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To Tell You the Truth // Tea with Robin Episode 105

On being honest about the fullness of who we truly are and helping ourselves into a better alignment. Alignment. The one we choose to be in, want to be in, even when it’s hard.

I address some issues I find in me and also friends I help in the Love Posse. I also share some of my, at times, uncomfortable-to-say-out-loud personal views on the email I occasionally receive… and I’m guessing I should have lead with that because it’s juicy and true. I wonder if you’ll relate? Especially to the wounded advice offered meant with love.

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    Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

    Hello Beloved. It’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer, Light Sparkler. Robin Hallett calm and this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode. I’ve got some things to say. Maybe you’re gonna love it. Maybe it’s going to be heart sparkling and heart opening always my prayer that it helps us continue the journey. I have some inspiration to share three good things and we’ll have a beautiful letter from hashtag love can bless from a friend who shares about her 10 year old self. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Well hello there gorgeous friend. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. It’s me, Robin. And welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode One hold five, also known as 105. So much love from my heart to yours beautiful soul. This is a moment in time where we come together and do the work of are you like work? Wait, we’re gonna work? Yeah, yeah, hear me out, do the work of staying present in our hearts, loving ourselves and showing up for us. And sometimes that is work because isn’t it so much easier to just go around hating on yourself thinking you’re a loser isn’t it though? So, thank you for coming today. Thank you for being here. And if you’re new around these lands, these magical lands welcome welcome. welcomewelcome May this be a safe space for you to explore your own awesomeness? Yeah. So welcome back. How’s the weather in your heart my friend? Are you being sweet to you? Are you being honest about the fullness of who you truly are? Lately number one husband has been saying to me Stop lying to me, Robin, when I say anything about like,


    can I just say that? Can that just be code for you know the stuff. We’re where we want to trash ourselves and we’re all tearful and worried. Can I just say that? Oh, he’s like, stop lying to me. It’s a little harsh, but you know what effective? So I’ll just say to you, are you being honest about the fullness of who you truly are? Your own awesome Juju, beauty light. Your okayness I hope so. I really, really do. Over here. It’s a beautiful day. It is Saturday. It’s Labor Day weekend, Jeff and I just had our 20th wedding anniversary. We got married on September 3 20 2020 years. I’m 2020 we had the kids over last night and I got one of those little those little wins where you’re like, Yes, I want to make it like a magical outdoor caravan tonight and I just got out some Christmas lights and dug out the furniture that we never really unpacked this summer for the yard and rearrange some things with the snip snip here and uh huh, there. How does that Mary Oh Land of Oz sign Go. I did some of that and it was magical. The kids came, we order pizzas. We got s’mores. We did the first fire of the year. And may I say I’m not exactly loving that it’s 62 degrees here at night. Step two in the beginning of September, but I’m going with it so it was lovely. They have a fire I’m picked. I lit the fire. I am the fire master in our house and I only used a little bit of fire starter I promise just a little and I use the safe gel. So maybe a tablespoon but OMG because I have been throwing sticks anything I find them the yard, old weeds, things like that on to this pile, intending to have a bonfire. I we were like Tom Hanks in Castaway. When in that same way he’s like, I have made fire. I have murdered fire. It’s so Big The only thing I can think of is I’m so glad I didn’t string any Christmas lights over that expanse. We all have to back up but it was fine. I mean it’s a big dugout pit with stones and everything. But just so nice so nice and just lovely. And you know when your kids stay, they’re not like constantly looking at their watches seeming to look for reasons to leave like they’re enjoying themselves. So good. And we played the game three reasons why. And one reason about you, I don’t know if you remember that but stay tuned for today’s inspiration. I’ll share it again. We played that game with the kids which was really sweet. And I just loved it. I just loved it. We talked about fun things a cc our time together in Italy. It’s amazing. How that still I don’t know if you’re sick of hearing me talk about it. It’s amazing how long that still is here in our hearts. It’s it’s like a flower that keeps blossoming, you know? So, so super good. Big question. You know what comes next don’t you? Did you bring a cup of yummy? I’m with you today, huh? I hope you did. I have this morning’s coffee. A big old handful of ice and some oat milk. I’m really enjoying the oatly oat milk these days normally like coconut milk has been so delicious and creamy. Say it with me now creamy. So cheers to you. Cheers to this moment. Cheers to us. Being here, together in the heart space, which is nothing short of miraculous Cheers. I’m so good. And even drinking it in the little mug. I made myself in a pottery class. It’s like a pinch pot. It’s all wobbly and I love the look of it and hold it the wrong way stuff spills out the sides. Perfect. It’s so me. So friends Today I thought we’d have a little chit chat about the journey. I got some notes here. It’s been the last few episodes have been really special. And thank you if you’ve been listening. Thank you for that.

    Episode 103. I kind of had my own little meltdown and walked us through the practice together and talked about how we help ourselves in Episode 104. Number one husband came on I hope you’ve enjoyed that one and shared about his own journey and I shared about my journey And how, in a way, like, the topic was, how do we make it through? How do we stay strong in our moments, even though there are so many moments and it’s just sometimes I feel like it would be easier to collapse than stay strong. You know. And as you awaken, I don’t know about you. But as you awaken as you make your way as you’re journeying in your life, you realize that at some point, you have to stop allowing yourself to break down, to melt down to check out, you know, I mean, I love taking to the couch and watching TV and eating bonbons as much as the next person. And I want to do that in a celebratory place. Now I’m in this I don’t want to do And Robin, don’t say any that. It doesn’t sound nice. People are gonna think you’re judging them. Actually, I’m not sure they will. Because I think we

    all know this place. Maybe I’m gonna have to leave that in.

    We all know this place where we check out because it’s too hard to show up. And I am coming into a new space with this where I can be here for myself, I can be here for myself. I can hold my heart. I can love myself, I could talk to myself sweetly. Not beat up. I’m beat up on me for how I’m feeling or how I’m doing. You know, it’s different. But if I’m saying it doesn’t feel good anymore to check out because I can’t handle it. So that’s huge. That’s really huge. And so I want to have a little chit chat today just about things. And loving morning magic. I don’t know if you’ve had time to check out maybe a replay or if you’ve come live hi to the posse their morning magicians Hello. It’s really evolving into a deep spiritual place of connection and reflection. And today’s was again, so beautiful. You know, we talked about something we love about ourselves that that hasn’t always been easy to accept. That has been a struggle. And everybody had something powerful to share. Really, really powerful. And the way we inspire each other is why that is a magic gathering. We inspire each other and we feel emboldened and encouraged. I hope that That’s how you feel about listening here, you know? So today, I shared about Robbie savvy, my way of making things special around the house and reinventing broken things and also

    celebrating my own uniqueness, my own unique spin on things and how it’s not like anybody else’s. And you might have this too. This is why I’m telling you. I found a little right as I was sharing, we were celebrating, I was ringing the bell for people as they were sharing. I realized I carry some shame about this. Like I do it different. And maybe that’s bad or weird or different or strange, or you know, you’re not like all the other horses you’re a unicorn, you know. So, of course, you’re going to notice your difference. So it was very healing thing to just everybody, I think felt a bit of vulnerability as they shared and some people even received a reflection back from someone else. Hey, I see this about you. It’s beautiful. So you may not realize and before I say that, let me say you’re invited morning magic. It’s a free gathering on Instagram. It’s so funny how, six months ago I started offering this because the pandemic was beginning and I didn’t know I think we all thought it would be over in a few weeks, you know, initially, and let’s just like hang out together every day till it’s over. Do you remember if you’re on Instagram, do you remember six months ago, how many people were going live? It was almost overwhelming. Like, I remember I had to turn off my live notifications because I couldn’t read anything on Instagram without like 10 things no so and so’s going live sounds what’s going on so and so I was going live with so and so you know, and it was just overwhelming the sheer amount. And I remember thinking I want to offer something to my friends to my clients who I also are my friends, I just say friends on the journey, but for the sake of clarity, the people I see for healing or normally see for healing, because overnight, my practice had a big change. I think everybody felt that like we, I don’t even know let’s not spend any money. I have no idea what’s going to happen. So I was like, Who am I to do these gatherings because everybody else is doing it. You know? But I heard a voice in me that said, Go do it. It’s funny. I’m wearing the dress today that I had on the first time I appeared live on Instagram. And I’m somebody who never does stuff like that really never does live even when I was teaching classes, or I would hold the zoom healing circle. I would pay for the upgrade to turn off everyone else’s camera because I was too freaked out to have to be face to face with everyone. That’s just me being honest. Like I’m great one on one in Healing Sessions, as you may know, but I’m saying one to many has always freaked me out. So anyway, I hope this is interesting. So I went live in the dress I have on today and missed all the see if people you know all the famous people Marianne Williamson, Tabitha Brown, Gabrielle Bernstein. My gosh, I’m not going to get into naming all the names. It’s just going to start me out. But the point is, who am I to be doing this? What am I to be doing this? But a voice in me said go do this. I still remember the three people who were there. And we started something and you are invited. Okay, again you are you are part of this. You are part of us. You are invited. You are welcome. So remember them several people were like, Oh my god, that is so wonderful that you that you do this, but I’m not an Instagram. I don’t do social media, you know? And you know why? I’ll just be really honest now. I’ve always been curious if that isn’t code for something else. You know, I’m too scared to test the cross the threshold. I’m too afraid to let it in. To be honest. Have something

    I’m nourishing my wounded self in a way that I’m not ready to step into the healing place of being loved, being welcomed being celebrated, you know, I’m saying that as one of the people who knows what that’s like, because I did it forever. I can testify it’s probably 10 years in my own healing journey with healers and seeking where I was more interested in staying disconnected and hurt and, you know, that’s unnecessary stage actually, you know, that’s a necessary stage. And, but, and do I sound like an angel totally yet? Wondering. Don’t let me know if I do sound like an angel. Please don’t email me, because I’m already thinking I do. Okay, but I will. I started this conversation. But that’s unnecessary state. If a person is feeling resistant and unable to receive and hurting, but doesn’t really want to come along, you know, not ready. Like I said, that was me for so long. I just kept, I just kept wanting to be in my upset. And then no any other way to be actually it’s how I realized myself. That’s how I it was all I had in a way to just go on and on about what was me and how nobody gets it and nobody loves me and nobody supports me, you know, it’s a necessary stage and the prayer is at some point. We get so tired of our own Bs, our own limitations, you know, I mean, no disrespect and again, this is so totally me. You know, if I do sound harsh, it’s because, you know, I need to forgive myself for looking back and feeling like I have wasted a lot of my time being resistant. You know? That’s a kindness. What I notice is some of those people in the last few weeks have just gotten Instagram accounts. I’m the only account they follow. Isn’t that amazing? Like, that is a willingness Finally, all this time. I’ve been going every day for six months now. And finally some of those people who write me with their I wish I could join you, but you know, there’s always another reason why not. And it’s like, yeah, yeah. Come, come, hang out. Come sit with us. Come talk to us. Yeah, no. Can’t do it. They’re coming now. They’re receiving You know what? shift is happening. So, sometimes you have to find a way and it’s courageous to stay present with yourself to stay present with what you want to stay present with your mission to stay present with your wishes to see present and awake to your desire. Because if you just, you know, like I said, take to the couch with your bond bonds crying. That’s as far as you’re gonna go. And that’s okay, if that’s your choice, really. I’m looking down at some bonbons right now I actually have a breakfast tray here with two chocolate caramels and a piece of pizza. This could be I think this better be the podcast. The logo or the album cover for this episode today. See, you can see it. It’s okay. But not if you know it’s an excuse not if you know you’re not showing up for yourself and it’s causing hurt to your own heart, then that’s not okay. So may we make these courageous moves? May we stop and I wonder for you What story is it that you need to retire? You need to put it away. You need to stop telling it and allow yourself to take the hand that’s offering help or offering life to you

    every day where we’re offered these opportunities to take the hand to offer the yes instead of the habitual No. You know

    So I wonder.

    And this brings me around to some of the feedback I’ve been getting over the last two episodes. And I’m gonna just, I’m not reading anything because I didn’t write anybody for permission and I’m really it matters to me your privacy, honoring your energy honoring your, you know, I care about that the most. So, I’ll do my best to tell you these things anyway. So, after I shared Episode 103 be a friend I think it’s called be a friend to yourself. I had spent a lot of time crying that week. I spend a lot of time really, really down and you know, it’s only been a few weeks but I see I was coming through another place another place in my healing. I was coming through it. And I had several helpers and friends and midwives along the way. And several of you who listen to this podcast, wrote me that you did pray for me that you did offer assistance. And some of you wrote beautiful letters, like, here’s how you have helped me. So please know that like, it’s okay. You know, you’re having some struggles and it’s okay. Hang in there. Do it different, you know, be original. Let yourself see what wants to come next. Because that was part of it as I was feeling really stuck in the podcast itself. So much love. And I thank you so much. I’ve tried to write each of you back by now. I hope. I’m all caught up, but if I’m not, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Wow. What an experience of being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be helped. And I had zero vulnerability hangovers from that. I didn’t feel embarrassed or anything. receiving those letters was a miracle. And it brought us a little closer, I think in the policy to there were some exceptions. And here’s my disclaimer. I’m not saying this to be catty, or mean. I’m saying this with a prayer, something I’ve wondered over the years that I’ve noticed this thing that happens that people do. I’ve always wondered how to talk about this somewhere some way without alienating the person who wrote the letter. Because I do know how things are meant in love. Do know that people are doing their best? Of course, I’m not talking about the extremes. I’m talking about us. Okay, I just always want to say that we’re doing the best we can. And every once in a while our own unhealed edges reveal themselves in ways that the person is giving me advice that’s really wounded advice. You know, but it’s meant from love. So I got several letters. And if you wrote one of these letters, that’s what I’m saying. It’s meant from love. I felt that and also it’s a wounded edge. And we are here to heal our wounded edges, are we not? We want to come into the fullness of who we truly are. We must acknowledge what if I’m wrong about this? What if I’m wrong about this? What if What I’ve always thought to be true is not the full picture. You know, I feel like Gosh, what a skill to say what if I’m wrong about this? In so many ways it could be your best friend. So I received several letters like Robin, you, you know, first of all you need a vacation, you need to take two weeks and go to the islands and get away from it all and come back to us renewed and refreshed and ready to begin again. And while I so appreciate that, here’s the thing. A, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, where am I going to go? Be? I have been impacted to financially. The last thing I’m going to do is spend two weeks on an island on vacation right now that just feels like not a kindness to me. But see and this is really the reason This story that

    offering light and assistance to somebody to the world, in a podcast in morning magic. I write out a weekly newsletter that I really love, happy mail to the love posse. This story, that what I give out exhausts me is exhausting. And you can be drained and you can be harmed by helping other people is a very deep story based in illusion of the ego. Now, I have never spoken out about this before in in AI again, if you wrote me one of these letters, I know it’s coming from love. So please hear this and help yourself if you’re in that place of believing people can drain you People can drain you. Um Let’s hear this in a new way. So for sure if you’re doing too many things and you’re not replenishing, when you’re not allowing yourself the time to rest and replenish and renew, for sure you can get exhausted. But people don’t exhaust you, you exhaust yourself. You exhaust yourself with your stories with your belief system, with your illusions that people are draining, exhausting. The story that you can get burned out and bad things will happen to you. examine this closely and you might find a story. And I you know, I come from the Course of Miracles I come from moochie the teachings of Mooji I come from by In Katy and my own sourced wisdom, you know my own connection with God and I know there’s an never ending supply of light and love and my love can only bless and as I share my love with you here or wherever it increases in me, you know miracles are something that are, it says all expressions of love are maximal. And if I choose, I can receive the maximal expression of my own love, as I give it out, it comes to me, but only when I am not in my separated self, when I believe. If I give it means you take if I take it means you gave it It means now I owe you and listen that we go back and forth. So that’s one thing. I want to just point out that people don’t exhaust you. You exhaust yourself with your stories and your energies. And that’s not even to say people aren’t exhausting. But we all have a responsibility to call it straight. If, if people are exhausting, you’re allowing them to exhaust you with your agreement with that assessment, you know, so it’s called boundaries for a reason. set a boundary, save a life. I say this a lot here. You are strong, hold the line. It is not a spiritual thing to be so nice that people take take take take take take take and you have nothing left. That’s not really a spiritual teaching. You know? So that’s One to two. There’s a few things I want him to say about these lovely Wellman kind. I know letters. I don’t really ever get hate mail or mean letters and if I do, I don’t even open them. I see the first three words in the subject view, whatever you call that I just delete them. So in case I lost the plot here, Episode 103. I talked about stuff. I cried. I processed I also did a great job taking us through the rules for decision how it would work in an active upset, which I’m going to pat myself on the back right now. Yeah, I did great. And then I got some letters. I got some beautiful letters. And then I got some well met letters that were also kind of like, I would like to, once and for all say why this is a problem.

    You know, I exhausted myself with the story, that it’s not good enough. What I’m doing needs to be structured. There’s not enough time. I’m doing too many things. I don’t know. Specifically, am I putting out too much content as we call it and not getting enough? listens, eyeballs, reads views, okay? Am I making myself irrelevant because there’s too much I’m sharing and so people are ignoring it. Those are some of my concerns. You’re not going to find that out by leaving for the islands for weeks at a time, the way you’re going to find out what you’re made of what Doing who your people are, is by staying present. If you go away if you hide away somewhere in the cabin because you can’t face it, it’s like, in a way dumping the bucket on the fire, you’ve begun to ignite. So, I will always encourage you to show up and stay present versus check out and you know, leave they call that deceleration I think online. So, I don’t agree, you know, take some time off why. Every day is a day to share light to share joy to share love with you. And it’s the only thing I’ve ever been passionate about since I was in preschool. I’ve been shining a light I’ve been connected to God. And if anything, I need to find the way. And I need the encouragers in my life, who will tell me to keep going and encouraged me to, hey, you don’t have to edit so hard. It’s okay. If you say goofy things or you read, you know, you stammer or there’s long air gaps I need friends like that. who say stay Hang in there, just keep showing up as yourself will help you figure this out. I love what you do. I need friends who take the time and say I listened and it was good. You’re doing good. You know? who take a moment to hit the like button and share a little comment or even share it on. I can’t tell you how many people and and you know, I’m glad that this happened so I could learn but how many people who say they’re my color close close friends who have never shared something I’ve offered. Um and it’s a weird thing. I feel a little vulnerable saying that out loud. Even though I know you creatives in the community, listen to my throat just like, totally closed up. I know the creatives in our community are going to get what I just said there is it’s, it’s hard. I’m all by myself in this fricking studio, and these things are still challenging my friend.

    It’s information for me, right? It’s information for me or the people who write to tell me you know, I got some weird mail from friends like you should be talking about this and that, you know, well He reminds me of that Teddy Roosevelt quote, or Bernie, which Bernie brown made so popular, you know, if somebody is in the ring, doing the work like you, they’re not the ones who say stuff like that. Because they know what it takes to show up every day and do their jam. You know, we know. And that’s why we show up and encourage each other. That’s why I come You know, I take time every day and read some of your posts and shine a light with you because I get it. We’re out there on the leading edge, so to speak. And we need our policy we need our friends. So in this moment, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to say some of these truths that I’ve wondered, how do I say it? Not some jaded How do I say it and that sound bitter, you know? We need to support each To stay in, not check out, need to support each other to hang in there and keep going.

    not quit. And

    again, it’s important to have these tides, you know where the tide rolls out. Think of yourself as this tide where you’re expanding and you’re contracting, you’re in this creative mode. And then you do need downtime to rest and renew and reflect. But that should be happening in a 24 hour period. It should be ongoing.


    I, I never really got it fully that I remember hearing an interview I really love. I’m not really into marketing or any of that, as you probably have guessed, but one guy I really love is Seth Godin who talks a lot about when he takes vacation. He still works. And that’s me too, but because I adore it, I love it. It’s fun for me. So in your day, there should be this time where you’re like the tide, you know, your career in your creation. And when I say work, you know, get creative with the word, okay? It doesn’t equate to earning money sometimes, and that’s perfect. We should stop doing that to ourselves that it’s only work that earns money, stop it. You know, your life’s joy, what you love to do on a day in day out basis, you’d even do it on vacation. Don’t equate that to dollars. It’s not good. We’re abundant in ways that are beyond money, and we need to see that. Holy cow man nuggets today. Right well I’m blown my own mind. So

    in a day, there should be time where you’re rude, refreshing and renewing yourself. And that could be all the ways you love to do me. I’m cooking. I put her in the garden. Often I ride my bike, sometimes I take a walk. Sometimes I go to the beach and swim, you know. So, I wonder at times when people write me letters like that and they equate if I’m feeling stressed, I need to take a break. I wonder where that comes from. I mean, it’s common wisdom or knowledge or common advice, take some time off. And I’m not knocking taking time. As you know, I take time off. I do. I take breaks and then I don’t do the podcast for a few weeks. I mean,

    that’s fine.

    I’m talking about this story that just doesn’t feel healthy. You know. So, for wherever that hits home today, I hope you’ll take a look at some of your own stories and see you know, if it’s something you love, it shouldn’t be burning you out. But you need to make time and space for yourself. And one of the things I’ve always known about me is that I need vast amounts of time alone and on my own just to putter and do nothing. And I promise you every day I have that time make that time. I’ve arranged my my work schedule that way. Morning magic that way. I do that the perfect time in the day for me, so I still have lots of time in the morning for my study and practices. If I wish Afterwards, there’s plenty of time, you know, so just want to say thank you. And I’m good, and I appreciate it. And I hope that what I’m sharing helps you as well. Now, the last thing I wanted to say, and this is a little bit of the sticky point. And again, I feel the fear that people are going to be mad at me, but you know what? I’m going to remind myself of what I just said, the real friends who get it? No. And they’re not interested in anything other than supporting me. And I for you, as well my friend, which is why I’m gonna say this uncomfortable thing.

    A lot of people wrote and said, I sent you healing. I sent you Reiki. I sent you Light.

    I know it is meant well. I know it is meant from love. I know that and indeed on the podcast on 103. I said, Please, you know, I welcome your prayers. Prayers are one thing. But to say that you send somebody Reiki or hands on healing, we can’t do hands on healing anymore. You know, virtual healing, energetic healing. I feel like there’s a permission there that needs to be sought first. I feel like there’s a step there that is a bit too intimate and a bit too far without asking permission. And I would never even if it’s somebody that is my longtime client, I would never assume and send Without asking, and so I will text May I send some light? May I offer some blind? I’m very curious about it. And you know, I was trained I do not do Reiki I do. I studied at a different training initially, and now it’s my own source healing. So where I studied really is irrelevant, but I went to Barbara Brennan. And we had and the goal of teachings, there were ethics, we were asked to adhere to just like therapy, boundaries, the boundaries of psychotherapists use and so never ever do we just send healing without asking permission. I have talked to so many people over the years who’ve had who have cancer, who’ve had illness who’ve had disaster, and they all remark that it’s very uncommon. When somebody writes and says, I sent you a healing so I am not here to shame anyone or blame anyone or I’m here to free us. I’m here to free us. A your love Your light is not in question here. B you are supposed to be helping your brother. That’s part that’s in the Bible, your sister, you know, that’s in the Course of Miracles, the teachings of Paul Selleck, they’re all over that the guides. I am my brother’s keeper. But nowhere does it say do it to your brother without asking permission. Because we are sovereign beings, we are our own people. And a teacher once said to our class in ethic, an ethics teacher said you always want to ask yourself, why am I doing this this way? What’s here for me? And that’s why I’m very careful about confidentiality, I will never say or read or share something without permission. You know, it’s just because I care about you. And also because I understand I’m here to share love in the world, but I don’t have to be so afraid of its scarcity that I just take liberties wherever because I don’t know how to ask permission. I’m scared to hear the answer. You know?


    ask, I wonder if sometimes we don’t ask because we know the answer already. So isn’t that good information, your intuitive, you know, you know, what a frickin genius you are, you know, you’re not bad. You’re not wrong. And I’ll say this in support of you who sent healing who sent all this you know, you are amazing. Your light deserves to be appreciated and respected by you. And I feel that you are called to offer your light. And I if you were called to offer me that light I thank you deeply for serving this purpose then because I feel called to share this message and sometimes you can’t help how it’s gonna go you know, this is a very important message. Oh my god, it’s 4444 on the recording, right? So I thank you no matter what. And I probably did. Thank you. And there were many of you. I’m not just saying like to I’m saying like 12 to 15. So please don’t feel bound. I hope this helps you. May I offer some like it took me a long time to get the courage like I say even for I’m thinking of a friend now who you know, she’ll always say you never have to ask But I do, it matters to me It also gives the other person the opportunity to take it in. Do you think about that? You know, give somebody the opportunity to say, Yes, I will receive. Plus, let’s talk about the number of cuckoos and lack of dues we grew up with who took liberties that they didn’t check out with us ahead of time. I think we’re all a little freaked out by people who don’t ask permission, you know? Yeah. So, May that serve you today? I hope it does. I hope something in here really resonates for you, and I appreciate you taking the time to receive and listen and you know, like I say, if you see this post somewhere, I hope you’ll share your thoughts. If you had an idea are a ha ha ha about it. I hope that you will share. Let’s have some more yummy coffee.

    So, inspiration today, Have you missed the inspiration section? I’d love to know. That was the last two times I kind of haven’t been doing it. And I wonder if anybody has missed it. wanted to share the inspiration today, three things. three reasons why and one reason I love you this week, Jeff and I play this game. We talked about it in Episode 62. It was the sacred relationship. We shared this in the inspiration section, Friday nights in our house, our Martini night. And, you know, we usually order in and make martinis there’s an air of celebration. For a week completed and we talk about three things I loved about this week. Three things I loved about me that three things I love that happen three things, I want to celebrate three things I learned whatever three events, it can be anything you want. It’s just take the time to say, three things that were special to you and have somebody else witness that and talk to you about that. And what you’re really doing is giving yourself this opportunity to be important to yourself, and to acknowledge your own goodness. You know what I’m saying? And then we say one read one thing I loved about you this week, so the other person listening will reflect something all on on it on their own about something. You did something they remember about you in the week. It’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful. We’ve been doing it for a number of years now. In this moment, I don’t even remember how we got on to it. And sure, it was one of my fun ideas. We played it on episode 62. I think we did it like we did it live together there if you want to listen back. So last night, we got together with our kids. Number one kiddos, these two beautiful girls, and we were sitting by the fire and I just saw let’s do this as a family. We’ve never done before. The kids don’t live, they’re all grown up now. You know, they don’t live with us. So they’re not really around for the Friday night ritual. And I’m sure there have been times where we all get together and we don’t do it because it’s a Jeff and me thing, you know. So we did it. We went around and the kids went first and Jeff went It was really fun listening to them. Come up with things. And sure enough, you know, I saw their faces I saw the connections, one of the kids made a good a really positive connection about something she had shared. And I thought, This is it, giving yourself the space to witness yourself to celebrate yourself to be in front of each other and share vulnerable things. They don’t have to be vulnerable, but just even, you know how we were not always encouraged to be boastful, right? We feel like we’re bragging. So we did it, and it was beautiful. And the reflections back were really sweet. One reason I loved you, I wasn’t sure how it would go down with four of us. But I stayed out of that, you know, I tried not to control it and everybody spoke up, somebody had something to offer to someone else. And I loved that. You know, you I be one of those people and I’m one of those people sometimes where you’re like, Oh, no, no, no, we could never do that. I could never do that with someone. So this is what I’m talking about today. Could we go back over the numbers and open up to maybe and possibly and Yes.

    I’ll leave you with that question. Okay.

    And always I love to hear if you’re doing it. Like I said, I share these posts online and I’d love to hear if you see it going by, I’d love to hear what your takeaways are. It makes me so happy. So friends. This is the part where I like to ask you to support the podcast. There’s a number of ways financially, you can make a donation can buy me a cup of coffee purchase. Or some artwork. Of course, I welcome them. And like I said before, we can’t keep equating work with money, we have to equate the work we do the healing work the art process with such a bigger thing that in money is not even enough, you know what I’m saying? So, take something I shared today and offer it on. help somebody else. tell somebody about this work this podcast

    or learning magic.

    That would be so amazing and always know you can share something to your stories reshare something or make a post or hit the share button on Facebook. It all helps the people find who are already looking for something like this to find it. Now, I’m a fan of the Course of Miracles and there’s a section called the teachers make the manual for teachers. And you’re a teacher, by the way, it’s not about formally being recognized with a certificate or anything like that. It’s not even about being in an employed position as a teacher. And it’s also not even about somebody who read the entire book and can regurgitate all the words. What it means is, you are somebody who is embodying these teachings, you’re remembering something, maybe you’re remembering something I said, maybe something really struck home today. And you’re going to remember that

    and you’re going to put it into practice.

    So you’re learning what you’re here to teach. And when you live it, you’re teaching it. Does that make sense? It’s so cool, isn’t it? So, in that manual for teachers, it says that your there are students For every teacher, and that’s where the quote comes from when the when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And when the teacher is ready, the student appears. So all around, there are people looking for what you have to offer now. And there are people looking for what I have to offer now. And I feel it’s like my sacred joy to share what you do on with others. And I hope you’ll feel the same about what I create here as well. You know, it’s a sacred joy to share. If we fall into these places where we’re insecure or we’re jealous, we don’t want to celebrate someone else’s life. Or sometimes people will say to me, I don’t share because I don’t want people to know. I listen to stuff like this. That’s fine just now that’s an edge you’re choosing to stay behind and I will So hard. I wasn’t talking about this after I asked you to support the podcast, because there’s always this risk. I’m totally sounding like I’m trying to guilt trip people. But this is such a valid point. You know, if we worry about the opinion of other people over our own, it’s an edge. It’s a place, it’s a choice. And it’s so limiting. Just, you know, take what I’m saying and think about your life. It’s so limiting when we do that when we care about being teased or made fun of or whatever what have been Bertha sees me posting this on Facebook, you know, who cares about sharing the podcast on, I’m talking about real life here. You know, you don’t I mean, that you’re embarrassed and choose to believe that people are going to make fun of you or think you’re a weirdo is an edgier, choose. You’re pre priming that pump, you’re expecting an outcome in the future, that you are in the prep that you are in the present moment. Here, the dogs were expecting something bad to happen in the future. And so what we actually end up doing is changing our behavior in this now moment. This could be the best nugget of all podcasts. So right now we’re behaving in a way because our future story is telling us to do it. So this is the moment now. You know, this is the only moment and actually the future only exists in your head right now. And you could make up anything you wanted right now. Actually. Magic, you know, it’s magic. I think the dogs in the neighborhood agree. So all that to say, share the podcast people share this on and share your friends. If you have friends who create, celebrate them, celebrate them. I can’t tell you enough. How much jealousy and insecurity I help people with in a in a day in a week of sessions. It’s pretty big stuff. And it’s just a sad thing to get stuck behind that stuff because it’s not really about that it’s about our own worthiness and insecurity stories. So I, personally every day is my policy to serve somebody in that way to celebrate them to lift them and if I can do it in secret, I will. But a lot of times, you know, if you share their stuff, they know you did it, you know, but what can you do to be Light to someone else. That’s the great question. Okay, let’s have some more tea. It’s our coffee actually. So this week’s letter, Have you missed the letters and a few weeks break from the letters. Have a good one to share with you this week and this goes out to you Bernadette. My friend Bernadette who I love I met Bernadette Bernadette. When did I meet you?

    We’ve journeyed together. We’ve had Healing Sessions together. We’ve you’ve done so many courses with me lightworker love. Remember when we did business see alignment love. Back in the day, you came on retreat with me in Portland. I remember you brought everybody a chocolate bar you came with gifts

    ahead of time.

    chocolate bars for everyone. And this beautiful salt crystal candle died. Up here behind my desk, I put a light bulb in it and the light never goes out burn the bed. So we have a healing circle last week or the week before and Bernadette came and writes a beautiful thank you note right at the end and sends it on. practicing your gratitude is a very important healing skill to have. So, as I’m talking about this, just know that if the more you can express your gratitude, the greater your capacity to receive becomes so those of you wanting to heal those of you worried about, yeah, worried about money, you know, that’s okay. If you are paying something forward is no joke. It’s powerful medicine. So she wrote this letter, and of course, I asked her permission, and she sent a beautiful, I’m gonna just read it. I’m gonna stop announcing it. Okay, are you ready?

    I’m going to stop announcing it.

    She says, Okay, my special, extraordinary friend. I am getting goosebumps writing this letter to you. First. Thanks for always getting me and never ever giving up on me. I have never had a friend like you ever. It would have been so fun playing with you as kids. I get that’s why I get to play with you now magical woman. I’m writing this at 5:22am and guess who’s been up since 3:33am. I love the numbers. Three has been my favorite. I call my kiddos and I the Three Bears three is strength. I was awakened by her. She wrote that in all capitals, and I don’t know who her is. Let us find out. She has arrived because of you my Robin. My notes from the healing session would occasionally flash I thought it was my cat who was not really supposed to be in my room. But when I finally got up, no cat, just the paper occasionally flapping in the breeze. So I listened. And the divine came and move my hand to write in my journal nonstop. From 333 to 4:43am. about all I needed to know, the notes from our last night session, they stopped flapping while I was journaling. I went to bed in gratitude, ready to sleep, but then the paper started to flap again. So I listened to her. And she made me write on my laptop. I feel strongly that you need to read this because she wouldn’t arrive in my life. And I would not be able to do the work I was born to do without your guidance all of these years. I hope what I wrote validates and encourages you during those days you feel apprehension and doubt, as we all do. Please continue to do what you do. It was the best gift ever to finally see her in all of her glory this morning. I believe this document will go into book of some sort someday. I love you my most special and treasured friend. Thank you for being the best teacher I have ever had. Love Your forever friend, Bernadette. First of all, what an amazing soul. And second of all, what a lovely way to be kind and gentle with that part of me that gets down on laptops. She said, I hope what I wrote validates and encourages you during those days you feel apprehension and doubt. I can take that in so well. So here’s what she wrote. Are you curious? It Gorgeous. Bernadette. I remember when before this was in her book. Okay, it’s called my 10 year old self showed up today. My 10 year old self showed up today and she is fierce, fiery and powerfully potent. That is not the way I remembered her. That is the way she came to me today. Today, August 28 2020, waking me up at 3:33am after my allowing as a result of a healing session from the great rap analogy, like like I should ever had on she taught me to work with my little one. Inner Child work as it is calm. It is so beautiful. I am beautiful. I never knew how beautiful I was. I am I will forever be I had to heal This little one first. The one the world rejected. The one the world dismissed. The one the world did not understand. I had to heal her first before she, the fierce, fiery, and powerfully potent one was able to arrive to be reborn. To show herself her true, authentic self, to me. I see her now. I feel her now. She stands tall and proud in front of me. She protects me from the distractions from the left and the right of me.

    She charges me forward. This is the first time I’m ever writing about her because she has just recently arrived. I want Announce her coming to the world. Why? Because it is a birth, a true birth, the beginning of the last third of my life. I can feel her presence with me as I write this. She wants me to charge forward with the work that I was born to do. So I write to you about her here. I cannot be embarrassed by her. If I deny her, I deny me. She arrived, because I finally trust myself. I had lost the trust in myself when I was made to put her underground, putting her away in order to survive. Now it’s time to thrive, to be fully alive, fully alive, beyond the thrive. I am now fully alive. I love her. I am so Very, very proud of her. She is wise and wonderful. I honor her. I want you to honor her. Not my version of her, but your version

    of her.

    If you acknowledge her, she will guide you promise. You have to listen to her. really listen. Maybe it will be the nudge at first, and then turn to a whisper and maybe a word which gets repeated, louder and louder till more spill out until you cannot shut them off messages you’ve been waiting to hear. And then you start to see the world outside of you starting to change gradually, or maybe suddenly.

    It’s different


    to their own rhythm and beat. Are you ready to listen to her? She is he is ready to ready for you. Let’s begin.

    That was Bernadette. My 10 year old self showed up today that is beautiful, my friend. I suppose. Just to honor this energy, the only thing I will say is this is the beauty that awaits us when we dare to step into the present and allow our magic

    to be

    and I wonder what this will spark for you. And Bernadette, each of us has an energy signature that is palpable. Even though you might just seem picture and a name online. Over time as we reveal ourselves to one another as we step forward to share our light. As we allow ourselves to be seen as we present ourselves, then energy can be felt that palpable. That’s why it’s palpable. And your love can bless. And this is no small example of your love that blesses. And I thank you deeply for being willing. I had no doubt if I asked your permission to read this, you would say yes. And the sweetness of your light. I remember meeting you in person and I still remember that day and I beheld your Beauty you know, I mean, wow. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So touching and friends listening. If there’s something you’d like to share in a letter or a topic I can share write to me Hello at Robin Hallett calm. There’s links below the podcast if you click to the show notes you’ll be able to find me and they say we leave it there. This was pretty grumpy this episode. Well friends, as I said it’s a beautiful Saturday might be time to get in the bicycle and ride. I hope you love this episode. I hope the weather in your heart continues to be good and always know I’m here and sending love and hug and I’m going to see you next time or in a few minutes. This has been me Robin. I will see you next time. Bye bye


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