This is the Year for True Transformation (Healing Insights for new year’s resolutions)

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I’ve been feeling a bit cranky after seeing the mainstream suggestions for New Year’s resolutions. Where is the heart centered advice on how to feel peaceful, easy, and totally in love with your life? I have the impression that the vibes people are being steered toward have to do with being overly concerned about what they look like and what they accumulate. What an unbalanced thing, to only look at oneself from the outside. Yes, a lot of us are overweight. Yes, it’s a good idea to eat less crap.… …Read More »

Be Authentically You

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Be Authentically You by Robin Hallett

Be authentically YOU 🙂 You are lovely and delicious already. Just be yourself. Forget the facade, filler, and fluff. It’s okay if you can’t ride a magic carpet… even better, give up trying. You’re not on the journey to becoming perfect–this is your journey into wholeness. Your wholeness has everything to do with feeling OK about yourself “as is”, while you remain excited about what’s to come. Wholeness is about learning to embrace all of your parts rather than denying them or trying to fix them. Be authentically YOU –… …Read More »

Rescuer, Caretaker, People Pleaser (Healing Insights)

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Most of us have an inner super-hero, lurking in the shadows just waiting to save the day. It’s a job we do well–one that began with us trying to fit into our family system as kids. We learned that in order to be of value to those around us, we needed to provide a service or give assistance of some kind. Solving the problems of other people often kept the peace. If we could help make it better somehow, life at home went more smoothly. For some of us, it… …Read More »

How to Overcome Jealousy

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Ever been talking to a friend who’s relating details of their Big Awesome Success and feel yourself overcome with jealousy? Where do you go inside yourself when that happens? What stories are you telling while you’re there? If you’ve ever wondered how you can overcome jealousy, read on! HI Robin – I was out to dinner with a friend recently and in the process of catching up I became extremely jealous at the successful and cool new things my friend is doing. While I was listening, I found it hard… …Read More »

Your Unique Spark in the World

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You are here to contribute your unique spark in the world. There is no body else on the planet who can rock it quite like you can. You are the only one. There’s just something about you that makes you special. It’s time to let yourself shine. You were created on purpose. No part of you is an accident. You could never be an accident. There is a purpose and plan for your life. The world is counting on you to contribute your special spark! You were meant to be… …Read More »

Is Healing Work Really About Curing the Crazy?

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Why seek a spiritual healer? is healing just for crazy people?

The other day I was talking to a cherished client, joking around about how she isn’t going to need me much longer as she’s making quite brilliant strides in our work together. I love my work with clients. Together, we’re taking life to a whole new level. We call in abundance, and release the energy that no longer serves. I started to feel how much I’d miss her when she is ready to leave my nest. And I told her so. And she said, “Fear not, you’ve not seen the… …Read More »