The Seven Major chakras

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the seven major chakras

The first time I was told that I have energy centers in my body called Chakras, I laughed out loud. Then I wondered when they were going to pass the Kool-Aid. And if someone had told me someday I’d be writing a post about the seven major chakras, I’d have called them crazy. It all seemed like a bunch of woo woo mumbo jumbo to me. But, HA! Here I am writing about them. Even though it took me a while to figure out that chakras are real, I eventually… …Read More »

What is Healing?

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What is Healing? Everything You Wanted to Know about Healing

Whether you call it Healing or Intuitive Healing, or Hands on Energy Healing, or Reiki or Healing Touch… (or, or, or! because healing goes by many names) Healing is for real. And no matter how you slice it, healing brings about positive change in people. I call it Intuitive Healing and I say it’s right for (almost) everyone. Most people I meet find me because they’re searching for a way to help themselves get to get to where they want to be in life. They wonder if something’s wrong with them because… …Read More »