhile, we can keep practicing.

If you’re upset is going unchecked, then picture yourself like a spool of thread. You’re winding and winding and whining and whining, every thought every upset every story. It’s winding that spool tighter and tighter and tighter. And to me, healing work is a process of unwinding and the unwinding of our minds of our energies, releasing the healing of wounds. All of this takes time. It’s a practice.

Who wouldn’t love a quick fix, though? If I knew the button to press our bodies, I’d be pressing mine and then I’d come to your house and press yours too. But this is the beautiful thing about free will. We have a choice… To do the practice, to bring our hearts and minds to practice and say, we are willing to choose again. And it begins with this thing of realizing that we’re spinning a story. The story isn’t helpful. And before I wind myself up too far and I’m ready to burn everything down to the ground, let me stop.

So that’s the practice. I would suggest if you can relate to that you have those spinny stories you give this a try.

The other thing is, we have to build our muscles, develop tenacity for doing the work we want to do. It’s hard work. Really hard. Whether you’re talking about doing what I do, or you’re a maker, you’re a consultant, you’re a parent. This applies universally. We have to build tenacity, a muscle, and a new way to look at what we do because yeah, the payoff is not always immediately apparent. And we can get very overwhelmed. Like I said before the ego loves the story that “this has no value” and “this is not appreciated.” It LOVES when we get so upset and begin to question, what’s the point? Maybe I should quit!

Do You Ever Wonder If You're Actually Making a Difference?


Give yourself loads of reminders that you actually love what you do you love it, or you wouldn’t be doing it.

For those of us who wonder, are we making a difference? Is what we do significant? Are we getting anywhere? Does this really matter? It’s good to practice reminding yourself, this is what I love to do. This helps us over the hurdle of the ego that’s trying to spin the nasty stories again. I’m serious, you actually got into whatever you’re doing, because you wanted to and you loved it and you were excited, too. So, stay with that energy, keep practicing staying there.

So many miracles can happen when we drop the worry and allow ourselves to know yes, it is sometimes a lot of hard work, but I do love it.  When you practice this, you are streamlining thought and allowing new ways to come to you which might make the work easier to do. Because you’re not aligning with the crispy, upset thoughts.

So hang in there, be tenacious. I’m doing what I love. This is a privilege. This is a pleasure.

If you’re somebody who ends up getting really frustrated with your efforts with your results of whatever it is that you’re doing, take a step back, give yourself a breather, can you more realistically align this process for yourself, especially if you spend most days getting frustrated at some point, and then it really takes a wrong turn from there. This is a nice, beautiful process to come back into yourself and have a breather, and then we can reevaluate from there.

We can’t really solve these kinds of issues at the level of ego. Making another to-do list won’t get it done. Getting up an hour earlier and just shoving yourself through the things you need to do won’t get it done. It’s really awakening and realizing that there’s a spiritual solution that you’re seeking. There’s something you’re seeking, that is not going to be found by listening to the ego. Because all that will do is continue to frighten us, stress us and frighten us. And we need to move into a thought process with a higher power in mind. Your higher power gets to be whatever you want it to be.

I saw a meme the other day going by and it was Jim Carrey who posted it on Instagram and it said, here’s the universe and you are here.


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There’s so much more going on than you’re allowing in this moment. And what if we took to that awareness really took a breath and allowed ourselves to zoom way out. Those of us who believe in a higher power or think of that image of the cosmos, you are here. What? What whatever the dramedy is right now and I say dramedy, because it’s funny when you are threatening to light your hair on fire because you think you have no value and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I can’t help but laugh at myself. I’m not laughing at you, my friend. No way. But I can laugh at me. For sure. I am so glad for the reminder. And that is why I practice.


It’s like reorienting ourselves again. For me. It’s a daily practice. Because my thoughts can take me down just like yours can. I can wonder, does this even make a difference, just like yours can.

And when it happens, if I can’t shift it quickly, I will sit down and light a candle and say a prayer. Help me to see this differently. I am willing to see this differently. I will find a friend that will listen and help me or I’ll email more likely email or text a friend to help me. I will take myself on a walk. I’ll do things and invite spirit in because honestly, I spent enough time stewing in my own fear. Those of us who worry and struggle we need need to turn this over to a higher power, we need a practice we need a way because if this story –is what I do making a difference– is alive in you, it needs help for it. So, you know, what would it be like to open ourselves up? Help me, help me. I want to see this differently. I want to see this differently. If you find yourself slogging through it, if you find yourself grinding, pushing yourself through it. This is not a kindness and this is not what a Light Sparkler would do. And I’m not trying to shame you. I’m trying to encourage you and support you. Nobody ever got better running themselves over at the same time. Nobody ever rocked it like they meant it by running themselves over at the same time. Grinding themselves into the dust while they were rocking it out. No, no, take a break. Go do something else.

The last tip is, the more stressed and afraid you feel, the more you could be serving. There is something about adding kindness and light to someone else’s life that can do it like nothing else can.

And you know I, I find myself in the weirdest places hugging people all the time this week it was I was at Trader Joe’s and I had taken a break because you know, the pressure was telling me stop what you’re doing. Stop what you’re doing. I crack myself up here, stop, and I put my coat on and I go out and I go to Trader Joe’s And get some coffee, my favorite roast, the wake up blend. And they’ve gotten new grinders at Trader Joe’s and the lids Do not bend open anymore. So there I go. I take a that the big cam huge. Am I up ended into the grinder and probably two thirds makes it in and the rest is all over the floor. And it’s right and I said where the sample lady is standing. So she’s there and I like you know what I wanted to say right there, right? And I just turned to the woman and I said I spilled the beans. And I started laughing so hard. And I just thought I totally sound like a nut right now and I am a fool for love. That’s all I can say to you. And she came out of the little gate. They stand behind and she said darling That is my biggest problem today. I would be so grateful. And I said, I love you. And she said, Oh my god, I needed to hear that. And then there we were, she came over and gave me a hug.

And we just stood there on top of those beings that I spelt. And it changed the direction of my day. It changed the direction of her day. It was like the whole aisle we were standing in, it changed those people. People were getting in on it. It was a momentary thing. But you can take that Juju home with you again, you know, you can take that light home with you again. In your heart, you can know you made a difference for someone else. And as I tell this story on to you, it’s like we’ve opened something up. We spilled the beans and here we are.

You know, you and I are inspirers. And something I accept about me is that wildly inspiring also means wildly worried at times. So, if you catch yourself, Am I making a difference? Does this have an impact? is it helping out? Can I earn a living doing this whatever? You know I, of course, of course, the swing is really wide. You go from wildly inspired to wildly worried. What if we remembered and chose to practice?


Don’t just get into the mode of letting your mind analyze whether or not you made a difference or if you were of service, or if it counts, or if you earned enough from that or if it was worth your time and effort, all that stuff. If you are wondering if you’re making a difference it’s just a signal to be of service, either to yourself or to someone else. Somewhere, you can do something that is helpful. And that will always inspire you back. It will multiply. And the love you offer is in the direction of everything you’re wanting. So there’s no, no reason not to be doing this. Okay?

So the last thing, I am so proud of you, nobody knows how hard you are working. What you do is such a labor of love. And I just want to say, I get it. I see you, and I’m proud of you. You are beautiful inside and outside. And you amaze and dazzle me and I want you I encourage you to believe me by how it feels to hear that right now. It’s good, right? We can choose, we can choose. And that’s what I choose for you pay the kindnesses forward, especially the ones you’re in need of yourself, and you are never going to stray far from your path. You may have just like me days where you’re like, Oh my god, does this make a difference? Does anybody care? Of course, you’ll have those. But pay it forward. And remember to ask spirit to help you and you’ll always get reminders you’ll always be reminded, yes. Does this make a difference? The answer is yes.

Let’s have some more tea.

This week’s inspiration: A Fun Factor

So inspiration today, it’s so important that we have what I call the fun factor. We have a policy, to have something fun to do each and every day. It’s just for you. It can be anything you want. It can be small, a small thing, a big thing. And the point is to have a little fun every day just for you. Maybe already do this, maybe it’s just something to be formalized in your mind as a policy going forward, something you’re going to follow as part of the healing and support you’re giving to yourself. So you know, I am making a difference. You know, I am on purpose in my life. And part of that is not just self-care and eating well and taking care of your body, but making sure you’re playing you get some playtime just for you. This is definitely a blues buster if I ever saw one. And it’s also important for those of us who are so busy and often feel kind of frazzled. And like I everything I do needs to have a reason and a purpose for being or it’s or I need to earn money from it or be on be doing something for work or, you know, you need space for fun factor every single day. You definitely have time to do this. You definitely can afford to be doing this, you know, I’m just answering the objections of the ego right there. Yes, you do. And for me, over the years, I tried so many things. My favorite was ice skating lessons. In one year.

I was the only like, at the time 40 something-year-old with a group of five-year-olds. It was so much fun. Video games still love to play Xbox in there. gardening, of course, playing making things And and decorating and cooking and things. When you reframe that into this is my fun factor. This is my fun factor. Some of us love to play with makeup. You know I love skincare. I’ve probably never said that here. I love skincare. I love taking care of my skin. I love playing with makeup. I don’t wear a lot of it, but I think it’s so much fun. That’s a fun factor for a lot of us organizing is can be a fun factor. So how would it be Delight yourself know every day you get a fun factor. You can do what you want, good for you. Try it and see what is fun for you. But make space. The most important thing is just you determine what’s fun for you. It doesn’t have to be fun for me. It doesn’t have to be fun for your friends or your spouse or whoever. It has to be fun for you. You’re the one who determines what that is. I hope you try it and love it.


So before I share this week’s letter, I would love you to share this episode on with somebody who could use it, share it in a group, share it with a friend, you know texted to somebody. Now that YouTube took their messaging system away, I have been finding ways to message through Instagram and it is so great. You can share this episode right to somebody directly on Instagram and the link will work so good. So I would love you to share this on I appreciate it. This is that time of year where things are really it’s really important that we get support, love and inspiration come to agree.

And I want to say a special shout out to my friend Kate, the sparkler to my heart who said:

“Robin hosts a marvelous podcast about the joys and messes of being a human being. I tune in every Monday morning while I make my cover and get rolling for the week. Robin is wise and truly kind and she’s also seriously funny. I laugh and occasionally snort laugh at least once every time I listened to her. I love every episode but today’s on the holidays and what Robin calls love with bones is just so brilliant. I had to share. If you’ve got twinges qualms or even wild revulsion about everything holidays, here’s a good laugh and a loving perspective. In other words, sanity. Thank you, Robin. You rock. “

Well, you rock my heart too, Miss Kate and I thank you so much for that.

You know and friends, this is a perfect example. This is how you know you’re making a difference. I swear. There are people who are The worst compliment receivers on the planet. I am not one of them. Obviously, this makes me so happy. And I’m thrilled to know and i gotta say through Kate shines a light that comes from spirit that says, Well done, kid. I’m proud of you. Stay on it. You’re right on track. Don’t worry about anything else. Just keep going. Just keep going. Good job, right. So next time somebody gives you a compliment next time somebody says, I love this or Thank you or you’re so great. Don’t do that thing 98.7% of us do in that moment. You know, take it in, receive it and know it’s coming. It’s the big okay in the sky telling you that you’re just getting the big stamp of approval. Yes, okay. You’re doing okay, you’re awesome. And to the one who brings a message to is a special thank you. Right? It’s it’s also good. Sometimes I hear I’m getting on a tangent. Sometimes I hear people say, Oh, it’s not me. It’s it’s spirit coming through. No, it’s two of you together. You’re the one saying the words. Spirit is the one impressing on your heart. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This week’s letter: #freeyourmind

Do You Ever Wonder If You're Actually Making a Difference?

If I can read your letter and shine a little light for you, or you have a follow-up topic for a future episode write to me here.

This week’s letter is keeping time to the music this week, I gotta say, so it’s just perfect. And I’m just going to dive right in. This goes out to you, Stephanie. And thank you so much for sending it.

Hi, Robin. Thank you for your beautiful messages, stories and your wonderful sense of humor, and sharing it all with the rest of us. I’m also an energy worker, intuitive healer. I’m working on building up my business while I work full time. I love the healing work with the business aspect. Not so much In fact, a recent realization is that I actually despise it. Trying to create social media posts. Making quotes with my own photos is fun. Yay. But mostly, it’s exhausting. It’s become an obligation most of the time, which Hi, it’s all about the energy. Yes, it is. Hi, Stephanie. It’s all about the energy. I would do it without social media. If I knew how it’s a drain to me. Did you ever have this experience while you were building your business, trying to build a client base to do what you really love and feel called to do and work a full time job and a sweetheart to spend time with and all the life and House staff. I’m ready to place a closed for business sign on my business. I tried to put yourself first idea which is great in theory, but the reality is, our stuff comes first. If this was your experience, Do you have any insights? How did you navigate it until you could do what you really love and know? That is part of your purpose. Thank you so much, Stephanie.


Well, hello, Stephanie. And how perfect is this letter today? I open the folder where I keep these and say which one and this was the one that lit up today, and how perfect. So it’s an honor. I’m so happy. I love to share my messages and stories and my sense of humor. This is such a beautiful outlet for me. And it’s an important thing I remind myself because, yes, there are definitely days where it feels like a slog. Because I’ve allowed that pressure to get in there and make things difficult for me. You know, the big question back to you is what is the story under Me the business aspect of running a business for you, you know, because when you talk about that the energy changes tremendously. If you love what you’re doing, then isn’t it that you also love sharing your shine and trust that spirit is your connector. Spirit is the one bringing people in and your only job as the talent is showing up and shining. It’s not to be exhausted and feeling obligated. It’s about the pleasure and the joy of serving and shining. And I find so much of the time that what i am learning to this day is that less is more, less is more. And my ego things more is more, more as more better as more you know, more is more, more and more More. So of course, it’s exhausting. But if we’re being exhausted, we’re not being renewed. And if we’re not being renewed, it’s because we’re not operating in the flow of light. There are many people doing it without social media. It’s really down to if you asked me allowing yourself to know how it works for you, and we’re all as solopreneurs in the healing field, I always feel like we’re on the wild frontier. Anything goes, we’re making our own rules according to our own heart and the standard advice. You can take it with a grain of salt, you can take it as advice as just subtle advisement, but you have to run it through your own inner heart and knowing. So if you’re being drained the Course of Miracles says if miracles aren’t happening, something has gone wrong. You know, Miracles a shift in our perception. So how would it be to post less often? If that’s what honors your spirit? Again, ask the question, why am I doing it? What is my reasoning? trying to build a client base is one of those things where there’s a lot of pressure on us the small self to do it all. And it’s so much easier to open and allow Spirit to lead the way. Sometimes I tell friends, we have to honor the trickle. Every day honor the trickle of excitement, enthusiasm, joy, you feel about the connections you’re making and the people you help and the inspiration you’re offering. And that also means offer a trickle. Like I said, most of the time, we could all be doing less and achieving so much more. Something I’ll set drew my attention in your letter was that you said, Put yourself first great in theory, but the reality is, other stuff comes first. Know, we always need to be first even when we’re scrubbing the toilet. It’s not an either-or, you know, that’s a very a lot of us do this. It’s a dualistic perspective. If you can’t bring your heart to scrubbing the toilet, then you aren’t putting yourself first. Putting yourself first means we choose to be in the light. We choose to be in our joy with everything we do, finding the ease, or we don’t do it. We don’t pick up the vacuum or the dishes until we can bring a gleeful heart to it. But also when it’s time to write those social media posts. If you get the hit if you get the

intuition The inkling comes to you now’s the moment, then you better be there doing it. Because that’s what a faithful servant does. She shows up with a yes in her heart and does, what the inspiration is guiding her to do. And that’s where the juice really comes from them is when we’re really in the flow of that and honoring. And we’re learning that resistance in any form. It’s just a signal that something’s gone wrong. take a pause, take a breather, and begin again, you know, take a little rest, have some time for you and re reconvene at a better time. As we do that, as a practice, we get better and better at it. things naturally build business builds clients. Build the right people are called in to us because we’re not radiating upset or chaos or stress or strain. We’re not radiating from a place of fight or flight. You know, hot and cold, you get what I’m saying. So, things begin to build. When we’re not afraid or stressed out or straining them, we’re also not taking just anyone into our healing practice into our work we’re not taking and for those of you who don’t do healing, maybe you do consulting work. You don’t just take every gig because it’s money. You know, I’m saying, You don’t just take every client because they’re willing to pay. You are in the right flow with things so you’re calling experiences to that just keep building the energy higher. So that is my insight. That is how I navigated it. That’s how I can continued to do it to build and build and I still clean my own house. Not well. But I’m at peace with the dust and the dust bunnies because I understand the way this flow is working and I just want to be in my flow. I want to be in my inspiration. When I feel it’s time to sit and meditate. I want to do that. When I feel called to do the laundry, I better do that. When the vacuum cleaner whispers softly to me come to me Robin and vacuum the dust bunnies, I will go. I’ve learned that’s probably the most important thing is I’ve learned to be in the flow with this stuff. Because that’s when I’m backed by the energy that create universes, you know, and that’s when it all flow. The easiest Most of the time, you know, for any posts I write or anything like that, it’s just in the moment on the fly. I’ve tried things other people suggest, like batching you know, creating those posts all 20 of them in a row, it doesn’t work for me one day, it might one day, my needs may change. And that might be the ticket. But right now, I’m in the flow. And I’ve made space in my life for me. And that has taught me I’m always first. And when I’m suffering, it’s because I’m not first. I’m always checking in with me. And I hope that what I’ve shared here is helpful to you. You know, appreciative heart, appreciative mind, love what I do, and if I’m ever been drained, you know, I look at me It’s done. To me, I’ve made a decision somewhere that has taken me the long way around.


Hope that helps you. And thank you for shining your light in the world. Thank you for showing up. And I appreciate that. That’s the most important thing. One thing I wanted to add that I think is tough for a lot of us until we really begin to practice it on the regular and that is, Spirit does not speak to us in dollars or likes or a fan base or building up anything. That’s our human vision of how things work and how we build success and how we know we’re doing well. No, that’s the small cells way of seeing. Spirit talks to us in light, in love, enjoy in beauty, in inspiration and Make sure each day you are dealing in that currency air quotes to. And that’s for all of you. I’m not just talking to Stephanie, that’s for all of us. Make sure we’re dealing in the right currency. So may that serve you and friends, if I can read your letter, you can email me or use the link right to my website to do that. I can always use more letters.

Well, friends, I’m probably a little farther along on my airplane ride to Rome right now. Rome awaits. It’s so exciting to be here recording. Thinking about that not really knowing what’s coming. It’s very exciting. And the best part of that is just the excitement and the unknown for me. We are going to meet up with number one kiddos. They’re getting there the day before us and we’re going to meet on a platform Somewhere on the train on the way to is easy and it’s just going to be such a delight. I hope you will check in with me on Instagram see my stories I’ll probably be posting there quite a bit and I’m going to take a little break for Christmas and New Year’s from the podcast but I will be back in the new year, most likely from Assisi, having a good time sharing some pizza with you. And thank you for being here. You’re doing beautiful work. I appreciate you. I hope this holiday season is one of your best yet especially because you’ve chosen to practice tripping the light fantastic as they say. This has been me Robin Light Sparkler Hamlet, and I’ll see you in the new year or in a few minutes. There are 69 other episodes you can binge listen at this point. So I hope you enjoy bye bye

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