So Good Right Now, Thank You Right Now.

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Robin Hallett, Intuitive energy healing and spiritual counseling

Hello, sweet friend, I am sending love and a hug today. How is the weather in your heart? There are days where I’m feeling so good like I’m so glad to be alive…I’m excited and grateful and I know anything is possible. Some days the feeling goes all day long, and other days I get just a tiny glimmer of it. Either way, when this happens I love it because I feel a power flowing in me. I’ve been standing here trying to write the words of how this feels…as… …Read More »

Bumpy Landings: How to Handle the Transition Times // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 56

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I often wonder if more of us don’t choose to risk doing what we’d love because the fear of the unknown is just too great. I wonder sometimes if this is why I was always too broke or too busy to take the time or make the time… I see that pattern in my friends too. There’s always a really good sounding reason why we can’t. But we owe it to ourselves to ponder, are we really protecting our fear? As I’ve learned to risk my significance and honor the… …Read More »

The Gazinta Principle: On Connecting Our Efforts to the Core Essence of our Shine

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The Gazinta Principle

There’s a word I use when speaking to the way it feels when we know in our bones that something is right for us. This thing we are doing (or want to do) is a match to the way we feel on our insides about who we are and what we are HERE to do. The feeling indicates YES. Our very own kind of YES. The word I use for this is GAZINTA. And from this feeling, we know with big certainty that this is a right-for-us thing. Even when… …Read More »

It’s About The Quality of Your Shine, Not The Number of Likes You Get // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 55

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life opens us like a flower

If you’ve ever experienced the worry of not being received, liked, recognized, acknowledged… and then felt the pressure to DO SOMETHING to make that happen, this one’s for you. On honoring our shine and sparkle exactly as we are and going for the happy claps in our own heart over the accolades we’re seeking anywhere else.  It’s About The Quality of Your Shine, Not The Number of Likes You Get 🎧 Listen to Episode 55: Recognition, Edges, #spiritualbiz This episode is also available wherever you enjoy podcasts My session… …Read More »

The Three Things Philosophy

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the three things by robin hallett

One day #1husband said to me, Robin, you need a philosophy. Something you can stand on. A firm foundation. Something you believe to the core and won’t waiver on when the Hollow Yogis come preaching their One True Gospel. Because, Hollow Yogis. Ugh. I’d been getting my fill of them at the time (and I suspect #1husband was getting his fill of hearing me complain…) The thing is, without your own philosophy to guide your life by, it’s pretty hard to feel guided in your life 😜 …and that’s exactly… …Read More »

Don’t Pretend You’re Fine with It, Set a Boundary Instead // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 54

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don't let the turkeys get you down - wisdom from robin hallett

The other person pushing on you is not evil, even if they may need a kick in the pants. What if we saw them as teachers who are here to help us learn something instead. In this episode of Tea with Robin, I share some stories about times when I handled my boundaries well, and some experiences which went off the rails. Our inspiration is from a poet you may know and love and our letter is a followup from Episode 50 #lostinamerica2. All this and more. Grab a cuppa… …Read More »

The Stupid Things People Say and How to Be Free of Their Opinions

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your way is the right way

Learning to walk away from the stupid things people say and not need their good opinions of me has been a huge challenge on my journey. There are times when I get caught up in feeling hurt and upset, but I disentangle myself again. My recovery time is quicker these days because I remember my practice and I get free. I am learning not to NEED anyone to love me or applaud me or give me their blessing for me to feel permitted to shine and sing my song. But… …Read More »

Be Inspired, Live Inspired, Inspire Others // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 53

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Your needs are never silly by robin hallett

Do you ever find yourself wondering how or when your dream will happen? In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about living an inspired life and choosing to be an inspirer to others. I share ideas on taking your life in the direction you long for without scaring the carp out of yourself at the same time; plus stories about my friends who blow my mind on the daily; and tell an important story of our honeymoon to japan and why we ended up on the Love Boat… …Read More »

Rock it like you mean it: Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

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The Love Sheriff’s guide to rocking entrepreneurship like you mean it 🙂 I help a lot of people who are in business for themselves (mostly they’re soulpreneurs). I’d love to share some of my healing insights as it relates to self care and entrepreneurship with you. Sometimes I meet Awkwardpreneurs in my healing room. That’s my affectionate term for entrepreneurs who are out of alignment in one way or another. To be sure–they’re some of the coolest creative people I know. And, they’re out of balance. We self-employed love to… …Read More »

You Are Not the Cosmic Cruise Director! Here’s What to Do When You’re Done Giving to Everyone Else First // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 52

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you are a supercollider

Are there people in your life who ask for so much from you that you can’t manage to stay nice with them? Do you ever wish you could just tell them what you really think, or pop them one with your caretaker’s clipboard? Well, before it gets to that point, come listen to this episode! You are not the Cosmic Cruise Director for anyone unless you choose to be. 🎧 Listen to Episode 52: Cosmic Cruise Director, Irrational Joy, #motivationtochange My session notes including time stamps are below This… …Read More »

Dear Inner Shaman, Mother and Guru, Please Help Me to Remember

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Dear inner Shaman, Mother, and Guru, please help me to remember: I am my own Shaman there’s no need to climb Machu Picchu or wander the desert seeking, I’m right here. I am my own mother I know best what soothes my colicky cry, and eases my indigestion or rocks me gently to sleep I am my own Guru they say I come from stardust ancient wisdom flows through my veins my cells vibrate with knowing I am one with the Universe but sometimes, I’m like a little mole in… …Read More »

If You Ever Worry About Your Bad Habits Listen to This // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 51

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Do you ever worry about your habits? Are you sometimes fixated on what you’re doing wrong? I’m here to tell you that focusing on the problem will only make it worse for you. Let’s try an approach that will actually help you heal as you learn to love and embrace all of who you are too. This week, on Tea with Robin, I talk about our perceived “bad habits” and the way we judge ourselves for having them. This makes so many problems for us without really ever addressing the… …Read More »

Worrying Makes You Suffer Twice and Then Some

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Hello, sweet friend, I am sending love and a hug! This has been a big week for lots of us, and it seems like I’ve been sharing similar messages from Spirit for lots of folks. When that happens, I love to come here and share with you too. Worry is something we do. And so often I find that it is a preferred tactic of our ego mind — it wants us to stay busy with stuff that feeds it. Worry and upset feed our ego. Ease, peace, joy and… …Read More »

Benevolent Forces Are All Around You // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 50

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The universe is listening and sending you exactly what you need, always. The benevolent forces are all around you — cosmic attention loving you up, wanting to help you, inspire you, and remind you to GO FOR IT. In this episode of Tea with Robin, I’m talking about the benevolent forces in the Universe — the love that is all around us, surrounding us, supporting us, and guiding us. How loved and cherished you are! I share ideas on how you can let go of the worry and trust more.… …Read More »

Let Yourself off the Hook. Do Whatever You Want. Let Go.

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Let Yourself off the Hook. Do Whatever You Want. Let Go. How to not lose it when things go wrong.

Or, what to do when you’re in a funk and you can’t make yourself do anything “productive” and you just wanna hang it all up and head for the coast but you’re scared that this will mean the end. I’m drinking coffee and reading Stephen King. The windows are open, I’m listening to crickets and the smell of smell of fresh cut grass fills the kitchen. The yumminess of this takes me back to a time when I had no responsibilities and life felt pretty easy. I take a beat… …Read More »