Life gives you what you need

Love-Sheriff-on-LaptopThere are places in our lives where we are not comfortable. We just don’t feel easy in certain territories. I have these places and so do you. The problem is we are consciously asking / praying for greater awakening and transformation and Life is going to hand you exactly what you need so you can awaken and heal.

Life gives you everything you need in order to awaken to the fullest expression of your true self.

The places where you are not comfortable and don’t feel easy are going to be on every agenda life hands you. There is no way you can call in the goodies unless you transform the obstacles.

You might think you’re just asking for greater abundance but life is going to help you heal all the places where you cannot value yourself. You might think you’re just asking to meet a nice partner but life is going to help you heal the parts of yourself that have such a hard time being held and loved.

Life gives you what you need

You will have encounters every day in your life that directly relate to what you are wanting to awaken in yourself. One tricky issue: we’ve got a whacky lizard brain (not to mention an ego) which tends to get in the way of our transformation…we’ve got powerful defense mechanisms which keep us from seeing what’s being pointed out to us for our healing. Fear keeps us from going into the uncharted territory and we often choose ‘the devil we know’ over the new and scary stuff.

Crazy but true

Rather than going toward what needs to be healed, we pull away from it. We each do this differently but one way or another, the familiar distractions of your life call to you and distract you from doing the work which could heal and set you free.

I call this familiar distraction zone the Outer Ring.

Life gives you what you need

We spend a lot of time suffering in the outer rings, getting lost in the kind of chaos and crap which actually does not matter to our true self. What is almost never obvious in the moment is that we are out there dancing with our lizard brain on that Outer Ring trying to keep busy with comfortable discomfort. We’re doing this in order to avoid dealing with things that will actually bring us to the heart of our true selves.

Real life is happening on the Inner Ring

Real life is happening on the Inner Ring. Yes, this is also where the tension feels scary to sit with. This is why your self-care practices are so important. Only on the Inner Ring are you promised the greatest freedom: the opportunity to come into alignment with your true self and what you hold precious and valuable above all. The vibration on the Inner Ring is about healing and awareness and trust. When you’re there, you know you are being held and loved and supported and that life is happening for your highest and best good.

There are lessons here. This is where life hands us our agenda for healing and shows us the obstacles we must clear. This is the place where, instead of worrying about debt and collectors and not enough money, we step into our willingness to take responsibility and become excellent stewards of abundance.

You will align with the territory you find yourself in

Life on the Outer Ring means you’re a vibrational match to the kind of energy that is alive there. There are certain behaviors that keep you in alignment with Outer Ring Land. Stuff that sucks the life out of you like: having zero self-care and the tendency to numb out with food, alcohol, drugs, busywork, not to mention the whacky codependent relationships that suck us dry there too.

(YES of course it’s fine to enjoy this stuff in moderation. Life is about tangible joy…but we’re not talking about moderation in the Outer Rings…we’re talking about full blown disconnection from self)

Life hands you what you need

It’s not that you MUST address this stuff I am talking about… but if you’re suffering at all in your life, and you’d like to stop the suffering and enjoy the ride, feel more joy and ease, then I’d say it’s time to get curious about what’s really going on for you.

Instead of asking why this stuff keeps happening to you, ask yourself how life might be happening for you. It’s time to address these pieces. What do you notice in the patterns of your life? What is the common denominator in the upsetting events that continue to happen to you? How might this relate to your deepest longings?

Sending you peace and love. I believe in you. Rock this day like you really mean it.

Hugs and love,

life will hand you what you need

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