Sometimes, life opens us like a flower

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how to handle it when life opens you up

Sometimes, life opens us like a flower. Usually it’s in response to something we’ve been praying for. Something we’ve been working so hard to open up on the inside; something we’ve cried and cried about because we just cannot find the effing doorway. We can’t find it, and we can’t find it, and we can’t find it.   And then suddenly we are opened up. And when it happens, it is so wild, so radical, so moving… for a moment all you can do is stand there stunned. There are strange ripples in your body, flutters and pounding, excitement and fear.   And the funny thing is, it’s usually got NOTHING to do with the thing you’ve been praying for; that doorway you’ve been seeking. (Because life knows… …Read More »

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

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manifesting your heart

  Hello sweet Friend! This is a little love bomb on manifesting your heart’s desires. As awakened peeps on the journey, it is important to develop an understanding of our own issues around manifesting. Do you believe you deserve the life you would love to be living? Are you living a day to day experience you feel proud to claim? Is it okay for you to put your needs first? Do you believe the blessings rain down upon you? These are just a few of the issues I help people uncover and heal. We must be prepared to examine what might be holding us back internally before we point the finger at God, Spirit, or anything / anyone else in the external world as the reason it’s not happening for… …Read More »

Sending Love and Light to Orlando and Everyone Everywhere

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how to send love and light

I wish it was never the case that we suffer tragedy. Truly, I wish that we could find a way to be at peace–especially with each other when we disagree. That the energy of love and respect be there always–especially in how we choose to respond to horrible things people do. Sometimes my friends say I am a truth teller. And usually when they do, there is this little feeling of shame inside and a voice that says yeah but I am always afraid, (always afraid) to talk about my perspective on sending love in times of violence. I have been afraid to talk about my perspective on violence because violence has been so much a part of my experience that I naturally avoid doing things I expect… …Read More »

Say Thank You If You’re Ready to Leave

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how to get over it

…or how to get over or get through or get past or get beyond whatever has been plaguing you without having to commit murder or become a monk on a mountaintop or anything else crazy or drastic before you can feel better 😉 May this go to just the right hearts today!   “Whatever you accept completely you go beyond, if you fight it you’re stuck with it” — Eckhart Tolle Most of my life I was trained to believe that the way you get over something was to keep working through it. Keep processing the feelings, just keep working at it…just try a little harder, talk about it a little more. Maybe a little kindness and compassion toward yourself and that person who is breaking your heart…then… …Read More »

A Gentle Musing on Choosing Powerfully from me to you ;)

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robin hallett choosing to manifest powerfully

Hello sweet Friend! This morning, I got the hit from Spirit to record a little message for our Posse. So here it is, a little special message for you, I recorded in my pj’s…hope you don’t mind the bed-head 😉 I wanted to share a gentle musing with you on manifesting and choosing your energy and vibes powerfully. Because life is precious, and you can have what you are longing to have from a heart centered place but you must choose intentionally. May this serve you in all the best ways imaginable! xxo I am feeling this is such a powerful time and we can choose powerfully that which we want to manifest. It’s so important to become conscious and intentionally choose however…so the upset isn’t the focus.… …Read More »

Life Is So Short, Let’s Make the Very Most of It!

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Life is precious and short, let

I am not sure when we decided that happiness is like dessert–optional and occasional but only allowed once you’ve eaten your peas and carrots. (blech) Life is precious and short, let’s make the very most of it! What fills you up is what needs to be the priority in your life. I am talking about filling the cells of your body with a vibration of joy. A feeling of excitement and delight that says, YES! I love the life I am living, people!! And gives you an inner sensation of peace and all is well and I wouldn’t change my experience for anyone or anything else… Your happiness isn’t optional. You owe it to yourself (and frankly, you owe it to the rest of us, dammit!) to be… …Read More »

Yo Ho, Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

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I was talking to my friend today and she said all serious-like, you know if we commit to a forgiveness practice, stuff is most definitely going to come up for healing. And then we made the crazy eyes at each other. And then the peals of laughter came…because I have committed and she has committed along with many other friends of ours, and oh yes baby, the stuff is most definitely coming up for healing. Deeper, tougher stuff. The stubborn kind. I am facing all kinds of stuff I hadn’t expected already. And you know what? I am happier than ever. I feel brighter and deeper and wider than ever before. I am not getting as caught up in the old familiar places. And people aren’t tripping me… …Read More »

If Nothing Is Happening, Something’s Gone Wrong

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When friends come to me upset, stuck, zeroed in on the exact opposite of what they say they are after, I feel a little like Morpheus in the Matrix: Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? These friends are asking to feel better. They seek to feel more aligned. More lit up. More connected, plugged in, joyful. Often they are seeking a specific delight, which is a good thing because each of us is here to shine in our own way. My friends have an idea of how they want it to be. How it will look. Sometimes they can describe how it’s gonna feel to have this thing they are wanting, how it will feel to be in that space, to be doing those… …Read More »

The Horrible Uglies We Never Tell

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the horrible uglies we never tell by robin hallett

I always say I am not much of a journaler… but I have 20 years of journals here. Sometimes I tell #1husband, should I croak unexpectedly, forget making me look presentable…go find those journals and burn them! More and more, I realize there are stories I am carrying that need to go. These are stories which aren’t serving me… but they’re inside me still. These little light nibblers get in the way, sucking up the juju available. In the way. Holding me back. Informing my NOW with stories about can’t, won’t and don’t. I call them the Horrible Uglies because they’re just that: horrible and ugly moments from my life which are hard. And I am not just talking about the times when things were done TO me,… …Read More »

You are infinite and timeless

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  You are infinite and timeless. A spark of the Divine. You come from somewhere else. And yet, sometimes it’s easier to remember this than at others. The human experience gets in our way. A lot. Most of us do really great remembering who we truly are when things are going well. When the connections are happening and the sun is shining and the ease is easing. Yes, then it’s very easy to be at peace in our hearts, very easy to remember we are part of something MORE. It’s less easy when the shit is hitting the fan. When people are pissed at us, or we are wrongly assessed, or somebody says no (or yes!) and there are big hairy gaps in the bank account. It’s so much harder when we are not feeling… …Read More »

Hello from Tranquility Base

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hello from tranquility base

Or How to Not Crash and Burn During Re-Entry into Earth’s Atmosphere on Your Way Home from Mars… Hello sweet Friend! I am gently re-entering my home world after hosting my first ‘sleep away’ Sacred Circle retreat. Together we journeyed, invoking the blessings and support of the Universe. Together we shed the cloak of what no longer serves in order to embrace the joy and peace that is our natural birthright.   Image credit: Amy Bruce Mixed Media Photography & Creative Exploration   It was amazing and I am forever changed because of it. I was thinking it might be helpful to hear my perspective on coming back down after something as altering as an experience like that. After all, you’re a fellow space traveler and you might want to know how… …Read More »

Holistic Creative Circle Series: Art Heals with Robin Hallett

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  Hello sweet Friends! I am teaching in a beautiful ‘spirit art healing’ program this year — I feel super honored to have been asked especially because art has been such a healer on my own journey and I still feel so excited and relieved and blessed that somehow, someway, art came to mind when I was at my lowest and often contemplating some really dark things. So I am posting this here for you today because I was thinking you might want to check it out for your own journey. Art heals. Art is a healer. And when you allow yourself to create, you are healed in the process. I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with Hali Karla in celebration of our upcoming… …Read More »

There’s Only You and Me and We Just Disagree

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I love that song by Dave Mason: We Just Disagree I think it’s really a love song of sorts but every time I hear it my heart finds its way back to family and old friends where wounding happened and stuff still isn’t healed. My eyes prick with tears as I tell you that. Sometimes it’s just really hard to be awake and on a journey and have people in our lives where the shit has gone down and the path with them isn’t smooth and easy anymore. Harder still are the places where I feel like the horrible stuff was done TO me and I am still victimized by it. I am still hurt by it, I am still wounded by it even after all this time,… …Read More »

Message from The Big U: Don’t Push It!

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Message from The Big U: Don

Hello Friend! I am slowly on the mend after having surgery nearly 5 weeks ago. Self care has been on my mind a lot but I’ve also found myself worrying and wondering at times if I shouldn’t be pushing myself harder to get better sooner and return back to work faster. It’s a theme a lot of us experience on the journey. I hope my words and offerings here serve those of you feeling called to hear it. I have been getting subtle messages from the Big U: Don’t Push It! Sometimes it’s hard for me to continue to trust that what’s meant for me is always meant for me, my path is my path. In my process of forgetting and remembering I have been appreciating the gentle… …Read More »

Love is the Medicine

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love is the medicine

I woke up this morning to hear the news about the bombings in Brussels. I stopped what I was doing, took a deep centering breath, placed my hands on my heart and prayed. I asked that everyone involved, touched, connected to this happening be surrounded in light. I asked that the suffering would be eased, and the healing take place. I asked that the highest and best possible outcome for all concerned happen now. And then I turned off the TV and began sending love. Whenever I thought about Brussels, I sent my love. I am still convalescing after my surgery almost four weeks ago. Still can’t put my own pants on (maybe my doctor wasn’t so crazy after all), and Winston and I are on the couch… …Read More »