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You Are Not Your Thoughts // Tea With Robin Episode 147

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Hello, self-judgment, awkwardness, ego-stories, defendedness… do you have any of those? We can spend 30, 40, 80% of our daily energies in this space.

I find that most of us move in and out of these energies every day… it’s just that most of us don’t go around advertising this 😉
You are not your reactions. You are not your stories. Your embarrassed, wrong sensations about yourself? Don’t judge them as YOU.
You are not your thoughts.

The Journey

This Need Not Be

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Hello friends, I wanted to share a beautiful and quick meditation I offered for the Foundation of Inner Peace. This meditation comes from A Course in Miracles Text Chapter 4 verse IV, This Need Not Be.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by A Course in Miracles (@foundationforinnerpeace) If you enjoyed… …Read More »

Intuitive Healing

You are not lost.

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  You are not lost. Please, please stop saying you are. You are right here. I can see you. You’re alright and it’s going to be okay. Yes, this is a bump. It might feel scary right now. It might feel like things are spinning out. It’s okay, deep breath. Things are changing. You are… …Read More »